How to Fix Uneven Wood Cuts? (3 Simple Solutions)

It’s very frustrating when you are cutting wood pieces. And they are not even or if you are cutting a wood join and they are not fit. It creates a dilemma why it’s not perfectly matched or what to do. 

So, how to fix uneven wood cuts? 

There are some common uneven woodcutting mistakes like uneven mortise and tenon joint or face fame joint cut. They can be easily fixed with the help of wood filler, wood glue, and pipe clamps. 

You must still be dizzy about this matter. Don’t worry we have prepared a detailed article to clear yourself out. 

So don’t worry, jump on the detailed article. 

What do you need for fixing uneven woodcuts? 

Uneven woodcuts can be a big deal. Especially when you are decorating or especially if you are cutting wood for the furniture joint. 

But here’s a thing, the uneven woodcuts mistakes can easily be fixed. All you need to do is follow some guidelines and with the help of some tools.

These are some of the tools you will need to fix your uneven woodcuts. 

  • Circular saw 
  • Jigsaw 
  • Drill
  • Bench that can have a router put in it (but a short fence) 
  • Plunge router 
  • Cyanoacrylate glue 
  • Wood glue 
  • Wood fillers 
  • Putty knife 
  • Blue tape
  • Sandpaper 

You need to gather these tools accordingly. But here’s a thing you need to be picky with the wood filler. Because the shade of the wood filler needs to be matched with the wood. Here we have collected some of the top brand wood filler for you-

These wood filler brands have a vast shade that will match your wood color. And they are easy dry products. 

After gathering these tools you can easily fix your uneven woodcut mistakes with no time. But as we say you need to follow some steps to do so.

Here are some common uneven woodcutting mistakes and their solution is given below. 

Common Uneven Woodcutting Mistakes And Their Solutions 

how to fix uneven wood cuts

Wood cutting mistakes or uneven wood cutting are generally noticed in joints or equal pieces. When someone cuts pieces for joints it requires persistence. If the pieces are not evenly cut then the joint won’t fix or stable properly. 

Here are some of the common mistakes that usually happen. And those mistakes can easily be fixed. Let’s talk about some detailed solutions. 

Problem 1: Uneven Mortise and Tenon joints 

Mortise and tenon joints need to be perfectly even. As they need to be fitted tightly to work properly. 

This is a very common uneven woodcutting mistake, especially for the beginner. The mistake can easily happen even after using professional tools. 

But don’t worry, this common mistake can also be easily fixed. 


Usually, the fixing method is to fill the gap with lots of glue and wood filler. But here’s a better method, take a small piece of wood and put it in the gap. Then glue it in the right place and clamp it to the side of the tenon. 

Make sure that you have arranged the grain of the wood. Also match the grain of the undersized tenon. Then you can fix the tenon by cutting again.  

Problem 2: Uneven face frame joint cuts 

Face frame joint cuts also need to be cut perfectly so that it fits tightly in place. Also you need to attach the joint with a number of dowels. They are on the front edge of the cabinet body. Also the side has to fit beside them. 

But it’s ok this common problem can also be fixed easily. 


All you need is a pipe clamp.  Using the pipe clamps put it in the gap with glue. For extra assurance, drill a hole in the middle of the joint. 

Then put some glue in. It’s best to use wood glue. But if you are doing any design with plywood then you can use plywood glue

There is a lot of wood glue in the market. Here we have collected some of the best products for you. 

These glues are topnotch in quality and are chosen based on customer reviews. 

Problem 3: Short board 

It’s very common when you cut a board and that turns out to be shorter than the required size. 

It usually happens when you are facing a problem with table saw. Or you don’t measure properly while using a table saw. You can avoid these problems with a measuring tool like laser measure. 

There are lots of brands in the market. But we have collected some of the top brand products for you. 

These laser measures are top notch ant with advanced features. This will serve you well. 

Also below we have described how you can fix your mistakes. 


If the board is wider than desired. Then you can see through the board from corner to corner. Then joint the edges with glue back together.

In some cases, some carpenters suggest adding an extra middle wood board to the required size

It will fix the problem of the shirt bird and it will be unable to notice if done properly. 

Precautions Regarding Fixing Uneven Woodcuts 

  • You need to check proper safety issues before using any machines. 
  • When you are cutting the equal sizes pieces of wood first try to cut one-pieces. Then measure the other pieces with the current pieces. 
  • Try to cut at least 1 inch extra than the required size. Then smooth the cuts with sandpaper that will perfectly size the wood. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Can you use caulk instead of wood filler?

Answer: No, caulk is not preferable to fill the wood holes because in time it will shrink. Then it will create a divot. 

Question 2: What are dado cuts?

Answer: The dado cuts are cut by a circular saw blade that cuts the grooves into wood. It’s kind of wider than the traditional saw blade cuts. 

Question 3: Is Bondo better than wood filler?

Answer: yes, Bondo is better than wood filler. Because wood filler takes hours to dry. But Bondo can get dry in 30 minutes. 

Bottom Line 

That is all from us. Thank you for reading the detailed article.  Hope now you have the proper idea on how to fix uneven wood cuts.

Wood cutting mistakes can be fixed easily. So before you threw away an entire wood board for mistakes. You may try to consider fixing it or re-design it. 

Best of luck with your DIY activity.

Kevin Smith

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