Bora VS Kreg Saw Guide (Which One to Pick)

Bora and Kreg are famous in the world of woodworking for their top-quality saw guides. However, based on your preferences, you might be required to choose a winner between them.

So, which is the better between Bora vs Kreg saw guide?

Bora uses high-duty aluminum in the building of their saw guide. Whereas, Kreg tends to use lightweight aluminum and has plastic scales. Kreg has a better grip and stable frame compared to Bora and is highly portable. Bora offers longer tracks than Kreg and can cut longer pieces of wooden sheets.

Some more major differences have been overlooked here. Tag along to understand the distinguishing characteristics that separate the two saw guides.

Bora Vs Kreg Saw Guide: Key Differences

bora vs kreg saw guide

On closer inspection, Bora and Kreg differ a lot from each other. Their line of products represents their unique entity and distinguished brand image. 

Let’s familiarize ourselves with some of the key differences between Bora and Kreg saw guide-

MateriaHeavy-duty rigid AluminumAluminum
Splinter ReductionLess resistant to splinteringSplintering resistant
PortabilityLess Portable and HeavierPortable and Lightweight
Grip and StabilityWeaker Grip, slightly unstablePrecise and Stable
ClampsSingle ClampNo Clamps, uses anti-slip guide strips
As we can see, both saw guides have contrasting features and provide different functionalities. We’ll learn about the differences in more detail in the next segment of this article.

Bora Vs Kreg Saw Guide: Comprehensive Comparison

We’ve formed a basic understanding of the key differences between the Bora and Kreg saw guides. It’s about time we get into the details.

1. Material

A saw guide made of heavy metal can withstand long operations and heavy workloads. They can take on high-intensity tasks with ease. 

The difference of building material between Bora and Kreg is shown-

Constructed with heavy-duty rigid aluminum, Bora boasts superior build quality and sturdiness.

Bora saw guides are extremely durable and equipped with rubberized clamp pads. Rubberized clamp pads keep your workpiece safe from potential scraping. You can use quality tung oil on the wooden sheet for added protection

Kreg saw guides also use aluminum as their building material. However, they are not rigid aluminum and are relatively lightweight. 

It comes with a plastic saw sled, weighing only 2.44 lbs.

2. Length

Considering the scale of the operation, length can be a vital feature for a saw guide. Here’s how-

Bora’s most popular saw guide, the WTX Clamp Edge offers up to 100 inches wide guides. 

The saw guide includes 50 inch and 24-inch guides. There is a 50-inch extension that you can attach to them if needed.

Connecting the 50-inch extension with the 50-inch guide will give you a wide reach.

A doweling jig can be a useful tool for joining two or more boards. Check out these dowelling jigs that we recommend-

Try them to cut multiple boards together at the same time.

The Kreg saw guides come with tracks with two separate sections. Each section measures 24 inches long and can be used for smaller projects.

You can extend the small tracks up to 48 inches by connecting the two halves. This gives you more surface area to roam with your saw.

Want an extension guide for additional cutting range? You should consider checking these-

The extension guide will make your guide effective for cutting longer sheets of wood.

3. Grip And Stability

What separates a good saw guide from a bad one is the control it offers to the user. And oftentimes, the grip and stability play a great role in providing such control.

A major shortcoming of Bora is its stability and lack of better grip. 

The Bora WTX only locks on one end. The single clamp cannot hold the long track firmly enough. This gets problematic for long cuts as the saw can divert a few degrees off-axis. You might need to use a shoulder plane to scrape off the extra bits of wood. 

Looking for clamps for your saw guide? Take a look at some quality clamps-

These clamps will hold your saw guide firmly on the surface.

Moreover, the sled is quite flimsy and might put occasional resistance when gliding the sled.

The tracks don’t require clamps, thanks to anti-slip guide strips. These guide strips help the guide have a firm hold on the surface. 

The smaller length of the tracks means that you don’t have to worry about having a flimsy track. Kreg can help you cut even an equilateral triangle off wood!

Final Verdict

We have assessed both saw guides and learned about their advantages and shortcomings.

If you’re regularly cutting large sheets of wood and tabletops, you should go for Bora. Not only are they perfect for longer cuts, but they are sturdy and more durable.

But other than that, the balance heavily tilts towards Kreg for other advantages. Firstly, they are small and lightweight, which makes them portable and can fit anywhere. 

Kreg saw guides also possess better grip and added stability in comparison to Bora. The guide rail in Kreg saw guides prevent splintering. So if you’re looking for a clean and efficient woodcutting experience, Kreg is your ideal saw guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is a guide rail compatible with a circular saw?

Answer: Yes, a guide rail is used with a circular saw for more accurate cuts. With the guide rail, you can control the trajectory of a circular saw in a calculated way.

Question: What’s the difference between a track saw and a circular saw?

Answer: Track saws can perform three separate cuts while the circular saw can only do double cuts. Unlike the track saw, the circular saw comes with a protective guard. 

Question: Can a circular saw be used as a track saw?

Answer: Yes, you can use a circular saw as a track saw. With some tricky modifications, you can make a circular saw work as a track saw. With the help of extensions, you can make long cuts using a circular saw.

Parting Words

We have finished our comparison guide on bora vs kreg saw guide. Take your time and choose the guide that fits your requirements. Ask for an experienced woodworker’s opinion if needed.

We hope this article proved helpful to you. Let us know in the comments if you have any further inquiries.


Kevin Smith

1 thought on “Bora VS Kreg Saw Guide (Which One to Pick)”

  1. I have a BORA NGX system in both the 100″ and the 50″ sizes so I don’t have to break the assembled 100″ down for smaller stock. The NGX is the newer version over the WTX and is supposed to have better clamping force and better grip. The NGX grips firmly. If you get the saw sled attachment, it saddles the guide on both sides and forces the saw to stay flush and true. It also eliminates the need to apply any lateral force on the guide so there’s less force needed to keep the guide in place. You can also buy no-chip strips on Amazon to put on the guide rails. I bought 200″ of 1-3/8″ wide for $20.

    The Kreg is also a good system, but my beef with it is that it depends on a rubber pad on the underside of the guide to grip the wood and hold the guide in place. I wouldn’t be willing to trust it without using clamps because if there’s any dust on the wood or the pad, the guide can easily slip. It also has a lightweight sled for your saw that has an edge that rides in a channel in the guide. It’s not as robust as the BORA but serves the same purpose.

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