About Us

Thanks for visiting WoodHungry, our little corner over the internet to tell stories about woodworking.

Who We Are?

Wood Hungry, as it expresses itself, are a combined platform of a few woodworking enthusiasts. MichealĀ (My childhood buddy) used to boom his wood carving DIY projects right in his underground garage. Starting from there to the present, it had been a story of a happy blend of thoughts from different carpenters, handymen, and woodworkers across the state.

And finally, we felt it really hard that whatever we are up to, should be shared across other would-be woodworkers like us. And that’s where the tole of WoodHungry.com comes in.

On top of that, it’s noteworthy that the market of woodworking tools and products is full of scammy deals. So, we felt it put ourselves in the shoes of potential buyers, and review the best woodworking products as well.

How Do We work?

Starting from a garage-born startup, we’re a full form blog network right now. Whatever tips and suggestions we share are tested through these filters-

  • Our first-hand experiences.
  • Thoughts shared across communities by experts.
  • Home user’s experiences on how to overcome issues.

Therefore, each of the tips that we share is extremely actionable and proven to work out.

Let Us Hear You Loud

We are always, always interested to learn from our fellow audience’s experience and propagate towards the largest woodworker’s community across the web.

Therefore, reach us out through our contact page or shoot a mail to us via kevin.woodhungry@gmail.com

We’re here to listen from you, anytime!

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