7 Best Felling Wedges (Quite the Essential Tool) in 2023

Just like a box of cards, you want everything to fall in your direction. Well, who am I kidding? You can’t have control over the box of cards falling. But, the trees need to fall in the right direction. 

Woodworking is a hard job. And, right when you’ve managed to cut a tree, it falls in the opposite direction of what you’ve intended. The results? Absolute misery! That’s a sad situation to be in. 

So, many people use the best felling wedges in this situation. These little tools help at ensuring that the trees fall in the right direction. As a result, you know what to expect from the falling trees. 

In practice, it’s not an easy nut to crack when you’re up to find the best-felling wedge within a budget. Dozens of brands are offering hundreds of wood-cutting wedges on your plate. And needless to say, those lucrative ads are one hell of a distraction. 

If this drives you crazy, you’ve landed on the right page, my friend. We’ve cherry-picked 7 of the top-rated felling wedges for you. And considering both sides of the coin, you’re certainly going to pick up your best fit right away.

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After going through the quick comparison, let’s check out the details. Covering the essential points, the elaboration will help you to understand each of the wedges properly.

1. Timber Savage Felling Wedge

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  • Size: 5.5 Inches
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Color: Orange
  • Set of: 4
  • Material: Polycarbonate

It wasn’t easy! Putting a crown on a product from 30 odd ones isn’t an easy job. But, we had to make these tough decisions based on our own testing. After spending this much time, the Timber Savage Felling Wedge is the champion! 

The unique thing about this product is the polycarbonate material. This addition causes the product to be invincible. Here, the material makes the product resistant to higher impacts and loads. 

This makes us a bit confident about recommending this product to everyone. But, it’s not a larger product, by any means. So, it’ll work well with all the smaller and medium trees. 

That said, this product comes with a weight of just 3.2 ounces. Now, it isn’t the lightest one on the list. But, it’s still lighter in terms of other products. And, we can say one thing- it’s portable, alright! 

The portability issue with the higher durability makes this product our favorite. And, yes, bid farewell to the problems with cutting/falling smaller trees, thanks to Timber Savage. 

It’s one of the best plastic-felling wedges to ensure high visibility through the bright orange exterior. And one barbed side against the smooth side delivers maximum efficiency in operation.

On the other hand, the Premium Gator lets you make a safe tree felling in the woods. Despite its small size, the sufficient thickness holds good to accomplish the task.

The pack includes additional guiding wedges that enable you to direct the falling tree. In addition, the 5.5″ wedge also prevents the tree weight from pinching the chainsaw bar.

But, the complaint that we have is that you can’t really use this for the larger trees. And, that’s quite a bummer. Being the first product, you’d expect this to be quite versatile. Well, it does a great job in its own department. 

So, for the smaller and medium trees, you won’t get a better product than this one. Hence, go for this! 

2. Cold Creek Tree Wedges

No products found.

  • Size: 7 1/2-Inch
  • Weight: 0.8 ounces
  • Set of: 1
  • Color: Orange
  • Material: Plastic

Say hello to the first plastic product on our list! The Cold Creek Wedge is another lighter product on our list. In fact, it’s the lightest one! So, let’s see if it’s still able to take higher loads or not. 

Well, we did spill out its unique feature! It’s the lightest product on this list. This means you can count on it to be extremely portable. In fact, you might forget whether you’re carrying this product or not since it’s less than an ounce. The orange color won’t let you lose this product, though! It has increased visibility! 

Another impressive thing about this product is the sticky grip factor. Here, the product comes with a unique dual-lined tapering. This keeps the product stuck all the time.  

Similar to the last product, this one’s for medium trees as well. But, it has a larger size than the last one! So, you could take a gamble for the larger trees too. Here, size matters a lot for the wedges. And, you’re about it, see how! 

As Cold Creek offers lots of high-end woodworking tools, this is no exception. It provides a valued performance from top to bottom in terms of service.

Although the wedge features lightweight plastic, it gives no compromise with serviceability. And the width measures a convenient 3″ to provide almost 3-inch lifting/wedging.

Likewise, it features bright orange surfaces that allow easy spotting with enhanced visibility. Unless you’re up to splitting wood, the 7.5″ wedge is okay. 

Well, this product isn’t for the smaller trees, though. So, if you’re planning to use it in that way, sorry, you’ll want to look elsewhere. 

But, the quality of this product is top-notch. And, the price-quality ratio makes this product hard to beat. It’s by far the most affordable option on our list. So, we recommend it to everyone for medium/large trees. 

3. Husqvarna Felling Wedge

No products found.

  • Size: 10″, 8″, 5.5″
  • Set of: 3
  • Color: Orange
  • Material: ABS thermoplastic

We’ve seen a set of 4 products, by now. How about a set of three? The Husqvarna Felling Wedge is a bright product! In fact, it’s so bright that there’s absolutely no chance for you to lose it in any way. Let’s see what it brings to the table- 

The unique thing about this product is that there’s a 10-inch wedge in the set of 3! This means you can use the products for the thickest and largest trees out there. Here, the larger size does make it easier to work with the larger trees. And, it’s quite the advantage.

Another great thing about this product is its versatility. Yeah, sure, the different sizes will add in options. But, the 10, 8, and 5.5-inch sizes mean you can use it with different-sized trees. So, it’s great with medium and large trees. 

It also has a built-in wedge spike to withstand further pressure. Whether it’s small, medium, or large – you can comfortably take down anything. The set has highly resisting ABS thermoplastic wedges to deliver an enduring performance.

Here, the plastic body will work at handling higher temperatures and extreme weather too. So, you can use that to your advantage. 

Speaking of advantages, the integrated spike allows you to create more pressure & force to tackle accidental back fall. The wedge set certainly prevents tree weight from pinching the saw accessories.

The best part is each one weighs incredibly low which lets you enjoy a comfortable light carrier and its bright orange outlook helps enhanced visibility.

It doesn’t have any holding pouch. So, carry a bag for the 3 sets of sizes. But, be sure to not lose it! Even though it’s expensive, it doesn’t provide a holding pouch. This does make us sad! 

But, the other features and benefits do justify the price all the way. 

4. Felled Spiked Tree Felling Wedges

No products found.

  • Size:  5.5 inch
  • Weight: ‎8.1 ounces
  • Set Of: 2
  • Color: Orange
  • Material: ABS plastic

Bringing in another plastic product to our list. Felled Spiked Tree Felling Wedges are bright in color and are durable! So, let’s check out what it’ll offer- 

The best part about this product is the proper felling guidance. This makes it easier for precise log splitting. So, it’s quite easy to use. 

Starting off, let’s talk about the materials and construction of this product. It comes with ABS plastic. Here, the material will increase toughness to some extent. So, it won’t break down easily under a heavier load. On the other hand, the material will increase longevity all the time. 

Similar to the previous product, it comes with spike inclusions as well. This will increase the stability to a further extent. And, will work really well with the kerf holding. 

Another great thing about the product is the higher lift capability. It’ll improve the felling operation. 

On the other hand, you’ll require no special effort to spot the best tree-felling wedges with their visible orange surface. Thanks to its effective build, its small 5.5″ size takes down small to medium trees.

Besides, the 12 integrated spikes enable a solid & rather sturdy grip. Although the quality remains questionable here, it barely affects the overall performance.

The log-splitting system keeps you safe while letting you enjoy full control. It’s even soft enough to cause no damaging issues with your chainsaw accessories.

But, it’s not for the smaller trees. So, if you’re looking for wedges for your small trees, it’s not for you! 

5. Redneck Convent Wedges

No products found.

  • Size: 8 inch
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Color: Green
  • Material: Plastic
  • Set of: 3

Colors matter! After all, they do impact visibility. And, this product does have quite a unique color. We’re talking about the Redneck Convent Wedges. 

Here, it comes with a light green color. Even though people debate how this product will match with the forest environment, no it won’t! The manufacturers have taken special care about the texture of the wedges. So, they won’t match the color of the environment. 

Hence, the benefit you’ll get from this light greenish color is visibility. As a result, you can clearly see the wedges from a distance. We’ve tested it ourselves and have not found any problems with it! 

Now, comes another interesting factor. The durability of these wedges! It comes with a heavy-duty & reliable plastic build. As a result, it won’t break down easily. 

On the other hand, this product does arrive with a size of 8-inches. The pack of three comes with 8-inches. So, you have options in your hand. While we do wish they were of different sizes, we’ll settle for 3 wedges now. 

On the other hand, the lightweight compact design contributes to the overall portability of the product. It comes in a functional size to take down medium and larger trees. But, we’re not going to recommend this one for the shorter trees. Bummer on that fact! 

Also, its sturdy ABS plastic body remains durable over the course of time. Whether it’s extreme weather conditions or abnormal temperatures, the wedge stands to serve. That’s what we love about this product the most! 

Designed to fit inside the wedge pouch, the tool can withstand heavy loads. It’s able to take down medium to large trees without much hassle/effort.

No pinching occurs & therefore, all the cutting accessories remain safe. The logging wedges create the necessary mechanical force to direct the falling tree. So, it’s quite the option on our list! 

6. Gator Felling Wedges

No products found.

  • Size: 8-inch
  • Weight: 14.4 ounces
  • Material: ABS poly
  • Color: Orange
  • Set of: 2

The products keep on getting heavier! We have the Gator wedge! We’re almost at the end. So, we’ve tried our best to ensure interesting and reliable products for you! Let’s begin- 

It comes with an ABS poly build. But, what’s unique is the 14.4-ounce weight! It’s heavy, no doubt! But, the build quality along with the weight makes it quite durable. While we don’t love the fact that this product isn’t that portable. We love it for its durability. 

With a pack of 2 and 8 inches of wedges, you’re about to get everything you wanted in this product! 

Thanks to its ABS poly built, there is nothing to worry about regarding durability. The tool easily handles massive loads & thus, promises to induce long-lasting reliability.

Unlike bright orange wedges, the surface comes with a unique reddish-orange appeal. Through a strict 1″ heel, the felling wedge set lets you handle even larger trees comfortably.

One surface side remains smooth whereas the opposite side has serrated barbs. You’ll get a solid grip using the 9 angular spikes in a definite pattern. So, the product will have a sticky grip on it. Hence, it’ll work fine! 

It’s heavy! But, it’ll tackle higher loads and impact.s It’ll even ensure longevity. So, we believe you can place your bet on this product! 

7. Parts 4 Outdoor Wedge

No products found.

  • Size: 5.5-Inch
  • Weight: 15.5 ounces
  • Material: Hard Plastic
  • Color: Yellow
  • Set of: 4

Remember how we were exaggerating about the previous product being heavy? Well, this product takes that to another level. It’s the last product so, let’s see why we took it, in the first place- 

First off, it’s the heaviest product we’ve reviewed on this list! That’s a slight bummer! It comes with a weight of 15.5 ounces. This means you won’t have the easiest of times carrying this one around. Another unique thing is the bright yellow color. It does increase the visibility to some extent.

The best feature comes with its construction. Its ABS plastic build promises optimum durability. Also, the frame can easily withstand the heavy pressure from falling trees.

Plus, its unparalleled quality can resist destructive impact, temperature & weather quite well. Each 5.5″ wedge of the bundle remains impossible to break or crack. That’s why we’ve added this one to the list, even though it’s the heaviest. 

The product is also super stable! And, it’ll even remain stable even when there’s a heavier compression load. 

Other than that, there are patterned angular spikes inside this product. The 12 angular spikes in a 4 rows x 3 columns arrangement. Also, on the barbed surface, the woodcutting wedge remains in position inside the kerf.

Obviously, it resists pinching while the tree falls in the intended direction as well. 

Lastly, the wedge remains visible with its bright yellowish appeal, even in lower light conditions. This is quite the advantage! 

What Does a Felling Wedge Do?

Isn’t this the obvious question? After all, most of you who’ll visit this page will know the answer to it. But, there are some people who don’t know what this product does. 

After reviewing 7 products, we have a proper idea about the felling wedges and their application. Basically, these small devices he;p at controlling the direction. But, what direction? 

Well, these devices monitor and help at controlling the falling tree’s direction. Even if the trees are leaning the wrong way, you can control the direction in which you want them to fall. 

These devices are designed for keeping the chain and bar from not getting pinched. Also, it’s designed to tip the trees in the direction that you want them to fall. 

How Many Felling Wedges Are Needed?

Here, the size of the felling wedges will matter. If the felling wedge has a larger size, the trees will get a better lift on them. Let’s give a slight example here. 

If the trees come with an 18-inch range, you need a single 7 ½ inch to work here. So, you’ll need to have a calculation on your head as you don’t require that many felling wedges! 

But, it’s better to keep them by your side. This is because you’ll never know when you’ll need them or not. Hence, we always say to carry more than 4 felling wedges with you. 

In this way, you won’t run out of felling wedges when you’re working. After all, these are lightweight things. Keep them with you! There’s no harm! 

Felling Wedge Size: What Matters? 

The size of these wedges will normally depend on the size of the trees you’re working with. We’ve discussed in the previous section how you need to calculate the size of the trees here. 

Here, if you’re working with larger and thicker trees, you’ll definitely need a larger felling wedge. And, you’ll need to do the exact opposite for the smaller felling wedges. For the smaller trees, you won’t need to go for a larger felling wedge. 

Types of Felling Wedges

There are different sizes of felling wedges. As we’re on the topic of these small devices, let’s take a look at them- 

Bucking Wedges

These wedges are designed in a way that they’re soft from both sides. As a result, you can remove them quite easily after usage. The type of wedge is famous for its softer material mainly. 

Splitting Wedge

This type is used for splitting firewood. Here, they’re used mainly for the production of railing wood and fencing. Guess what? These types are more durable and can take repeated blows from hammers. 

Color Factor: Does it Matter?

Many people think of color as a part of aesthetics. But, it’s not the case of the felling wages. The color matters quite a lot in this sector. And, it could be a deciding factor too. 

The colorful appearance of the wedges has a purpose. We all know how debris-filled forest floors are! If you drop anything on the floor, you’ll have the hardest of luck finding that thing. 

As a result, the manufacturers have designed the felling wedges to be quite the colorful charm in the list. Due to this reason, you can spot the wedges from a distance. And, it does increase an advantage.

If you ask us, we’ve loved the orange color. We believe it increases visibility to some extent. 

Material Quality

Almost all the standard felling wedges feature an ABS plastic bodies. Not only does it increase sufficient stability but it also delivers a soft contacting point. 

Meanwhile, plastic wedges having metalheads offer better safety which is rather expensive.

Wedge placement follows the same path of chainsaw cuts. With polymers, you can attain safer cuts even if any accidental contact appears. But wood, steel, or aluminum can seriously damage the saw teeth upon touchup.

Spike and Tapering: Important?

The presence of multiple spikes is a modern feature of functional wedges. The number of spikes widely varies; but 9, 10 & 12 are mostly preferred. Having an angled surface, the tiny spikes trigger an intact grip engaging the wood.

Taper simply refers to the surface slope. With felling edges, you can get single & double tapering. And doubly tapered wedge has slopes on both sides whereas singly tapering features a one-sided slope. You can even attend triple tapering which starts the slope about halfway.

How To Use Felling Wedge?

Wedging directly controls the direction of falling trees, whether it’s small or large. For the best part, you can attain full control even when leaning in the wrong way.

The functional mechanism is rather easy with felling trees. Supporting the tree bunk/hole, the wedge prevents saw bounding, particularly in the compression zone. 

Most importantly, there are some well-established techniques to handle felling trees using chainsaw wedges. For changing the direction, you have to follow the processes mentioned below. Let’s watch the steps-

Step 1: Making Forward-Facing Notch

Before everything else, you’ll have to make a directional notch. The size should measure at least 1/3rd of the tree diameter. 

Its forward-facing reveals the intended direction of tree fall. And opening out at 70° will provide maximum control, minimizing the wedge compression.

Step 2: Finding the Required Wedge Number

With a larger tree diameter, the necessary wedge number also increases. In fact, all logging tasks require the identification of wedge type & size. Appropriate hinging of the tree trunk is almost compulsory to make this determination.

You’ll have to get the tree height, weighted leaning height & distance between leaned back from the hinged face. It’ll prevent possible scarring of trees while falling on the hinge sides.

In general, 2 wedges seem okay for most small & medium trees. Larger trees with big leaning may require 3 or 4 wedges for eventual tipping.

Step 3: Getting Tree Segment Number

Tree segment is important to idealize the probable generation of single wedge lifting. For felling trees, it actually comes from the measurements taken right above. After converting into inches, the division of tree height by the distance will give the number.

It’s better to avoid using more than 2 wedges together to maintain safety. But sometimes, trees having exceptional learning can require more. Right there, you must not stack wedges on one another to address unequal compression.

Step 4: Making Cuts for Tree Feeling

Following the aforementioned steps, the rest becomes quite simple & straightforward. From the leaning trunk side, you better start cutting towards the notch. You’ll have to maintain central alignment for the cutting point with the notch.

No need to cut any further when you’ll have sufficient space to fit the wedge without contacting the chainsaw. Also, you’ll have to leave a reasonable space for the stump. This simultaneous action will hold the tree in its actual position.

Step 5: Hammering Wedge in Position

You can use either a hammer or an ax to insert the wedge in its intended place. But you’ll have to go for another cut if the wedge gets flushed with the stump. While making the cuts, it’s important to preserve the hinge. Meanwhile, don’t cut down the tree entirely.

For the rest, you’ll have to choose between pounding & cutting. If a single wedge seems unsatisfactory, make overlaps using the 2nd/3rd wedge at 70° apart. There, the tree will fall on the other side upon cutting.

General Safety Tips

Whatever the circumstance is, you should never take the task of felling trees lightly. Though you have the best felling wedges, it’s still important to follow safety regulations. Even for qualified experts, the process occupies certain dangers from a falling tree:

1. Get the Protective Wear

It’s simple – never forgo the necessary safety gear. It includes closed shoes/boots, gloves, ear protection, a long-sleeve shirt & full pants. Not to say, wearing a helmet & goggles are compulsory for the job.

2. Have the Proper Equipment

When the targeted tree is pretty small in size, you can rely on the ax. But chopping down anything large will definitely require a suitable chainsaw. Before firing up the tool, check its teeth & other essential parts.

3. Decide the Escape Routes 

Whenever the tree starts to fall, it’s time for you to move out. It’s important for you to establish/determine two safe routes to fall back. Both paths should lie in the opposite direction to the falling tree.

4. Stay Cautious while Cutting 

The time your target starts to fall, it’s out of your control. Measure the tree & a safe direction where the tumbled tree will fall safely. Stay cautious to deal with any newly exposed diseased, dead, broken portion while making the cut.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a felling wedge?

Just like the chainsaw, the wedge plays an integral part in tree felling & bucking. Wedges are more like a plate with varying thicknesses placed inside the cut portion. Not only does it help the tree to fall in the intended direction but it also prevents pinching chainsaw accessories.

What size feeling wedge do I need?

It basically depends on the tree size & the critical intensity of directional falling. When the tree diameter lies within 18″, you may choose 7.5″ wedges. For a reasonably lower diameter, 5.5″ should do just fine. For larger sizes, you’ll have to go for 8″ or 10″ wedges.

What side should I notch a tree on?

There are three specific notch types – Open, Conventional & Humbolt. The first one definitely offers better accuracy keeping the hinge intact. Unlike the latter two, an open-faced notch ensures further safety without any accidental out-of-control movement.

What’s the difference between felling, bucking, and splitting wedges?

Felling (winter/chainsaw) wedges are the longest & thickest ones. It determines the felling direction, preventing leaning forces & chainsaws from pinching. Bucking (hanging/tie) wedges decrease binding with their short & thicker sizes. Splitting wedges are the heaviest ones strictly for splitting wood. The first two are of plastic/wood whereas the last one has a metal construction.

Final Verdict

All the options reviewed above are at the forefront of customer preferences. Just you’ll have to determine your needs to make an exact match. No mistake about it, you have to get a suitable one in accordance with the job.

You know accurate measurements & tree dynamics come into effect with the right wedges. In fact, it’s one useful gear to take the experience to a whole new level. And the best felling wedges certainly ensure maximum output for your logging job.

Good Luck! Adios!

Kevin Smith

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