Is Ash a Hardwood (Cleared All Confusions)

Many people prefer using ash wood in their homes. They use it for furniture, doors, cabinetry, and flooring as well as in their food storage. You can use it to make beautiful things out of it. 

But while using ashwood, you might wonder about it being hardwood or not.

So it comes to our concern, Is ash a hardwood?

Ash is a hardwood. Its higher hardness grade of 1,320 lbs makes it extremely sturdy and long-lasting (5,900 N). It is harder and more durable than softwoods. It is known for its high-quality and long-lasting products. Ash wood’s robust and has easy-to-maintain cellular architecture.

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Ash Wood’s Unique Properties

Ash trees can be found growing all along the eastern coast and in parts of Canada. It is a light-colored hardwood with a smooth grain. 

Ashwood is a popular choice for high-end furniture. Because of its distinctive plain grain and beige to light brown color. 

It has an ancient legacy in American woodworking. It is one of the most long-lasting types. It’s strong, light, and attractive, and it’s good at absorbing wood stains. 

In addition, it is a popular choice for baseball bats and tool handles. It has also been used for restaurant furniture because of its lightweight and shock resistance.

These days, the mid-century modern design aesthetic favors ash as a wood species for home furnishings. The scientific term for ash is Fraxinus, which is derived from the Latin word for olive tree. 

Several hundred species of ash trees can be found in the United States and Canada. The most common types of ash trees are green ash and white ash. Both, as well as black ash, are common in Vermont.

Is Hardwood Really Strong?

Ash is a hardwood indeed. But it’s common for people to assume that “hardwood” is a benchmark for the wood’s durability or density. But this isn’t the case. 

Wooden items are typically the result of a dicot tree, which has broad leaves. Gymnosperm trees, of which conifers are the most common, are the source of softwoods. 

There are many types of hardwood to choose from. But the most common are oak, cherry, walnut, and maple. Pine, fir, and cedar are examples of common softwoods used in the woodworking industry.

Ash Wood’s Density and Hardness

The Janka Measure indicates a wood’s long-term stability. At this point, it is necessary to press the steel ball all the way into the block of wood. 

Afterward, the force needed to accomplish this is quantified in metric units. In the U.S.A., this value is commonly displayed as either lbf (pounds of pressure). 

The Janka scale places white ash wood, which is often used in furniture, at 1320. This places it just above white oak (1,360 Janka) and below maple (1,450 Janka). 

In terms of strength and longevity, it beats out a walnut, red oak, and cherry for use in high-end furniture.

In terms of Strength, the Density of Ash Wood

Ash is regarded as one of the world’s toughest woods due to its high density. In terms of compressive and bending strength, it outperforms any other hardwood. 

Due to its dimensional stability under high stress, Ashwood has amazing strength.

The buildability and high stiffness of ash wood make it an excellent material for furniture construction. 

Ash wood is a strong wood, which makes it ideal for nailing, gluing, and screwing. An additional benefit of Ash wood is the combination of its lightweight and high strength.

In addition to being strong and flexible, Ash wood is also resistant to the effects of exposure to the elements.

Ash Wood’s Colour: What Is It?

Ash wood has a light brown color. Most trees’ heartwood and sapwood show significant differences in color. 

You can use these stains to help keep its original color as long as possible:

The ash’s two halves are difficult to discern. Generally speaking, it’s a light beige color that will darken slightly with time.

Ashes Are Commonly Used for What?

Since prehistoric times, people have relied on ash wood for a variety of household purposes. From swords to wagons and even spiritual characteristics, it was employed extensively by early civilizations.

They believed that it could heal and provide prosperity. Ash is still widely used today for furnishings, cabinetry, floors, tools, weaponry, and sporting goods.

How Do You Know if the Furniture You Own is Ash Wood

In order to know if something is made of ash or oak, you have to look at the staining. In fact, many antiques are mislabeled as being made of oak when they’re made of ash. 

It’s very uncommon for professionals to confuse the two, especially when depending solely on visual cues. As a result, you have access to a microscope and a wealth of scientific knowledge. 

The only way to know for sure is to buy ash products from an expert and respected seller. According to which wood you’re choosing, you need to know about the Bora and Kreg saw guide.

Wooden Floors Made of Ash

Ash wood has a Jank’s hardness value of 1,320 lbs. That makes it one of the hardest and densest woods on the market (5,900 N). 

As a result, Ash wood flooring is a perfect fit. In addition to being scratch and dent-resistant, ash wood is also quite durable. 

Ash wood is a popular choice for flooring due to its many desirable properties. It is well-equipped to withstand the rigors of daily use.  

Compared Maple and Hickory, which are two of the most prevalent hardwoods for flooring. The buildability is also better because they are softer. As a result, cutting and tearing up ash wood is a breeze. 

While precise cutting of wood you may need Laguna 14bx or 18bx. 

The Advantages and Drawbacks of Ash Hardwood Flooring

Listed below are some of the most important advantages and disadvantages of Ash hardwood flooring.

Hardwood Flooring Advantages

  • Hardwood is a great option for a variety of applications because of its high density.
  • Densely packed
  • Strength and Longevity
  • Superior to many other kinds of wood
  • Anti-scratch and dent proof
  • Foot traffic is not a problem.
  • The ability to do the job quickly and easily (Easy to cut)
  • So adept at staining and painting.
  • The wood grain and light hue are stunning.
  • Due to its high elasticity, it is simple to set up in huge areas.
  • Ashwood floors are great for hiding filth and grime because of their more natural appearance.

Hardwood Flooring Drawbacks

  • Requires a lot of upkeep
  • Less resistant to termites, moths, and beetles
  • Expensive
  • Wide planks of wood for flooring are becoming more difficult to come by.
  • Burn more quickly 
  • Ash wood is prone to bug infestations if it is not well finished, making it unsuitable for outdoor flooring.

Is Ash Wood Furniture Safe for the Outdoors

It’s not realistic to use real wood furniture in an outdoor setting. Because it would decay even with annual care. Furthermore, it hasn’t a strong wood resistant to humidity

Ashwood is also notoriously susceptible to rot, making it unsuitable for outdoor use. Vermont Woods Studios, on the other hand, creates stunning outdoor furniture that will last a lifetime. 

The set of carving tools that you need to safely build furniture with ash wood

It’s made out of recycled plastic lumber (RPL), a solid polymer. It looks like real wood yet withstands the weather and requires minimal care.

Is Ash Wood Safe for the Environment to Work With

Ash trees have survived in North America for millennia. A lot of publications label them as “invasive” due to their propensity to take root practically anyplace. 

Emerald Ash Borer, a wood-boring pest, arrived in the country a few years ago. It has since spread throughout the state and country. 

It’s destroying our ash tree population. Ash trees that are afflicted may only live for a few years before they die out. Because of the expansion of the Emerald Ash Borer, the government has quarantined ash trees. 

There has been an outbreak of the Emerald Ash Borer in Vermont since mid-2018. Ash trees have been downgraded to “critically endangered,” which means they face extinction in their natural habitat. 

Trees can live long and healthy lives if treated. Many organizations have banded together to eliminate the insect.

There are strict guidelines in place to ensure this. So, the wood we use for our products is collected in a way that doesn’t hurt the environment. 

As a result, the carbon emissions are minimized. Because there is limited movement of wood from one place to another. 

But as more ash trees die from the Emerald Ash Borer, it’ll be harder to obtain furniture made from ash.

The Qualities to Consider When Buying Ash Furniture

It’s more vital than ever to buy local products. A non-native species, the Emerald Ash Borer, has invaded the US. 

When timber from Asia or Russia was imported, a hitchhiker arrived. Additional considerations include making sure that any ash items you buy are constructed well.

High-quality craftsmanship ensures that your furniture will last a long time. Because our artisans are actual specialists who respect the natural ecosystem. Our furniture is both environmentally friendly and backed by a quality guarantee that lasts a lifetime.

Stains & Wood Finishes in Ash-Colored Colors

The grain and feel of ash wood can be preserved through staining. So, it’s often stained to seem like oak or any one of a number of beautiful hues.

However, it also seems stunning in its natural form. Even if a wood finish is required to protect it from the elements.

Care Instructions for Ash Furniture

A variety of finishes can be applied to ash wood including lacquer and oil. The upkeep needed for each finish is different. When you make an opening hole, it’s better to use top drill presses or their alternatives.

These finishes can help you better care for your furniture:

If you have ash furniture, you’ll want to preserve it in a dry location and clean it often. In order to preserve the finish, avoid using industrial cleaners and polishes.


Does ash have a higher density than oak?

The hardness of ash wood is comparable to that of white oak, which is tougher than red oak. When it comes to Janka’s hardness test results, Ashwood beats Oakwood’s hands out. Ash and oak are two of the world’s toughest timbers, renowned for their strength and long-term durability.

Is ash a harder wood than maple?

If you’re comparing hard Maple to soft Ash, then definitely, hard Maple is more durable. Ash wood, on the other hand, has a far higher strength-to-density ratio than soft Maple. Because of its dense grain structure, hard Maple has a greater hardness rating than Ash. 

What Causes the Color Variation in Ash Wood?

As time passes, the color of all hardwoods varies slightly. Varieties that are lighter in color will become richer over time. While darker ones will gradually become paler. Exposure to UV radiation and oxygen triggers this activity in the body.

How excellent is ash?

Stable fires and high heat can be achieved with this wood. Despite the fact that green ash can burn, seasoned ash burns cleaner.


I’ve examined the subject of whether it as hardwood or not in-depth in this article. And taking into account the wood’s hardness and density.

If you’re planning a woodworking project, ash wood is an excellent choice. I wish you much pleasure in your Ash woodworking endeavors!

For the time being, I’ll see you again soon.

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