Liogier or Auriou Rasps (Which is Better to Go With?)

Compared to machine-made ones, hand-stitched rasps provide a better cut and finish. Due to the irregular positioning of the teeth, it is costly and less of a starter tool.

You may be confused about which Liogier Raps or Aurio is better for you. We will help you to compare these two rasps. 

So, which one is good for woodworking  Liogier or Aurio Raps?

You should select Liogier rasps depending on their availability. Because Auriou rasps are no longer available. But both Auriou and Liogier rasps are good in quality. About the price, you should be noted that both are quite expensive. Liogier rasps are popular for their finer and rougher grades.

To find the better option, you need to go through an in-depth discussion of Auriou and Liogier’s rasp.  We will let you know how and why they are better than another one.

That’s why to keep reading to find out more about the details of their differences.

Auriou or Liogier Rasps? – Quick Review

Whichever you select, Auriou or Liogier rasps are both incredibly popular. You must still pick the one that will work best for your woodworking. Which one is best for you, though?

Let’s compare these woodworking rasps on a fundamental level.

Differentiating FactorsAuriou RaspsLiogier Rasps
Rasps TypesAuriou Cabinet Rasps, Auriou Modellers, Auriou Roughing, Auriou 4 in 1 rasp, etcLiogier Cabinet, Liogier Rasp Half-Round, Liogier Rasp Flat, Liogier Rasp Round, Liogier Rasp Square, etc
Hand-cut TeethManually "stitched" together with sharp teeth in an irregular pattern.Exceptionally sharp, and have a little atypical pattern.
AvailabilityShut down their business and again trying to grab the market.Manufacture on demand
PriceHigh In PriceHigh In Price

Therefore, these are only very basic comparisons that might first assist you in making other choices. Let me assist you with a detailed comparison of each of their contributing aspects.

In-Depth comparison

Which one has a better finish and works more smoothly? Auriou and Liogier ‘s rasps are good without any doubt. However, there are still several factors that will determine which option one should select over another.

We will go through the types of rasps, their hand-cut teeth, availability, and prices. So that you get to know which one is ideal for you. 

So, let’s dig a little deeper. 

Type of Rasps 

The rasp is often a part of the larger category known as Application Security. Well, to let you know both of the companies made different types of woodworking rasps. You can choose your rasps from their collections according to your project requirements. 

The situation and the project you’re working on are the main factors in choosing a rasp. There are various varieties of raps, ranging from beginner wood projects to complex ones.

Always choose to get a hand-stitched one. It should have had hand-made teeth due to the uneven spacing created by this method.

The rasp costs more because of the irregular teeth spacing created by hand. A quality wood rasp set should not chatter or bite into the wood. 

Any rasp that chatters will destroy your work surface and may shred it instead of shaping it. For you, a chatter-free rasp, whether hand-stitched or machine-made, will be ideal.

The drawback of machine-made rasps is that sawdust builds up on them more quickly. They are designed to have teeth with similar spacing and alignment, which is why it occurs.

Selecting a hand-stitched rasp is preferable. It does not clog all that much and has teeth that are randomly positioned. As a result, you don’t need to clean as much for your rasp to keep working.

Hand stitching is no longer sold by many brands. Auriou and Lioger are quite well known because of their good quality hand-stitched rasps.

Auriou Rasps

For enduring high-quality wood rasps, Auriou’s craftsmen hand forge and hammer rasp blanks. Their teeth are hand-stitched using a punch that is sized to create irregular patterns, triangular-pointed teeth. 

Furrowing is avoided, giving a better finish. Every Auriou Rasp is a handcrafted work of art.

Here’re some products of Auriou Rasps that can make your work a perfect piece of art.

  • Auriou Cabinet Maker’s Rasps
  • Auriou Curved Cabinet Maker’s Rasp
  • Auriou Modellers Rasps
  • Auriou Roughing Rasp
  • Auriou Rat Tail (Tapered Round) Rasps
  • Auriou Albi Combination Rasps
  • Auriou Cranked Neck Curved Ironing Rasps
  • Auriou Needle Rasps
  • Auriou 4 in 1 Rasp
  • Auriou Curving (Chairmakers) Rasp
  • Auriou Locksmiths Rasp
  • Auriou Rotary Rasps
  • Left Handed Auriou Cabinet Maker’s Rasps
  • Left-Handed Auriou Modellers Rasps
  • Left Handed Auriou Albi Combination Rasps
  • Left Handed Auriou Cranked Neck Curved Ironing Rasps

Liogier Rasps

The hand-stitched French rasps of the Liogier brand are renowned and beloved. It is amazing to see the complete Liogier line of 810 tools. 

Among these tools, here are some most popular fine woodworking rasps for cutting. 

  • Liogier Cabinet Rasp
  • Liogier Cabinet Rasp Slim
  • Liogier Rasp Half-Round
  • Liogier Rasp Flat
  • Liogier Rasp Round
  • Liogier Rasp Square
  • Liogier Rasp Sage Leaf
  • Liogier Cabinet Rasp Curved
  • Liogier Handle Maker’s Rasp Curved
  • Liogier Cranked Neck Ironing Rasp Straight
  • Liogier Cranked Neck Ironing Rasp Curved

Hand-cut Teeth

The teeth on typical machine-made rasps are stamped into shape with a square. It leads the edges and teeth placed in regular rows. On your workpiece, this frequently leaves a noticeable pattern of furrowed lines.

Even better, you can work on various wood pieces separately. And then glue them together to produce the desired outcome. 

Each tooth of Auriou’s rasps is manually “stitched” together with sharp teeth in an irregular pattern. On closer inspection, the triangular teeth appear to be shark teeth. And it cuts aggressively into the wood. Its irregular pattern prevents furrowing. 

On the other side, Liogier rasps also have hand-cut teeth. They make cuts more quickly and give a remarkably smooth finish. Because their teeth have great surface quality, are exceptionally sharp, and have a little atypical pattern.

To pick between Aurio and Liogier Rasps, they both work admirably. Whenever you have an option. Then, for now, you can select anyone you like.


In terms of quality, some people find Auriou rasps are not fully effective for them. Rasp blanks are not stamped, but rather forged and hammered. More hand hammering is used to fix distortion rather than grinding after the initial heat treatment.

And then polished the blank. Even if the makers guarantee its toughness. Yet as a finishing touch, it always tended to take a lot of sanding. Compared to a uniform roughness, the rasps left tracks.

Rasps manufactured by Ligier are of excellent quality and craftsmanship. Compared to other rasps, these were a great upgrade. The finer grades leave a surface that is nearly ready while the rougher grades quickly remove material.

As opposed to the less expensive machine-stitched items, the Liogiers appeared to have come. And it maintained a sharper edge. 

So, if you want something of top quality, choose Liogier rasps. However, Auriou rasps also have great quality. In case, you want to know more about buying good quality rasps. You can follow the rasps buying guide to make things easier. 


Liogier rasps are produced at a small, family-run company close to Lyon in France. They are producing these rasps for many generations. As distributors for Australia and New Zealand, the factory mostly manufactures rasps on demand.

No other realistic business strategy could sustain such a luxury of choice. More than 20 different hand rasp ranges, including a sizable rotary rasp range. No less than 268 riffler options over 7 patterns. And 7 lengths total more than 1400 possible purchases.

Since 1856, the French company Auriou has been manufacturing quality, hand-cut rasps. After 151 years in business, the French raspberry producer Auriou has shut down in 2007. Michel Auriou decided to close after being unable to settle a labor issue. 

But still, find Auriou rasps in online or some shops. Compare to Auriou, Liogier rasps are easily available in the market for woodworking.  


Compared to other rasps on the market, Auriou and Liogier both have high prices. Additionally, Auriou is a little more expensive than Liogier rasps because it is competing for market dominance.

That means Auriou and Liogier rasps will cost you a lot. So keep that in mind as well.

There are other budget-friendly rasps available in the market. You check out these products as well to save your pocket.


For woodworking, Auriou and Liogier rasps are highly popular choices. They are both of good quality. Any of these can be chosen based on personal preference.

However, if you want to add them to your collection, I should inform you that Auriou rasps might be hard to find due to the company’s closure. But, if you want to, you can still find them in markets both online and offline.

If you decide on Liogier, the brand only made rasps in response to orders. You might need to place an order first.


How Do You Care For Rasps?

The rasp becomes less acute with each stroke. Regular cleaning using a file card is necessary to maintain your rasp’s cutting efficiency. It works well with a file card that has a wire brush on one side. And on the other a soft bristle brush. So, make sure you clean it with a file card each time. 

What’s The Difference Between A File And A Rasp?

Rasps make more substantial cuts than files do. due to their distinct, triangular teeth, as opposed to parallel ones. Rasps remove wood by scraping it, but files that plane it. For efficiently shaping wood, the rasp works nicely. To hold wood chips, files have gullets or gaps between the teeth.

How Do You Sharpen A Wooden Rasp?

By using the compound on a buffing wheel, you may sharpen a wooden rasp. It is the most popular and effective method for sharpening rasps. Many farriers are now started to do this. A rasp’s effectiveness can be increased by five or six times with ease.

Can A Wood Rasp Be Used On Metal?

No, you can’t use wood rasp on metal. Rasps are more often used as a tool for shaping and removing stock. With no chance of tearing out, the rasp quickly eliminates wood. A rasp is a tool with a handle and a steel rod with teeth. To quickly remove wood, the teeth are coarse.


Whether you choose Liogier or Auriou rasps, try to figure out what are you actually looking for. Auriou rasps may not so easy to find in the market, but your can pre-order Liogier rasps.

Now, you now know what you have to do. We hope that the article will help you a lot while choosing rasps.

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