What Are the Dewalt Thickness Planer DW735 Problems?

Despite having many uses and features, we can still point out some flaws in the Planer. So we might also want to know how to solve this problem.

So what are the Dewalt DW735 Planer Problems?

The Dewalt DW735 Planer can be heavyweight. It may have a higher price compared to the other ones in the market. They don’t have their own dust collector. And sometimes, the engine and blades may stop working. But these can be solved from the buyer’s as well as the seller’s end.

Now, this may not be enough for you to solve your problem. We have discussed the details in our article, so keep reading!

What Are the Common Problems of Dewalt DW 735 Planer

dewalt thickness planer dw735 problems

There are certain points where the problems have to be addressed. Despite sounding flawless, Dewalt DW 735 may not be perfect.

Let’s see how many we can find to solve it later. Before we move on to the problems, let’s see some Planers.

Now, as we know the products recommended, let’s see what problems we can face.

Problem 1: Weight of the Planer

The weight of the Dewalt DW Planner is heavier than any other machine. This weighs around 92 pounds. It gets hefty to handle the DW Thickness Planer.  

However, they claim it to be easy to use. 

Problem 2: Dust Collector

Before we start, you have to know about the dust collectors. The cut wood particles and accumulated dust is collected away from this device.

The Dewalt planer does not come with its own dust collector. These however can be incorporated with various other available collectors.

But it would have been profitable for the company and also suitable for the user to have a collector of their own.

However, these recommended products are also not free of adversities and rising issues. They also cannot be available at all times, since it is not of their own.

Problem 3: No Specific Incremental Depth

There are many incremental depth options that may create confusion for the user. It may have a depth measuring scale. But the user may not be entirely sure about the accurate value. 

So there remains quite a lot of confusion.

Problem 4: Blade Stops Working

Being overworked, overheated, or over-used, the blades may wear out. This causes the blades not to work properly or to entirely stop working. 

So that may be the case too, for which the motor may stay well but the blades malfunction.

Problem 5: Blades Gets Stuck

Oftentimes the blade may stop working or may get jammed for not having enough grease in between. This may happen due to shaping the wood planks for a really long time. 

The wood particles congregate along the blade edges or the chains in the motor. The particles get the blades jammed.

The blades while cutting may get blunt over time. So while cutting through hardwood or thick wood planks, it might not cut through properly.

Problem 5: Machine Motor Not Running Well

Bushings, bearings, and gears all have the potential to be tight or dry. It’s possible that the power source is insufficient owing to a short or long extension cord. 

In that case, it’s possible that the overcurrent switch is faulty.

Problem 6: High Pricing

The price range is always a concern for such kinds of products. We see that Dewalt Planers are no exception in that.

The price range for the device is pretty high, this can range from $500 to $629. We can assume that it is expensive considering the features and mechanism of the Planer.


All the problems mentioned above don’t particularly have respective solutions. Hence, we’ve stated some major issues that you can try to fix.

The solution to the problems may be temporarily useful. Now, we know that the engineering and the mechanical aspects cannot be changed. However, we can do a few things manually like-

The blades can be cleaned and changed from time to time if it wears out. Also, check the motor and grease the blades and the gears. Here are some cleaning products for your Dewalt DW735 Planers.

You can use a dust collector for your planer additionally. Let us have a look at the recommended dust collectors for Dewalt DW 735 Planers.

Checking the engine is also important. This has to be done too. Whether it is working properly and functioning well, is also important.

So these were the issues with Dewalt DW375 Planer that many people face. We hope this guide will help you be aware of these problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are the differences between the DW735 and the DW735X?

Answer: The planer comes with the infield and outfeed tables, as well as an extra set of cutter head planer knives. The DW735 is a planer machine that lacks the infeed and outfeed tables as well as the extra planer knives.

Question: What is the definition of planer snipe?

Answer: Snipe happens when the board raises slightly since it is only held in place by this single roller.

Question: Is it true that a planer makes wood smooth?

Answer: Using a planer, smooth rough-cut wood stock. The planer, like the cutter, uses a cutter-head, but it smooths the face of much wider stock.


Now, we know the Dewalt DW735 Planer problems and some of its solutions, we can work on them. The DW Thickness Planers have a high reputation in the market.

So if these issues are solved, they may get even better. Attract more consumers.

I hope we could help you with your concern. Let’s try solving it now. Wishing you the best of luck.

Kevin Smith

2 thoughts on “What Are the Dewalt Thickness Planer DW735 Problems?”

  1. I had a dewalt 2 speed planer. Had none of the problems you speak of. I changed it for a grizzly g0940 for the helical head. I can not get rid of snipe which I had no trouble with dewalt. Grizzly answer is to plane 6 inch longer boards and cut the snipe off. This is not acceptable. I will be going back to dewalt soon.

  2. Timothy Goebel

    I’ve enjoyed using the DW735 for the last few months. I’ve fought a bit of snipe, but found, as many others have, that supporting the board on the infeed and outfeed side cuts down on it drastically. I have a small shop so I don’t have room for large in/outfeed tables, so manually supporting it will do for now.

    The main issue I had was dust collection. I started with a pillowcase and it was quickly made obvious that fine dust was getting into my shop air. For those of you without a dedicated dust collection system, I found the use of a cyclone separator mounted on a barrel is working great. I added a HEPA filter to the outlet port of the cyclone to keep the shop air and my lungs clean. I posted the setup on my website.

    The next thing I’m hearing is how great the helical cutter heads are but just can’t bring myself to spend $500-600 yet. Apparently, snipe is reduced quite a bit and the decibels are reduced significantly. Maybe one day!

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