Milwaukee Charger Not Working (5 Reasons)

Whether you rely on Milwaukee tools for professional work or personal tasks, dealing with malfunctioning chargers can be frustrating.

But why is your Milwaukee charger not working?

The Milwaukee charger not working is usually caused by a bad outlet. A damaged power cord, improperly inserted battery, rusty battery slots, etc can also cause this. Replacing the damaged power cord will get the charger working again. But for rusty slots, you need to use sandpaper for proper cleanup.

Want to know more about these reasons and see how you can solve the problem? Let’s dive right in-

Milwaukee Charger Not Working: Quick Overview

Here’s an overview of probable reasons behind Milwaukee chargers not working and how you might fix them:

Reasons Solutions
Defective Outlet and Power Cord Plug it into a different outlet and replace the power cord.
Dead Battery and Flat Battery Use another battery. 
The battery is Not Properly Seated Check the manual and insert the battery correctly.
Dirt or Rust on Battery Terminals Clean it with rubbing alcohol.
No Light Issue Plug into a different outlet, and replace the power cord and/or LED.

Now let’s dig deep and see how you can solve this problem. Don’t worry it’s not as hard as opening a weather guard toolbox without a key:

Reason 1: Defective Outlet and Damaged Power Cord

The defective power outlet doesn’t provide any power to the charger, as a result, your Milwaukee battery won’t charge at all.

Sometimes the power outlet’s breaker is tripped as well. This can stop the outlet from providing any power to your device.

A damaged or defective power cord can also cause your Milwaukee charger to fuse and make a brand-new Milwaukee charger not work. It’s because electricity doesn’t transfer properly from the outlet to the charger with a damaged power cord.

Milwaukee Charger
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For crossing off the defective outlet, unplug the charger and plug it into another outlet and see if it works properly.

If it does, it means the previous outlet was defective. You can also plug another electronic device into the outlet to see if it works or not.

So, you must replace the defective outlet as soon as possible. Here’s a quick video on how you can replace the outlet:

Now, you must change a damaged power cord as well. If your charger model has a detachable cord, you can buy a new cord and replace it.

But if it’s not detachable, it’s best to seek professional help. You can buy these Milwaukee replacement cords on Amazon or your local store for 30-40 dollars:

No products found.

Reason 2: Dead Battery & Flat Battery

Again, a dead or flat battery can be the culprit. A dead battery can’t hold the charge and won’t provide any power to the charger. A swollen or bloated battery is an obvious sign of a damaged battery.

On the contrary, a flat battery lost its charge but still has some residual power left. It can be recharged and used again.

Put a new battery on the slots and plug in the charger to see if it works. If the charger flashes light, it means the problem was with the battery.


For a dead battery, you need to replace it with a new one. If the battery is out of charge and becomes flat, you need to boost it.

First, turn off your charger and wait for 2-3 minutes. Now, turn it back on. Shut down it again for 2-3 minutes. Repeat this process 3-5 times. This works as a boost for the charger and helps it to hold the charge.

Caution: Always remember to stop using the tool when it flashes a “Low Battery” warning. If you don’t, it can be damaging to the battery’s health in the long term.

Reason 3:  Battery Not Properly Seated

The contacts on both the battery and charger side need to make proper contact for the charger to work. But new batteries are usually tight and sometimes they are not properly fitted into the battery slot.

As a result, the Milwaukee chargers fail to charge or work at all.


While fitting the battery into the slot, ensure it’s properly inserted into the charger. Also, make sure the battery is inserted with the correct polarity(+/-).

Reason 4: Dirt or Rust on Battery Terminals

Over time dirt can accumulate on the charger’s metal contact and create a barrier between the battery and the charge. This can easily interfere with the charging process. Rust on the metal contacts of the charger can also create this hindrance. 

This creates a situation where the battery indicates full charge but doesn’t actually work.


A couple of drops of rubbing alcohol on a towel can easily remove the dirt. But you will need sandpaper to remove the rust from the metal.

Reason 5: No Lights

You can face Milwaukee charger no lights issues for faulty LED, defective outlet, damaged power cord, or a tripped breaker.


You can rule out the outlet and power cord by following the techniques mentioned in Reason 1. But if the charger still doesn’t light up, check the electrical breaker panel. Here’s how to do it.

First, check whether the charger is OFF. If it is, turn the breaker back on and close the panel. Plug the Milwaukee charger back on and see if it lights up.

If it was caused by the breaker this will solve the problem. But if the breaker goes off again, there’s some serious underlying electrical issue.

LED itself could be the reason behind the Milwaukee m18 charger’s no-lights issue as well. You will have to replace the LED lights in that case. To do that you need to access the internal components.

In the case of both breaker and replacement of LED, contacting a professional is the best solution.

Prevention Tips: How to Take Care of Your Milwaukee Charger?

The above measures will help you solve the charger problem. But to prevent it altogether here are a few maintenance tips:

  • Regularly clean battery slots with a soft cloth to keep dust or dirt from accumulating.
  • Store the charger in a dry place to avoid moisture from damaging internal circuitry.
  • Use the proper voltage for each charger from the instruction manual to avoid damage.
  • Periodically check the charger carefully for frayed wire, dent, or any crack on the charger.
  • Always unplug the charger from the power outlet after charging to avoid unnecessary energy consumption.


What Does Green Light Represent On Milwaukee Charger?

The green light on Milwaukee Charger means the charging is complete. However, if the green color is being flashed it means the battery is damaged or defective. Sometimes it can be red light flashing instead of green for a defective battery.

Can Milwaukee Chargers Turn Off Automatically?

Yes, Milwaukee Chargers can turn off automatically. This is the protective mechanism of the charger. When the charger detects any excessive discharge of the battery it will turn off automatically.

Does Milwaukee Battery Charger Have Any Fuse on It?

The fuse on the Milwaukee battery charger depends on the specific model. Some models such as 48-59-0245 (SER 976A) have the fuse while others don’t. But even in the models that do, the fuse is on the board. If you suspect any issue with the fuse it’s best to take it to a professional.

End Words

This concludes our discussion on why the Milwaukee charger not working. Hopefully, you were able to find the reason why your charger isn’t working and fix the problem.

If none of the solutions in the article worked, you can also give Milwaukee battery charger reset a try. You should contact customer care of Milwaukee chargers as well for the 2-3 years warranty.

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