Jonsered 2166 Problems (Complete Troubleshooting Manual)

You may be thinking of getting a Jonsered 2166 chainsaw. Or you already have one in your collection. Though the Jonsered 2166 is a very good choice for woodworking yet it has some drawbacks.

Hence, what are the major Jonsered 2166 problems?

Well, the most common problem is the lack of power in the engine. Sometimes, the chain brake fails and chain tensioning doesn’t work. The chain does not oil and the saw doesn’t cut properly. However, all of the mentioned issues are fixable.

We’ve got your back for the repair job. Follow the article to fix your Jonsered chainsaw issues.

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What are the Problems of Jonsered 2166 Chainsaw?

jonsered 2166 problems

Before proceeding towards the solution, we need to find out why the problems are arising. There could be various reasons behind a problem.

You can avoid so many of these issues if you take good care of your chainsaw. Every chainsaw has its own good side and bad side. Jonsered 2166 is no different from them.

If you are into woodworking for a long time, you know how amazing these chainsaws are.

Despite being a convenient chainsaw, it has some issues. Here are some common Jonsered 2166 issues you should be aware of-

1. The Chainsaw Engine Lacks Power 

If the engine is lacking power, the chainsaw won’t work smoothly. It can happen for damaged spark plugs, a confined fuel line, or a faulty cylinder. 

Sometimes, all the engine parts remain intact but the chainsaw still gives poor performance. 


Check all the parts of the engine regularly. If a part is damaged or broken, immediately replace that. 

After woodworking, clean your chainsaw well and file your chainsaw while you’re at it. Uncover every part of the engine and clean them thoroughly. You can use a chainsaw lubricant to do so.

Here are some of pour top picked ones-

You should always keep the air filters clean. To get the best performance, check oil filters and drain the petrol tank when needed. These tricks can make the chainsaw engine run for a long time.

2. Chainsaw Doesn’t Start

This one is very common among the Jonsered chainsaws. Even after pressing the ‘On’ button, it doesn’t start. 

This happens when there’s a problem with the electric cable. A split or damaged cable can’t create a connection between the switch and the engine. So the chainsaw doesn’t start.


First, check the electric cable of the engine. The cable which connects the switch to the engine must be in a good condition. If it’s damaged or split, replace the electric cable.

Adjust the carburetor of your engine. Then try to turn on your chainsaw.  Follow the Jonsered 2166 operator’s manual to do it properly.

3. Chain Tensioning Problem

Sometimes the chain of the chainsaw becomes very loose. A loose chain is difficult to work with and can cause fatal accidents.

Normally Jonsered chainsaws can prevent over tensioning. But if it doesn’t work after following the right tensioning method, the screw can be damaged.


The chain should always move easily around the guide bar without any force. It shouldn’t be too loose or too tight and have a slack.

The chain can be pulled a little away from the bar. Replace the chain if you can’t do any of these with yours.

Also, if the tension adjustment screws are damaged, replace them.

We have a handful of suggestions for good-quality tension adjustment screws. Here’s the list-

Try any of these adjustment screws and use your chainsaw carefree. 

4. Chain Doesn’t Oil Properly

The hacksaw chain oil transfers by a tube from the tank. Through the pipe, it goes to the groove and guide bar of the chain. Sometimes the chain doesn’t get enough oil and the hacksaw stops working.


If the chain gets clogged with wood shavings and debris, this can happen. So, clean the chains after every use.

The tube that carries oil can be blocked in the line. This can stop the oil from running to the chain.

An automatic oiling system lubricates Jonsered hacksaw chains. Standard motor oil doesn’t work in this case. So you must get the best one.

If you’re unsure about the right gear oil here are our top choices-

Now pick your choice of chainsaw oil from the list and you should be fine.

Well, the list of the problems ends here. We hope you’ve found the suggestion you had been searching for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How to keep the chainsaw clutters sharp for a long time?

Answer: To keep the blade sharp, adjust the parts of the depth gauges and shape the cutters. Now, let the blade run freely without the tension of the chain. Keep no slacks around the bar. Run the chainsaw across the wood. This process keeps the chainsaw sharp. Never use a chainsaw with dull blades to maintain safety.

Question: How to prevent the chainsaw kickback issue?

Answer: Kickback is the most common reason for causing fatal chainsaw injuries. Jonsered 2166 comes with a kickback guard so you don’t have to worry. Check if the guard moves freely without any resistance and you are ready to go.

Question: How to avoid jamming the chainsaw?

Answer: Always stop cutting the wood log when only a ¼ part is left. Then turn it over and finish cutting the log. Try to make straight cuts through the wood. This way you can avoid jamming the chainsaw.

Question: What protective equipment is needed for using a chainsaw?

Answer: To prevent injuries from a chainsaw, always wear gloves and protective goggles. Protective goggles save your eyes from shredded wood pieces. Gloves protect your hand from getting cuts from the chainsaw. Wear a wood dust mask and protect your entire facial area from any possible injuries. 


We’ve reached the end of the article. Now you know about every Jonsered 2166 problem and how to fix them. 

These days it’s hard to find a good chainsaw that performs smoothly. If you want a chainsaw that works for a long time, Jonsered 2166 is a good choice.

We hope the solutions worked for you. Don’t forget to share your experience with us.

Till then, happy woodworking!

Kevin Smith

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