5 Best Chainsaw for Alaskan Mill (Reviews) in 2023

A mismatch with the chainsaw and Alaskan mill can serve you a bowl of uneven logs. In the worst-case scenario, you might not even be able to fit the chainsaw to your Alaskan mill. So, what do you do then?

Well, let’s not think of the negatives. We have the best chainsaw for alaskan mill right here in our article.

Pick any from the top 5 and you’ll be able to work in peace with your logs. But remember each of them serves a different purpose. So, you have to pick the right one for you.

And if you don’t know which one’s the right match then head over to our info segment. It’ll guide you through the things you need to know about the chainsaws.

After that, you’ll be an expert who can make the right decision while buying a chainsaw. Now, let’s not waste even a single moment. Let’s dive straight into the main dish-

1. Husqvarna 966048324 Gas Chainsaw

Husqvarna 966048324 Gas Chainsaw

  • Bar sizes: 18, 20, and 24 inches
  • Engine power: 60.3 cc
  • Power source: Gas-powered
  • Horsepower: 3.7hp
  • Weight: 21 pounds

At the top of our list, we have the Husqvarna 966048324 gas chainsaw. We must say it took all its features and slid its way to the top. Plus, it’s a great fit for the Alaskan mill. And why is it? Well, let’s find out.

Firstly, we have to start by pointing out the best part about this chainsaw. And that’s its versatility in sizes. You see, this chainsaw comes in 3 different sizes. They are 18, 20, and 24 inches.

Now, you can obviously choose your size and according to the Alaskan mill. However, we have to say that the 18 inches bar size is a bit too small. You can mount it on an Alaskan mill but it’ll be too long.

As a result, it might even become difficult to have full control of the chainsaw. But hey, you still have 2 more sizes to pick from and they will be a perfect size for both 30 and 36 inches Alaskan mills.

Besides this, they have an engine power of 60.3cc. Now, this isn’t the highest power on our list and on the market but it’s still more than enough to put the logs.

On top of this, this chainsaw has a horsepower of 3.7hp. Now, we have chainsaws that have a high horsepower value but this is quite a decent amount. In fact, it comes in second place if you’re comparing the horsepower.

And second place isn’t that bad, right?

Apart from all these, the Husqvarna 966048324 gas chainsaw can hold about 0.7 pints of oil. And that’s more than enough to do a long hour of work in the woods.

On top of this, the chain speed is also great. It’s 9000 rpm. Now, there are chainsaws with much higher chain speeds but this will work great. It’ll go through the trees in no time and you’ll be done with your job quite fast.

Moreover, this chainsaw has an air filter like most ones. So, you can count on it to keep the air particles out of the chainsaw and to ensure it doesn’t stop functioning for those dust.

2. Coocheer 62CC Gas-Powered Chainsaws

Coocheer 62CC Gas-Powered Chainsaws

  • Engine power: 62 cc
  • Horsepower: 3.5
  • Power source: Gas speed
  • Bar size: 18 and 20 inches
  • Chain speed: 8,500

In the second place, we have Coocheer 62CC gas-powered chainsaws. This chainsaw fought a long and hard battle but it still had to settle down at the number two position. But its features are worth going through-

The number one thing that stands out for this chainsaw is its engine power. You see if you went through the comparison table then you might have seen that this chainsaw has the highest engine power.

That’s means you get to cut the log more easily after setting it up to an Alaskan mill. It’ll cut the logs like they were made of butter.

But there’s another product with the same engine power. So, what sets this one apart?

Well, the Coocheer 62CC gas-powered chainsaw has a horsepower of 3.5 that’s backing it up. Because of this horsepower, the chainsaw can glide through the logs at an accelerating state.

Additionally, this chainsaw has a chains speed of 8,500. Now, that’s a decent speed for a chainsaw especially if you’re using it for milling purposes. So, you can get done with your job quite quickly.

Apart from all these, this chainsaw has a quick start technology. That makes it easy to start the chainsaw. So, once you mount the chainsaw onto the Alaskan mill you’ll be able to get it to start without any issue.

Moreover, this brand has 2 different bar-sized chainsaws. So, if you want you can buy the smaller sized chainsaw which has a bar size of 18 inches.

But note that a sized chainsaw cannot be mounted on an Alaskan mill. You can use it for other purposes.

On top of all this, this particular chainsaw is equipped with a guided plate set. They protect the chainsaw from rust. So, you can count on the chainsaws to last a long time even after doing heavy works like milling.

In short, if you need a high-powered chainsaw for your Alaskan mill then this might be the one for you. It’ll even cut the logs within a decent amount of time.

3. Wemars Handed Petrol Chainsaws

Wemars Handed Petrol Chainsaws

  • Engine Capacity: 62 cc
  • Chain speed: 8500 rpm
  • Bar Length: 20 inches
  • Weight: 19.41 pounds
  • Power Source: Gas-powered

In the third place, we have Wemars Handed Petrol Chainsaws. This chainsaw is a perfect fit for most Alaskan mills. But is it the right one for? Well, the only way to find out is by going through its features.

Now, if you gave a quick glance over the comparison table you might have seen that this chainsaw has the highest power. Yep, it gives a head-on-head competition to our second place holder by having an engine capacity of 62 cc.

That means you’ll get the power to cut the logs easily. Coincidentally this chainsaw also has the exact same RPM value as the previous product. And that’s an rpm of 8,500. So, you get to cut the log faster as well.

However, these are all the common features. What sets this chainsaw apart?

Well, unlike the previous product this chainsaw comes with an automatic chains lubricator. This significantly decreases the chances of the chainsaw wearing out and get damaged due to long hours of usage.

Besides this, the Wemars handed petrol chainsaw has a horsepower of 3.4. Now, this value isn’t the highest on our list and there are chainsaws out there with more horsepower. But this is a decent value.

You’ll get enough acceleration to cut the tree fast enough. We mean it’ll be decent. And don’t worry about safety. That’s because this chainsaw runs on an electronic ignition system.

Apart from all this, the 20 inches bar-sized chainsaws are a perfect fit for the 24 inches Alaskan mills. That means you won’t feel any discomfort while attaching the chainsaw to the mill.

Additionally, the chainsaw like most others comes with an air filter. Now, the air filter’s work is to keep the airborne dust out of the chainsaw. But when you’re milling the wood debris can go and lock up that filter.

In the worst-case scenario, your chainsaw might even stop working. So, to ensure that this disaster doesn’t stirk your path you should cover up the filter when you insert the chainsaw on the Alaskan mill and take down the logs.

4. Echo CS-590-24 Wolf Chainsaw

Echo CS-590-24 Wolf Chainsaw

  • Engine capacity: 58.9 cc
  • Weight: 22 pounds
  • Chain speed: 13,000 rpm
  • Power course: Gas-powered
  • Bar size: 24 inches

Moving on, check out another chainsaw, the Echo CS-590-24 Wolf Chainsaw. This chainsaw has a few tricks and sleeves on its own. And who knows? They just might take you by surprise.

Firstly, we have to start with the highlighting feature of this chainsaw. You see, this particular product has a top speed of 13,000 rpm. That means the chains of this chainsaw can rotate 13,000 times in one minute.

This indicates that once you set up the chainsaw on your Alaskan mill, it’ll cut the logs super fast. So if you’re looking to save a bit of time and want to get done with your work before sundown then this might be the one for you.

Apart from this, this chainsaw comes with a bar size of 24 inches. That’s the highest-sized bar on our list. And after the first product, only this one offers such a large bar size.

Hence, you get to cut a lot more of log in one go. Besides this, if you have to deal with large-sized logs then this chainsaw will be a perfect fit for your and your Alaskan mill.

And because of the bar size, you’ll be able to use this chainsaw on the 30 inches Alaskan mill. That’s because the size isn’t too short and the brackets will be able to hold the chainsaw in its place and let it glide through the trees.

However, the weight of the Echo CS-590-24 Wolf Chainsaw is 22 pounds. That’s the greatest weight on this list. However, you’ll be attaching this to the Alaskan mill and then make it do all the hard work.

So, it won’t be you doing the heavy lifting. Thus the weight will not pose a great problem. But it can get a bit tiring if you have to carry it all the way to the forest to work on the logs.

Apart from this, this chainsaw has the capability to store 21.8 ounces of oil to keep the chainsaw running. And to make things easier for you this chainsaw comes with a translucent fuel tank.

So, even if you’re in the middle of milling you can keep an eye on the tank. This way, you can make sure that the fuel doesn’t get finished while you’re milling.

5. Huyosen Power-chain-saws 2Red-60CC Chainsaw

Huyosen Power-chain-saws 2Red-60CC Chainsaw

  • Bar size: 20 inches
  • Power source: Gas-powered
  • Chain speed: 8,500 rpm
  • Weight: 17.51 pounds
  • Engine capacity: 60 cc
  • Horsepower: 3.9

At last, we have reached the end of the line. For our last product, we have the Huyosen Power-chain-saws 2Red-60CC Chainsaw. This chainsaw might be the last one on our list but it has some features that are worth considering.

So, let’s inspect the features, shall we?

Well, comparatively this chainsaw is the cheapest one on our list. It’s budget-friendly but you shouldn’t doubt its capabilities. It still has a lot of features to offer on a tight budget.

For instance, this chainsaw has an engine capacity of 60cc. And that’s a pretty decent power for a chainsaw. You see, if you put it on an Alaskan mill it will get the support and power needed to cut most logs with ease.

Plus, the chain speed is 8,500 rpm. And if you ask us that’s a good deal for a price this low. You’ll be able to work on the logs quite efficiently and it won’t take a long time to get your work done on your Alaskan mill.

Besides this, the chainsaw is super lightweight. Now, this doesn’t provide a lot of benefits since you’ll be attaching the chainsaw to the Alaskan mill but it’ll be a great help when you carry the chainsaw to the forest.

In simple terms, the chainsaw won’t weigh you down or make you tired even before you start working.

However, the most exciting thing about this chainsaw is that it has the highest horsepower among all the chainsaws on this list.

Thus you’ll get enough acceleration needed to cut the trees swiftly. So, all you’ll have to do is move the Alaskan mill and it’ll do the job for you.

What Type of Chainsaw is Good for Milling?

best chainsaw for alaskan mill

Now, if you’ve done your research then you probably know by now that the market is crawling with chainsaws. There are different brands and then there are different types of chainsaw.

Well, if we have to categorize the chainsaw then it’ll fall into 3 main categories. They are electric chainsaws, gas-powered chainsaws, and battery-powered chainsaws.

But are they all effective for milling?

No, only the gas-powered chainsaws are the only ones used in the milling process. This is because they have both the size and power needed for the milling job.

Some of the electric chainsaws do have enough power to be used at milling. However, even their best chainsaws measure up to 18 inches. And the minimum requirement for milling is 20 inches. So, they don’t qualify.

As for the battery-powered chainsaws neither do they have the power nor they have the length to be used in milling. Making the gas-powered chainsaws the ultimate and only choice for Alaskan mills.

What Chainsaw Size to Use on Different Wood?

The Alaskan Mill comes in a few different sizes. The most common ones are 24 inches, 30 inches, 36 inches, 48 inches, 56 inches. Apart from these, there are some mills that can go are of 60 inches and 72 inches.

Thus, you need chainsaws that are compatible with such mill sizes. Now, the maximum length for chainsaws is limited to the mill size. That means if you have a 24 inches mill you are restricted to 24 inches bar-sized chainsaw.

However, you can go below that bar size. So, a 20-inch chain saw will work on the Alaskan mill. In fact, any size of chainsaw will work on the Alaskan mill but you have ensured that they are at least more than 5 inches.

But a point to note is that if you use a dramatically lower bar size, then you’ll face some discomfort. For instance- let’s say you have a 36 inches Alaskan mill.

For that, you can use a 24 inches bar-sized chainsaw but it’ll be quite hard to maneuver.

So, you might be confused as to what chainsaw to buy for your Alaskan mill. That’s why here’s a table compiling all the sizes that’ll work for your Alaskan mill:

Do I Get to Cut the Targeted Length Using an Alaskan Mill?

The downside to Alaskan mills is that they don’t cut the length they come in. To put this in simple terms, let’s say you have a 36-inch Alaskan mill. Now, you’d expect it to cut 36 inches logs.

But in reality, they can cut around 32 inches worth of logs. So, why does this misfortune happen?

Well, there are 2 reasons. Number one is the fact that the chainsaws have spikes that come off from the side of the engine. They reduce the bar length which can be utilized for milling purposes.

And the other thing is that the chainsaws need to be mounted onto the Alaskan mill. For this, they need to be put in a bracket and clumped together.

So, the pats that get inserted into the brackets don’t spin that much and hence become useless. Thus you get stuck with a shorter bar size. 

That is why even if you use the highest bar size for a mill you won’t get to utilize its full length to cut the logs. Hence, you need to buy bigger-sized mills for larger cutting lengths.

How Long Will a Chainsaw Last?

Like every product, even the chainsaws have an expiration date. So, if you’re thinking that it’ll last a long time that’s a misunderstanding. You see, chainsaws can last up to 10 years. Yep, an entire decade.

And the best part is this is the lower bund of its life’s limit. If you take proper care of it might even last 20 to 30 years. Hence, you can even say that it’s worth the buy.

Does Experience Matter When Milling Using a Chainsaw?

Generally, milling is a pretty straightforward method of cutting logs. So, if you have ever dealt with chainsaws you’ll be able to get the hang of it pretty well. But

What is CC and is it Important?

Well, if you hop on to the amazon sites you’ll see that the product descriptions are filled with info. Some of them proudly state that their chainsaw has 50 cc or even 60 cc. But what does it mean?

The CC stands for cubic centimeter. It is the power of the chainsaw. In other words, it states how easily can simply glide through the logs and cut them up. 

But to be a bit more specific, it’s the volume displaced by the piston. Now, naturally, you’ll want to go with a chainsaw with a higher power. That’s because if the chainsaw has a high power capacity it can have a longer bar size.

So, you see, with a more powerful chainsaw you can actually cut larger logs. That’s also one of the reasons why gas-powered chainsaws have greater bar sizes. Hence, it’s important to have a chainsaw with a higher power.

What is the Minimum Required Chainsaw Power for Milling

Now, we know that power is an important factor. It plays a big role. But what should you settle for when you want a chainsaw for milling?

Well, a 50 cc powered chainsaw will give you the necessary boost you need to cut some woods. However, we recommend you to go for at least a 60 cc powered chainsaw. This way you can cut the majority of the wood.

However, there is some hardwood like mahogany or oak which needs a more powerful chainsaw. Thus for them, you might have to pick the chainsaws with 90 to 100 cc.

How to Protect Chainsaw’s Air Filter?

While milling with a chainsaw you expose the chainsaw to a lot of dust. This dust has a tendency to block the air filter.

And the air filter is responsible for preventing any sort of flying debris from entering the carburetor and combustion chamber. However, when you’re milling the chainsaw’s filters get exposed to the dust. The dust flow in at such a rate that it can fill up the filter.

Hence, it becomes necessary to keep the filter in shape and also sealed from the dust. This way, the air filter stays safe and can be later t keep the chainsaw running.

What Can Damage a Chainsaw Used for Milling?

No matter what type of chainsaw you decide to stick with they all will suffer from milling. However, being aware of the ways they suffer can help you prevent them.

So, what takes a toll on chainsaws when they are used for milling?

Well, milling is a hard job that requires the cutting of huge chunks of logs. So, the process itself causes heavy work on the chainsaw. But imagine someone doing this for hours.

Yep, the longer you use the chainsaw the more it becomes dull. Now, chainsaw generally does become dull become of such heavy works. But they can be made to run a bit longer if you simply give a little break from time to time.

You see, even machines need their share of break. Otherwise, they tend to get tired and stops functioning. Besides this, we recommend that you oil the chainsaw from time to time.

The lubrication from the oil will prolong the chainsaw’s usefulness. This is because the chainsaw keeps on circulating in order to cut the log. So, they come in contact with a lot of friction. This tends to make the chainsaw dull.

However, lubricating them will help the chainsaw to battle some of the friction.

How Long Does It Take to Mill Wood with an Alaskan mill?

It’s always a good idea to get an idea o long efficient your work will truly be. Now, you might save a few bucks by not having to transport giant logs to the factory.

However, will it actually be worth it?

Well, the Alaskan mill is portable. Plus, it can cut around one foot in one minute. So, if you have a log that’s 9 foot in length it’ll take you an average of 9 mins to cut the entire thing.

In our opinion, that’s a decent time for cutting wood. However, if you’re planning on building an entire cabin or something quite big then it might be a bit of a drag.

But hey, if you’re passionate you might be able to get the job done!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is it cheaper to mill your own lumber?

Answer: Yes, milling your own lumber is a cheaper option. This is because you tend to save money that is needed to transport the log to a factory for professionals to work on them. Plus, you’re saving the fees the pros would charge for working on your log.

Question: Does Chainsaw have variable use?

Answer:  Yes, a chainsaw has a lot of uses. It can be used for tree felling, limbing, bucking, pruning, cutting firebreaks in wildland fire suppression, and harvesting of firewood.

Question: Can you mill dead trees?

Answer: It is possible to mill dead trees. However, you need to be careful while milling them because you want to get the logs that can be used. And after you’re done milling you need to use proper drying techniques to ensure that the logs can be later used for some purpose.

Question: Does a ripping chain cut faster?

Answer: Typically, ripping chains do cut faster. They also provide a smoother cut. However, to increase the cutting speed your need to have a longer bar size and cut at an angle that isn’t going head to head with the grains on the wood.

In Short

To sum up, you need to get the right-sized bar chainsaw with a minimum of 60 cc chainsaw. However, that still gives you a lot of options to choose from.

So, at the end of the day, it’s really up to you, and what you want to call the best chainsaw for Alaskan mill. Anyways, with all this info you’ll be able to make the right choice. So, best of luck!

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