Is Poplar Wood Good for Dining Table? Know Everything

One of the most widely utilized wood varieties for producing furniture is poplar. It is also used for Playthings, plywood, accents, cabinets, etc. Poplar is a hardwood, but it can be handled just as easily as softwoods like pine.

But despite its popularity, is poplar wood good for a dining tables?

Poplar is good for furniture. But when making a dining table oak, elm, and walnut wood is the first choice. These woods are good for long-term use. Poplar is considered softwood. Because of its softness, it’s not suitable for a dining table. Poplar is rather used for interior, toys, and decorations.

However, there is more to talk about than that. So, without further due, let’s get to the main points. Shall we?

Is Poplar Wood Good For Dining Tables?

Poplar for a Dining Table? Poplar is not a fantastic choice because of its suppleness, even for paint-grade work.

Poplar is cheap, simple, and easy to deal with wood. However, pine is not a particularly appealing wood. Hardwoods or another inexpensive option are frequently utilized in their place. Pinkish tones and a unique grain pattern are typical of poplar.

You would probably be better off choosing a tougher wood. If you were building a traditional dining table that you hoped would resist such a patina. Poplar is one of the cheaper hardwoods.

Poplar is one of the softer varieties of hardwoods while being one. On the Janka scale, it has a hardness of 540, which is regarded as being relatively soft. As an added benefit, poplar’s suppleness makes it a simple wood to carve intricate designs into chairs.

Is Poplar Good For Furniture In Terms Of Strength?

Despite being softer than the majority of other hardwoods, poplar is a fantastic material for furniture. It is extremely dimensionally stable. 

The ability to be worked is the most significant quality of poplar wood. Being more malleable than most hardwoods, it requires careful manipulation with a lathe, router, or saw. Poplar wood can be carved easily. 

But before working with poplar, make sure your woodworking equipment is properly honed. Because if the cutting tools are not correctly honed, the wood might easily tear.

Follow slow feed speed guidelines to prevent tearing. Poplar wood is soft. Thus drilling and other woodworking chores should be performed more carefully than with other hardwoods. 

For superior finishing, sanding should also be done with fine-grit sandpapers. It starts at 80 grit, moving up to 150 grit, 300 grit, and eventually 400 grit. Finish the project properly by staining it.

If you have successfully followed the preceding instructions while working with poplar wood. You can get sturdy poplar wood furniture for inside and outside use. 

Here are some benefits and drawbacks of utilizing poplar wood for furniture.

HardwoodDents and scratches are simple to acquire.
Consistent textureRequires more paint
Simple to work withRequire light sanding
LightweightTear up easily
Can only be used outdoors if it stays dry

Poplar wood is not the first option for high-end furniture. It is because of those drawbacks when it comes to furniture creation. However, it is frequently applied to painted furniture.

How Hard Is Poplar Wood?

Is poplar wood strong enough compared to other woods? 

Poplar wood is softer than other hardwoods despite being classified as hardwood. It is, nevertheless, tougher than softwoods. Poplar wood has a 540 rating for the Janka hardness test result. Bringing it down the hardness scale a little bit.

Is poplar wood strong? This can be a common question for you. Taking into account its scores on this hardness scale.

Wood TypeJanka Hardness Value (N)Grades
Ebony (Brazilian)16420Exceedingly Hard
Ebony 14300Extremely Hard
White Oak6000Hard
Ash5900Somewhat Hard
Poplar2400 N (540 lbf)Soft
Balsa310Very Soft

As you can see, poplar is not as hard as other hardwoods, which is unsatisfactory. Because of this, Poplar wood has a weak resistance to wear and denting.

Is Poplar Wood Stronger than Pine?

Wood that is stronger than pine is poplar. Poplar has a Jank’s hardness value of 540 lbf, while white pine has a value of 420 lbs.

There are, however, a variety of pine woods. For instance, poplar, with an 80 lbf strength rating, is weaker and softer than yellow pine.

Pine wood is just as strong as poplar, but it dents readily. When they dry, they often split and crack. They are extremely temperature-sensitive. As a result, Poplar offers greater strength and durability for interior and outdoor furniture than Pinewood.

Is Poplar Wood Stronger than Oak?

Stronger than oak is oak. Observing Janka hardness values,

  • For Oakwood – 1290 lbs
  • Wood from poplar – 540 lbs

As you can see there is a significant distinction among them. Oak wood is significantly stronger and more durable than poplar.

Poplar has a straight grain with no knots, which is a plus. It is more flexible and easily bent than oak wood. It becomes a superior material for shelves, frames, and walkways as a result.

What Is Poplar Wood Good for?

The most common products made from poplar wood are furniture, plywood, wooden toys, cabinets, etc.  It is hardwood and it can work almost as easily as pine boards or other softwoods. Poplar is a widely used material for interior design.

Poplar is utilized to make construction plywood and construction-grade lumber, as was previously mentioned. It is most frequently found in sheds and smaller, single-family dwellings. Poplar is widely used in woodworking projects, as well as cabinets and drawers. Due to how readily it accepts paint and glue.

Moldings and Trim

Molding and trim are frequently made out of poplar. It is known for being reliable and suitable for painting and staining. It is commonly found in greater lengths since its logs may be gathered in longer intervals. It is therefore ideal for this kind of application.


Due to the current design trends favoring painted cabinetry, poplar is increasingly being used for cabinets. Poplar is highly reputed for its durability. It works well in machines to make cabinets of various sizes and shapes.


Lumber that has been upholstered has always been made of poplar. Due to its color variety, it is typically not utilized in fine furniture. Although it is excellent for framing and support.

Pallets, Boxes, and Crates

Poplar is a fantastic material choice for industrial-style usage because of its reasonably low price point. Numerous utility-type applications, like these, make use of poplar.

Picture Frames

Poplar picture frames have been used more frequently over time and have gained in popularity.

Best Wood to Use for Making a Dining Table?

The majority of dining tables are still manufactured from wood and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. Consider a few of the different wood species and choose which is ideal for a dining table. Not only dining table oak, mahogany, and yellow pine woods are good for exterior design.

Oak Woods

For dining tables, oak has long been the wood of choice. Since it is strong and able to sustain constant use. Another benefit of oak is its patterning, which contributes to its popularity in table construction. It allows the lovely wood grain to be seen in all its splendor. 

It’s ideal for the family home because it’s sturdy enough to withstand minor damages. If you decide to purchase one, you will be acting in an environmentally conscious manner. Find that recovered oak dining tables have even more character than brand-new oak dining tables.

Elm Woods

Elm is another very sturdy and long-lasting wood that works well for dining tables. It has superb coloring and patterning, making it the ideal material for decorative furniture. 

Elm is more common than oak. It is an excellent material for cabinets, tables, and other furniture. Because of the grain’s interlock and resistance to splitting.

You may also purchase reclaimed wood dining tables made of elm like our Redmond Reclaimed Elm.

Walnut Woods

Although not nearly as durable as oak, walnut is one of the toughest woods. It is particularly well-liked in the production of urban-style furniture. For instance, a straight-cut industrial dining table with thin, sleek, and clear lines. It features attractive patterning and can contain different colors of wood.


Is Poplar Wood Furniture Durable?

The answer is yes, particularly given the poplar’s high resistance to decay and insect attack. Poplar, however, is rarely utilized because of its look. In fact, it’s unusual to see chairs, tables, or other furniture made of this affordable wood.

Is Poplar A Good Quality Wood?

Poplar is not a high-grade wood, but because of its uniform texture and straight grain. It can receive high-quality treatments despite its low quality. Poplar wood has a lower score than most hardwoods. It has qualities that make it more like softwoods and make it simpler to deal with. One of the woods that is most flexible is poplar.

Is Poplar A Hardwood?

Poplar is a hardwood, but it isn’t particularly tough. This is due to how inaccurate the labels “hardwood” and “softwood” actually are. According to botany, poplar is a type of angiosperm or hardwood. Gymnosperms, which include conifers like pine and cedar, are what we refer to as softwoods.


Now you know, is poplar good for dining table or not? 

I hope this post on poplar wood’s strength has provided you with some useful information. 

Let’s give it a try and use it to create bookshelf bed frames or other carpentry projects. 

Wishing you the finest outcomes!

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