Is Aspen Good Firewood? (All Concerns Cleared)

With winter coming, are you taking preparations like others? With that thought, it’s possible you’re going to stash wood now. So you can burn them to keep yourself warm later on winter nights. 

Thinking of Aspen as an option for you? But you probably don’t know if you can burn it. 

So, is aspen good firewood? 

The answer can be both yes and no. Yes, it is better than lots of softwood. Also, it’s amazing when it burns after it’s dried. It does burn for a short time. It’s good for kindling but not as useful as firewood. 

We’ve written in detail about this issue. You’ll know how to make the best use of them if you read this article. So come, hop on the wagon- 

Is Aspen Good for Firewood? 

is aspen good firewood

Although aspen is classified as a hardwood, it is a low-density hardwood. It is even softer than many softwoods. Other hardwoods, such as oak, provide roughly half the heat of quaking aspen fuel. 

There’s almost nothing wrong with this wood. And it’s a delight to deal with because it’s approximately half the weight of oak. The splitter devours it, and before honing the saw, it may cut around 40 cables.

It can save you from burning your good hardwood stash. 

It’s not the ideal choice for firewood, but if you can obtain it for a low price or for free, you might as well use it. It looks almost as lovely as white birch in the living room. 

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Many elderly people did this since the bark was lighter and didn’t make as much of a mess inside their homes. Alternatively, after having their chimney cleaned, they would burn aspen and pine. 

We won’t claim it’s the ideal firewood. But it does have some qualities that appeal to a wide range of individuals. It dries fast once cut to length in our region, and it doesn’t attract Ips or Mountain Pine insects while drying. 

Types of Aspen

There are two varieties of aspen firewood. Aspen is a species of poplar. And when people speak of polar regions with firewood, they often mean Aspen.

Firewood from quaking aspens; Populus tremuloides and bigtooth aspen firewood both burn similarly to Populus grandidentata.

It also burns extremely nicely as long as it is dry. During the fall and spring in New England, they burn ‘popple’. It’s a charming folk term for poplar, aspen, and other trees.

It burns hot and fast, typically just enough to remove the cold from the air without overheating the home. 

Because of its widespread availability in a region where extremely strong winds are common, it is affordable and easy to harvest from natural die-off.

Its availability will only increase as its appeal as a natural fire and wind brake grows.

How to Make Aspen Work Better As Firewood?

Quaking aspen is a good campfire wood because it has a straight grain and is easy to split. Because of its low density, it is simple to ignite and produces good kindling.

It burns well but produces fewer BTUs than other hardwoods (and probably some softwoods). You should be able to get it for a lot cheaper than you would for oak.

We’re providing some tips so you can burn Aspen as firewood. 

Tip 1: Add Seasoned Oak

Unless you enjoy monitoring your stove and feeding it every two hours, We wouldn’t recommend having it solely in the middle of winter. 

If you want a longer-lasting fire, start with aspen. And then add seasoned oak for additional hours of enjoyment or sleeping next to the fire. 

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Tip 2: Burn Hedge or Osage Orange

After you’ve burned the Aspen for a time, try burning some Hedge or Osage Orange. Some people have a wood stove and burn hedges all winter long. 

Burning Osage Orange is equivalent to burning Aspen. You can use it on the wood stove as well as the fireplace. It’ll give you clean, hot, and quick-burning.

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Tip 3: Get Control over Burning Fire

Older people start with the hotter, faster-burning aspen. Then they would finish with the final few logs in their stove or fireplace. These help to break up the remains left behind by the pine. And allows them more control over how long the fire will burn.

Tip 4: Dry Aspen Before Using 

Before you use Aspen as firewood, it’s better if they’re completely dried out. There are methods you can use to dry Aspen out completely. You can even use a dehumidifier to dry the moisture out. 

That’s all we had to offer on Aspen today. We hope this was helpful to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Aspen ok to burn on a wood stove?

Answer: Resinous (oily) timbers and softwoods may burn inefficiently. Pine, eucalyptus, birch, aspen, and a few other species, as a result, do not create the finest logs for a wood-burning stove.

Question: What is the best firewood? 

Answer: Hardwoods like maple, oak, ash, birch, and most fruit trees are the greatest burning woods because they burn hotter and for longer. These woods contain the least pitch and sap, making them easier to work with.

Question: What is the worst wood to burn?

Answer: It should go without saying that you should not burn any woods that have the term “poison” in their name in your fireplace. Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Poison Sumac, and other poisonous plants emit an irritating oil into the smoke, which can be quite irritating to you, especially if you are sensitive to it.


We hope you understood the answer to your question, is Aspen good firewood? Now that you know this wood’s ability to work as firewood, would you buy it? 

Let us know in the comment section your experience with Aspen wood. Take good care of yourself and stay warm!

Kevin Smith

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