How To Hang Stuff In Resin Sheds (5 Easy Steps)

Whether you want to neatly hang gardening tools or create additional shelving resin sheds, hanging storage is always a good idea. 

And this idea raises the question of how to hang stuff in resin sheds.

To hang stuff in resin sheds, first, you need to assess the shed wall to choose the correct hardware for hanging items. Then, drill into the wall and insert the nuts and bolts. Secure the nuts with a rubber washer and hang your tools or other items.

Want more details on these steps? No worries I got you covered in this article. Continue reading to find out.

What Is A Resin Shed?

A resin shed is a type of outdoor storage structure designed to hold various items, such as gardening tools, equipment, and other belongings.

Resin sheds are constructed using a durable and weather-resistant material known as resin, which is a type of plastic. Resin sheds are often chosen for their low maintenance requirements, resistance to rust, rot, and fading, and their ability to withstand various weather conditions.

These sheds come in various sizes and designs, ranging from small storage units to larger structures that can accommodate lawnmowers, bicycles, and even workspaces.

Resin sheds are typically easy to assemble and do not require the same level of maintenance as traditional wooden sheds.

They are commonly used in gardens, yards, and outdoor spaces where people need a convenient and practical storage solution.

Resin sheds offer the advantage of being lightweight yet sturdy, making them a popular choice for homeowners who want an affordable and hassle-free storage option that can withstand the elements.

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How to Hang Stuff in Resin Sheds: 5 Easy Steps

Hanging stuff in resin sheds is much easier than opening a toolbox without a key. You need to be very careful, cause one tiny misstep can damage the resin wall. And you might not be able to hang your tools at all.

So, follow these steps to hang stuff on the wall in no time. Here are the tools you need:


  • Drilling Machine
  • Nuts & Bolts
  • Rubber Washer
  • Marker/pencil
  • Measuring Tape

Now let’s move on to the next steps.

Step 1: Asses Shed Walls & Consider the Weight

Before you move on to drilling of any kind, you need to carefully assess the shed walls. Resin sheds are noticeably lightweight. So wherever you decide to drill holes into, it needs to be sturdy. 

Look for areas that seem like they can support the weight of the items you plan to hang. Avoid picking any heavy object to hang that can potentially damage the shed. 

Usually, there’s a weight recommendation for the resin sheds, stay in that weight range.

Step 2: Choose Hanging Hardware 

The next step is to choose a hanging hardware. There are quite a few options for you to choose from. S-hooks and magnetic hooks are perfect for lightweight tools. 

But if you plan on hanging a bit heavier tools opt for the wall-mounted shelves or the free-standing ones.

Whichever hardware you decide on, always keep the weight limit in mind. Don’t overload the shed with too many items in one place.

Step 3: Clean the Surface

The next step is to clean the shed wall where you will be attaching the hooks. Use mild cleaning solution or rubbing alcohol on clothes and clean the shed wall.

This will get rid of any dirt, debris, or oil on the walls, which affects the adhesion of the hooks.

Step 4: Drill Holes Carefully 

If you choose free-standing shelves then there’s no drilling needed. But if you need to attach items to the walls of the resin shed, drilling is the next step.

First, use the measuring tape and pencil to mark the area where you need to drill for the nuts and bolts to go in. 

You need to distribute the weight of the items evenly across the hooks. So, mark accordingly. This will avoid putting too much pressure on one single point in shed walls.

 Now, drill into the wall and put the nuts and bolts in. Remember to use a rubber washer. Rubber washers help to provide a secure and stable attachment while also protecting the shed’s surface.

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Step 5: Test First and Monitor Overtime

When the drilling is complete, test the hardware with the less valuable items to see if they are secured properly. But try to use objects that are of similar weight to the tools you plan on hanging.

Hang your tools only after you’re sure of the hardware’s sturdiness. Make sure to periodically check the items you’ve hung in the shed.

Note: Plastic can expand and contract with temperature changes. So, you will need to adjust the tools over time. You can avoid this problem by picking the correct type of hardware.

What Type of Hanging Hardware Should You Choose?

You can choose almost every type of hardware to hang stuff in your resin shed. But the best pick for your tools depends on what you plan on hanging. Let’s check out your options:


The S-shaped hooks are made of metal and are great for hanging lightweight objects, gardening tools, small baskets, or other accessories. They come in various sizes and depending on their size they can support 15 lbs to 120 lbs.

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Magnetic Hooks:

Pick magnetic hooks if your shed walls are magnetic. These hooks can support light to medium-weight items. You can hang keys, wrenches, pillars, screwdrivers, and even some lightweight drills on these hooks.

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Self-Adhesive Hooks:

Usually, it’s best to avoid adhesive hooks on plastics but some heavy-duty self-adhesive hooks work really well with resin.

But make sure you choose hooks that are specifically designed for plastic surfaces. You can easily hang wrenches and screwdrivers on these hooks. 

Overhead Storage:

For heavier tools or items that you want to store in the shed, it’s best to build overhead storage. Overhead storage racks can hold a lot of items all in one place.

Overhead Storage
Source: Houzz

These overhead storage are mostly made of durable materials. They can easily support the weight of your stored items. So, you will be able to store seasonal items, power tools, camping gear, gardening supplies, lumber, etc. on these racks without any worry.

Wall-Mounted Shelves

If your resin shed has a large space, it’s best to choose wall-mounted shelves for storage. These storage shelves have a weight capacity of 50-600 pounds per shelf.

Wall-Mounted Shelves
Source: Esh’s Utility Buildings

You can store any tools, gardening items, or gear in these without any worry.

Free-Standing Shelving

If you like to move around your furniture and rearrange stuff, free-standing shelves are the best pick for you. 

But you can easily adjust and rearrange these shelves based on your changing needs. They have a similar weight capacity to wall-mounted shelves and can store a lot of items at once.

Maintenance Tips for Resin Shed

Now, resin sheds need lower maintenance than any other shed. However, regular maintenance is necessary to keep the shed organized and practical.  Here are some tips to help you do so:

  • Clean the shed thoroughly inside and out with soap water, white vinegar, or laundry detergent solution.
  • Inspect the shed for any cracks or gaps and seal them with epoxy to prevent water or pests from entering.
  • Trim all grass and vegetation around the perimeter of the shed to prevent it from touching or growing against the shed.
  • Declutter and remove items that you no longer need from the shed.
  • Arrange the items in the shed based on how frequently you use them. Keep frequently used items easily accessible.


Can  Resin Sheds Catch on Fire Easily?

Yes, resin sheds can catch on fire easily. But it won’t catch fire if it’s mentioned by the manufacturer. These sheds are lightweight and easy to maintain. So, it’s a popular choice among homeowners. But be careful about lighting fire around the resin sheds.

What is the Expected Lifespan of Resin Shed?

The expected lifespan of Resin sheds is 5 to 7 years in general. But any shed lasting for a long time depends on how well it is maintained. If maintained well, resin sheds can last around 10 years as well.

What is the Disadvantage of a Plastic Shed?

The main disadvantage of a plastic shed is it can brittle easily over time, meaning it can be easily snapped or damaged. This happens because of their lightweightness. But if you keep these sheds well maintained and clean them regularly, they can last 5-7 years without any issues.

End Words

That was the end of our discussion on how to hang stuff in resin sheds. By reading this article, hopefully, you will be able to hang all your tools easily.

Regular cleaning and upkeep will prolong your shed’s lifespan. So, try to maintain it properly

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