5 Best Saw Set Tool (the Tooth Adjuster’s Analysis)

The sharp blade of the saw might cut your fingers but it doesn’t cut that piece of wood properly. Damn it! Frustrating as it may be, the main culprit is the amount of sets.

You see, too much saw set and you have to put in too much effort to use the saw. Whereas, too little of it can cause binds in the cut. To nullify this issue you need the best saw set tool.

But wait, there are too many tools offering a bit too much. Among all the different products available in the market, which one do you settle for?

Well, to help you get out of this confusing situation, we have come up with a list of 5 top-graded saw set tools. They are each unique for their own feature so let’s have a look at the one that is best for you.

Plus, we threw in a bit of pre-buying info. So, if you have some spare time in your hands and you want to know some useful info then do check them out.

Anyway, if you are ready then let’s get things started-

1. GreatNeck SS7 Saw Set Tool

GreatNeck SS7 Saw Set Tool

  • TPI range: 5 to 12
  • Weight: 10.41 ounces
  • Color: Yellow
  • Product Dimension: 6 x 3 x 8 inches
  • Power Source: Hand Powered
  • Cutting Angle: 135 Degrees

At the top of our list, we have the GreatNeck SS7 Saw Set Tool. Now, the brand might be great in its name but is it actually the greatest one for you? Well, we certainly think that it’s worthy of being the winner. And here’s why-

Comparatively, this is the most lightweight saw set tool on our list. Its exact weight is 10.41 ounces. The reduction in weight allows you to easily maneuver the saw set tool for quite a while. And, the best part is that your arms won’t fatigue easily.

Not only that, but this one also has the longest width when compared to the other products on the list. You see, the width of this product is 3 inches. And because of that, you get a lot of room to handle the saw set tool properly.

On top of this, the saw set tool can be adjusted at 45, 90, and 135 degrees. Thus, you get the best cutting angle possible. This makes it easier to set the saw blades and you get to set it to your own likings.

Furthermore, the radius of this saw set tool is 4.5 inches. That is a pretty decent size and most of the saw blades out there will fit within this range. Typically, you won’t have any issues with the radius of this saw set tool.

However, not everything is perfect. And so this saw set tool has an issue too. You see, after several usages, you may notice that the plunger may compress the tooth against the anvil.

And this makes the plunger make its way up to the tip of the tooth. That’s not the worst thing in the world. However, it can make the tip of the tooth curl outwards. The right way is for the tooth to be set outward.

Now, the problem could’ve been easily solved if the play was removed. That would have made the saw set tool perfect. But hey, nothing in this world is perfect, right?

Moreover, this saw set tool is pretty beginner-friendly. It is basically a hand-powered tool. So, all you have to do is squeeze the handles hard to get your desired settings.

Thus, we recommend it for people who are new to the world of saw blades. The professionals might have not been satisfied with such a level of features. We have something different in store for them. To find out, do stay tuned.

2. FTVOGUE Set Tool


  • Product Dimensions: 7.09 x 2.76 x 1.18 inches
  • Weight: 10.58 Ounces
  • Power Source: Hand powered
  • Maximum TPI Setting: 12
  • Material: Zinc and copper alloy

Moving on to the second product on our list, we have the FTVOGUE Set Tool. Now, this one is more suited for the professionals who want a neat job with their saw blade. But what makes it great?

Well, this saw set tool is the most premium one. But there are many reasons behind this. Number one is the presence of a magnifying glass. This handy addition helps you to zoom into what you’re doing.

Thanks to that, your work will be much faster and you will get a more precise setting. Thus the little magnifying glass makes your work more efficient. Hence, it’s a handy feature.

But that is not all, this saw set tool is made of zinc alloy and copper alloy. These two materials mix together to make the tool study and durable in nature. Thus, they last you quite a while.

Even the quality of this material is quite good. They don’t wear out even after years of usage. Plus, it covers all the basic angles of the saw set tool’s path. This ensures an even greater cutting performance of the band saw blade.

Plus, this saw set tool has a dynamic lock adjustment system. Hence, when you go to work with this tool it will stay in its place. And it won’t go left and right causing you any distress while setting the tooth of the saw blades.

On top of this, even this saw set tool has a maximum TPI setting of 12.. Thus, you can use this on most saw blades with ease. All of these features combine together to make it a perfect match for professionals.

3. Walfront ‎Saw Set Tool

Walfront ‎Saw Set Tool

  • Product Dimensions: 7.09 x 2.76 x 1.18 inches
  • Weight: 10.58 Ounces
  • Power Source: Hand source
  • Item Type: Saw Set Plier
  • Material: Zinc alloy + copper alloy

The next product on our list is the Walfront ‎ Saw Set Tool. Now, this is the third product but it still has some amazing features that are worth checking out. But what makes it unique?

Well, comparatively this is the most budget-friendly product on our list. And saw set tools are something that people don’t usually want to invest in because let’s face it their job is pretty minimal. So, it’s natural to want to save some cash.

However, that doesn’t mean that this product doesn’t have a lot to offer. It surely has a lot to offer. This saw set plier is made of zinc and copper alloy. And that too of the finest quality you can get in the market.

That means this saw set tool is quite durable. Hence, you will be able to make use of it for years to come. Thus you will definitely get your money’s worth.

Plus, it is specially designed for woodworking blades. Hence, if you are planning to use it on woodworking saws then this is the plier for you. It will get the job done.

Moreover, this product has an ergonomic design. Thus, it makes your work more efficient and easy to use. You can smoothly press on the tool to make it do its magic.

4. Hyuduo ‎Saw Set Plier

Hyuduo ‎Saw Set Plier

  • Product Dimensions: 7.09 x 2.76 x 1.18 inches
  • Product weight: 10.58 Ounces
  • Power Source: Hand source
  • Item Type: Saw Set Plier
  • Material: Zinc alloy + copper alloy

Next up, we have the Hyuduo ‎Saw Set Plier. Whether you heard about this brand or not but this particular product sure has a lot to offer. Now, if you have time let’s check out what it has up its sleeves-

For starters, this product has no mushrooming on the handle of the tool. That makes this material quite hard in nature. Hence, it will last a few ages, at least that’s what the company claims.

Moreover, like the other saw set tools, this one is also made of zinc alloy and copper alloy. By now, you know what you’ll get out of this. Yep, this tool will be sturdy and durable in nature.

Plus, the highest TPI setting for this product is 12. Hence, it will work on the majority of saw blades out there. Thus, you won’t have to worry whether it is the perfect match for you or not.

Just ensure that the blade saw that you are trying to use doesn’t have a TPI setting higher than 12. If it does, you won’t be able to use this product. So, do ensure this factor before making a commitment to this product.

5. Vipxyc Saw Set Pliers

Vipxyc Saw Set Pliers

  • Item Type: Saw Set Pliers
  • Material: Zinc alloy + copper alloy
  • Weight: 10.7 oz
  • Product size: 7.1 * 2.8 * 1.2in
  • Usage: Specially used for woodworking saw blades
  • Special feature: Magnifying glass

Last but not the least, we have Vipxyc Saw Set Pliers. We do know that this is the very last product on our list. But wait, this one too has some great things to offer. So, do check them out-

For starters, this product is the second tool that has a magnifying glass. However, when compared to the earlier product this one is more cost-efficient. Thus, you will be able to make more efficient use without wasting too much money.

How does a magnifying glass help?

Well, setting the tooth of the saw blades is a tedious task. Thus, if you have a magnifying glass you will be able to see what you’re doing more clearly. That will help you speed up the process.

Besides that, this product is a great saw plier that is quite durable in nature. The fine quality of this product makes it last for quite some time. So, you can rest assured that you will get your money’s worth.

However, it is a bit heavier compared to the other products. In fact, it weighs 10.7 ounces. However, that is because of the useful magnifying glass.

Type of Saw Set Tool’s Plunger

best saw set tool

One of the differentiating things about the saw set tool is its plunger. Now, if you look carefully you will see two types of the plunger. One will be relatively thick and the other will be a bit thin.

But what do they offer? Well, let’s find out-

Thick Plunger

You will see the saw set tool with a thicker plunger is usually quite old. That is because the old saw set tool used to come with a thick plunger.

They mainly targeted the heavy saws that had thick blades. But as things became modern a new thinner version of saws was introduced to the market. That is when the other type of saw set tools were brought into light as well.

Thin Plunger

So, with the new era tin plungers took over the market. They can set a variety of saws but they are mostly used for the thinner saw blades. Nothing to worry about, they do have a fine setting range.

Thus you can use them on a range of different saws. However, we do recommend that you buy both types of set saw tools. That is because you might have different saws with varying thicknesses.

TPI Settings of A Saw Set Tool: Why Is It Important?

The TPI setting of the saw set tool stands for tooth per inch. Now, this setting is different for different saw set tools. And they have a range of settings.

Typically, the lowest setting for the saw set tool can go to 3 TPI. However, the highest setting can vary. Some saw set tools even have 24 TPI or higher.

But you don’t necessarily need such high settings. The 12 TPI ones can usually cover the most common saw blades out there.

However, be warned that if you have a saw blade that requires a higher TPI setting the saw set tools with 12 TPI won’t work. Thus, do look into your requirements before committing to a particular saw set tool.

What Extra Feature Should You Look Out For?

Now, since you might have covered the basics you also want to get in some extra features. And who wouldn’t want those extra features to help with the saw blade sharpening techniques? Well, we sure do love it.

Anyway, back to the main point. What extra feature should you be looking for?

Well,  the first thing you should see is whether the saw set tool comes with a magnifying glass or not. Some of the products on our list do have this. And they are so useful.

They help you clearly see what’s going on underneath the saw set tool. And when you get to see what you are doing and where your saw set tool is, your work becomes two times faster. Plus, there is no error with your work.

Hence, it is a handy thing that can help enhance your vision. And in return, you will be more precise and get your work done in a jiffy.

Other than this, look for the precise locking feature. This feature ensures that the saw set tool stays in the exact position you make it position to be. Thus, you won’t accidentally set the wrong side. And your setting will be precise.

Plus, ensure that the handle is also easy to use. You see, with the saw set tool you will be the one to squeeze the handles to make the adjustments. Thus, you want the handles to be easy to maneuver.

Otherwise, it’ll take you a lot of hard work to bend the saw set tool. And it will be hard for you to make it work and in return, your hand might start hurting.

Material for Saw Set Tool: Which One’s the Best?

Now, if you notice the saw set tools carefully you will see that each of them is made of different materials. Some were made of steel while others were made of different combinations of alloys.

We don’t actually prefer the steel ones. They are hard to control and usually take a lot of strength to maneuver the whole thing. Plus, they even rust over time.

Hence, our preference is the alloy mixture. Among them zinc and copper alloys offer durability. That means they will last you for quite some time before they call quits.

And since the saw set tools aren’t something you buy every day you should invest in the good stuff. They will provide value for your hard-earned money.

Some Safety Tips

  • Keep out of children’s reach
  • Use goggles while using the saw set tool
  • Hold the handles tightly so it doesn’t slip
  • Take your time to do the work, don’t haste

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is a Saw set used for?

Answer: The saw set tool’s main function is to tune or sharpen the saw blade properly. They are used to change the setting of the saw to your liking so that it can cut the wood properly. It can adjust the set of teeth by increasing or decreasing the tooth’s distance.

Question: Why are teeth set on in a saw?

Answer: Well, the teeth of saws are set in order to stop the saw from binding into the woods when it cuts through them. This way you get a clean cut.

Question: What is the angle of cutting teeth in a hand saw blade?

Answer: The cutting angle varies for different purposes. But the most desirable angle is between 16 to 17 degrees. However, an angle between 12 to 13 degrees will be good enough as well.

Question: Is it a good idea to buy second-hand saw set tools?

Answer: Most people do buy second-hand saw set tools. They are much more price-sensitive. Plus, the saw set tools do last a long time so even if they have been used for a year or two it won’t matter. You can still re-use them.

The Summation

Well, fellas, that’s all there is on the best saw set tool. We believe that we have provided an ample amount of info for you to make the pickings. 

So, now we leave things in your capable hands. Do make the right decision and pick out your saw set tool. Anyway, we will be heading off for the day. Take care and adios!

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