Can You Use Car Wax on Wood? (Let’s Explore)

People enthusiast of cars and people who works with wood, both have a common field. They often want to know if the wax for both cars and woods are substitute or not. And if car wax is used for wood, what can be the consequences? 

So, Can You Use Car Wax on Wood?

Well, it is not really recommended to use car wax on wood. As car wax often contains synthetic, which might cause issues on wood. Although most car waxes are not that reactive to wood. However, to be on the safer side, you can use carnauba wax which is good both for cars and woods. 

That was just the hint of our whole conversation. We have discussed everything regarding these in the following article. 

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Is Car Wax Suitable for Woods? 

It is not uncommon for car enthusiasts and woodworkers to get confused among wax. Since both needed it, it is often a concern if they can switch the waxes. Most people ask does car wax work on woods

Well, car waxes are usually synthetic. Another name for this wax is paint sealant. Wax is basically used for durability and a long-lasting effect. 

Which is completely different from the purpose of woods. The chemical substance that car wax contains is not suitable for wood. Especially the polymer in car wax can damage the wood. 

People also want to know if they can use car wax on painted furniture. So by now, you know the conclusion. 

What is Wood Wax?

The purpose of wood wax is to polish the surface of the wood. There are various ranges for wax. In fact, there are multiple forms of waxes available for woods. 

Which one should be your pick that will be depending on the outcome you want. Hardware shops can easily provide you with the right wax according to your preference. In fact, the wax varies from place to place depending on where the wood has been used.  

Paste kinda wax are the most familiar and easy-to-use one. Paste wax is either the blend of bee wax and carnauba base or any one of these. You can use paste wax on unfinished wood as well.

Carnauba is collected from a palm tree which is comparatively harder in texture. But it is more durable and gives the perfect shine. 

Make sure every time you are working with wax, you look at the labels properly. Different wax is suitable for different kinds of woods. Some ingredients are not suitable for some particular kinds of woods. 

So it’s really important to know whether the wax you are using is suitable for our wood or not. Also, not every wax will serve the same purpose. So be sure about the wax you are using is suitable for your work. 

Why Woods Need Wax? 

In terms of maintaining wooden furniture, wax is the first name that comes to mind. So many substitutes of wax have arrived meanwhile. But still, wax has its own demand. 

And the reason behind this is, that even furniture polish cannot give the same outcome that wax does. Wax is durable and can protect your wood from scratches and dents. 

Although liquid furniture polish gives a nice shine it cannot beat wax in terms of durability. It will also protect your external wood furniture from elements. 

For Better Shine 

Almost every wooden furniture user wants a certain kind of shine in their furniture. However, they are not willing to take the hassle and maintenance that wax requires. Furniture polish does the same work initially with less trouble.

But as time passes by they start facing the issue. Wax is far more durable and a better shine protector than any other wood polish. And only applying wax is not enough, you need to do proper maintenance of the furniture. 

For Protection & Durability 

Usually, wooden work which is not finished yet is more prone to damage. These can easily be affected by moisture, and dump. And they are obviously shorter in lifespan. 

If you protect your wooden things properly with wax, they are safe from many unwanted issues. Wax basically creates a barrier against moisture. 

The wax coating will protect your wood from scratches and dents. And it will provide the best protection from penetrating any kind of water or moisture inside. 

For Flaws Hiding 

Wear and tear is very common for any kind of wooden furniture. Hence, you get to see flaws that are not desired. If the scratches are smaller, it would be very difficult to detect them with bare eyes. 

In fact, small cracks and splits can also be hidden by wax which aligns with the wood color. For places where is massive discoloration, even those can be hidden. Using dark color wax, the discoloration can be even out. 

So basically using wax, you can cover both unevenness in color and smoothen out the uneven surface. However, it is difficult for wax to provide the best protection for outdoor or exterior wooden columns

Here are a few suggested products for you, to make your wood waxing smoother. 

Hope we could help you find the best products for waxing. 

What is Wood Finishing?

Wood finishing is one vital process for wood pieces. It becomes more important for special kinds of woods. There is a wide range of wood finishes. And it’s best to use it before you start waxing. 

It actually works as an extra protection layer before wax. So end result is more durable and consistent. On top of that, you can use coloring or any outer layer for your desired outcome. 

The reason behind calling them finish as they are being used on the top layer. And it works as an extra protection barrier. Sometimes it even leaves a certain coloring or stains. 

Another vital thing to check for wood finishing is the ingredients of wax that you have used. Sometimes the ingredients of your finish and wax might conflict. Some ingredients are not safe in contact with each other. So the outcome might not be okay. 

Sometimes it also helps from rotted wood hiding. To avoid all those issues, the safest option is to use carnauba wax. 

Car Wax

The basic motto of car waxes is to keep the shine on the car. That way it looks more new and flawless. One hopeful statement is, that most of the car waxes would not do massive issues in the woods. 

As the car waxes are a mixture of different chemicals. Mostly the chemicals are suitable for woods too. So many people use carnauba wax which is basically used for cars. 

Carnauba wax is an amazing wax for cars that gives a nice shine to cars. 

And it is the safer option for woods as well. And most of the time it doesn’t cause any harm to the wood.

However, to be on the safer side, you can always try the wax on a hidden part. That way you can stop any unwanted situation to arrive. 


What are the suitable waxes for wood?

The wax we use for finishing wood products is mostly carnauba wax. Although any kind of wood wax can be used on wood. Carnauba wax is a more preferred and widely used wood wax. Carnauba oil is basically extracted from carnauba palm tree leaves. After that, it is refined and bleached for wood.

What is best for wood, oil, varnish, or wax?

Wax often gets dull with time. So it requires reapplication. But if the wooden object is the concern that you keep at home, can be waxed. For furniture or object placed outside, oil is the better choice for them. On the other hand, varnish gives a more durable outcome than wax. Wax is basically applied for decorative purposes or embellishments of wooden objects.

What is the difference between carnauba and beeswax?

The basic difference between carnauba wax and beeswax is, that carnauba wax is extracted from trees. And beeswax is extracted from beehives. Carnauba wax is brittle in nature if you use it alone. That is why a mixture of carnauba wax and some other wax is recommended together. 

Final Word 

So could you solve all your doubts regarding, can you use car wax on wood? We really hope we could provide every necessary detail required regarding this. 

One extra tip for you. Double check the ingredients on both the list and on your wood before wide spreading. If anything is wrong, you can trace it beforehand. 

With that note, we are done for today. 

Until next time, stay safe!

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