Laguna 14bx Vs 18bx (A Detailed Comparison)

Woodwork is a work of precision. For that, accurate instruments are very necessary. So it is very important to choose the correct type of saws and bandsaws.

Speaking of bandsaws, you must wonder which one to choose between Laguna 14bx vs 18bx?

The Laguna 18bx is designed for doing heavier woodwork. It can cut bigger depths, has a more powerful motor and a bigger blade. On the other hand, the Laguna 14bx is lighter, less powerful, and has a short blade. The prices differ too. There is a gap of about $900 between these two Laguna bandsaws.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg. You have to know all the details before making a decision. So, keep scrolling!

Quick Comparison Between Laguna 14bx Vs 18bx

laguna 14bx vs 18bx

We’ve made a table of quick comparisons between the Laguna 14bx vs 18bx. The following table will show you all the differences in very little time!

FeaturesLaguna 14bxLaguna 18bx
Blade Length2921mm3673mm
Motor Power2.5 HP3 HP
Manufacturer's Warranty1 Year1 Year
Maximum Cutting Depth330mm405mm
Weight150 kg200 kg
Assembly Time Required1 Hour (Needs 2 people)1 Hour (Needs 2 people)
PriceAround $2500Around $3500

From this table, you can make your decision very fast. But if you want to invest more time and compare all the details, stay with us. In the next section, you will find a detailed discussion of all the differences between Laguna 14bx vs 18bx.

Laguna 14bx Vs 18bx: Detailed Comparison 

Since you are still reading the comparison we guess you want to know more about the Laguna bandsaws. A good Laguna bandsaw is very essential for accomplishing different tasks such as removing barks. But it needs to be the proper sized one.

So check the differences given below and choose the correct right bandsaw for you!

1. Blade Length 

Blade length is a very important factor while choosing the bandsaw. The blade of 14bx is shorter than the blade of 18bx. 14bx has a blade length of 2921 mm whereas 18bx has a 3673mm blade. If you need long blades for your woodwork you have to choose the 18x.

For measuring and making fine adjustments you will need an accurate measuring machine. We have some suggestions for that.

Use these products to do your work accurately!

2. Motor Power 

Big motor power is necessary for heavy woodworks. If you do heavy work frequently you have to buy a Laguna bandsaw with a powerful motor. For that, you must go with the 18bx. The Laguna 18bx has a motor of 3 Horsepower (HP) and 14bx has a 2.5 HP motor.

For increasing the lifespan of your precious motor you must use good motor oil. Check out our suggestions of oil for your work now!

We hope these products will give you great service!

3. Warranty Period 

From choosing between the best chainsaw to the best Laguna bandsaw, after-sales service is a must thing. In this sector, both bandsaws will give you the same offer.

You will get one year of warranty on the Laguna bandsaws. So you don’t have to give a lot of thought here. 

4. Cutting Depth 

Accurate cutting depth is a must for precise work. So you have to be aware while differentiating between the cutting depths. The 18bx gives a bigger depth than the 14bx.

From the first one, you will get a depth of 405mm and the latter one is good for 330mm.

5. Weight 

In the event of choosing a bandsaw, weight plays a somewhat important role. You have to know the right weight for adjusting the machine in your workroom.

The Laguna 14bx weighs 150 kg. On the other hand, the 18bx is 50 kg heavier. That means you will have to make room for 200kg if you choose 18bx. 

Weight measuring is pretty important in the workroom. So we have made some suggestions for weight measuring machines for your convenience. 

We think you will like these products very much if you check them out!

6. Assembly Time 

I am sure you don’t want to face issues like the problems of the Bosch 4100 table saw in your Laguna bandsaw. For that, you have to perform the work of assembly carefully.

The 14bx and 18bx bandsaws can be assembled within an hour. But you will have to work in pairs with another person for the assembly. 

7. Price

You have to be sure about your budget before buying the machine. The difference in price between 14bx and 18bx is quite far. You will get a Laguna 14bx at $2500.

But the Laguna 18bx will cost you $3500. So you have to be sure if you can spend more than $900 before choosing the 18bx.

Now you know all the comparison factors between Laguna 14bx and 18bx. Compare all the factors and then make your decision wisely.

Laguna 14bx Vs 18bx: Final Verdict 

It is a very tough call to choose between these two Laguna bandsaws. Before choosing one, decide the type of work you will do with it.

For comparatively lighter works the Laguna 14bx will be enough. So it is a must to have a clear idea of the type of woods you will be working on. 

You have to consider your workroom size too. The 18bx will require more size than the 14bx bandsaw. Also, the 18bx will cost more. So take these important factors into account before choosing a Laguna. 

We think that we have given you accurate knowledge to choose your required Laguna bandsaw. Choose your Laguna bandsaw type carefully and start working!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How thick of wood can a bandsaw cut?

Answer: Bandsaws are very good for cutting thick pieces of wood. You can go up to 4 inches using a small bandsaw. And a big bandsaw is enough to make a depth of 6 inches.  

Question: What do you use a bandsaw for?

Answer: The bandsaw saw can cut curves into thick pieces. However, the main purpose of the bandsaw is to make irregular shapes. It can also cut thick pieces into small pieces.

Question: How do I choose a bandsaw?

Answer: You have to look for two things before buying a bandsaw. First, you have to check the depth of cut you want to make. Then the throat of the bandsaw is to be checked.


We hope that now you can easily choose between Laguna 14bx vs 18bx. Check all the comparison points properly to make the right decision.

And always choose the proper depth and motor power for doing a wood job without faults.

Feel free to reach us to resolve any confusion. Till then, happy woodwork!

Kevin Smith

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