Can You Put 2 Blades on a Table Saw? (Explained!)

It can be very confusing when you try to do a dado cut. But you are not sure that you should add another blade to your table saw. 

So, can you put 2 blades on a table saw? 

Well, yes you can add two blades to a table saw. There are 2 types of a saw in the market that you would regularly see. And you can add 2 regular blades on a table saw or you can add 2 dado blades to a table saw. But you have to check your table saw motor power to hold both blades. 

You must be still very confused about that matter. Don’t worry we have prepared this whole article only for you. Let’s jump to the details. 

Is it Possible to Put 2 Blades On A Table Saw?

To form the timber into the beautiful pieces we enjoy. Table trimmers are employed to cut it. Examples include furniture. Home frames are made of wood. 

Art frames are made of wood, and numerous others. However, sometimes people choose to create wider “made of woodcuts” instead of individual cuts on wood pieces. Or sometimes they try it for beginners’ wood carving projects

However, the drawback of a dado cut is that it (often) calls for further than a cutter.

So, can you use two (or even more) cutters to produce wider cuts? And if you want to use a desk saw, that is? A table saw can accommodate two or more blades. 

However, it is not advised. If you do decide to use two saw blades. Ensure they are sufficiently spaced apart.

Perhaps two or more conventional blades on a table cutter are necessary depending on a variety of factors. Also adding two blades is also simple. It’s not like you have to go through all the trouble for example fixing Dewalt. 

To prevent the blades’ teeth from coming into contact with the other blade’s disc. Instead, use a set of dado blades for broader cuts.

Additionally, there are additional methods that you can use to achieve your goals. Without having to use numerous conventional blades

What other choices do you even have other than using more blades, then? Why would you ever want a tabletop saw with so many saws?

Let’s investigate each of these issues below.

Why do You Need Two Blades on a Table Saw?

Since using two (or even more) blades on your desk saw has been most likely desired. In order to perform dado cuts,

When using a dual-blade circular saw. Backward cuts are just as simple to manage and yield cuts of equal grade as when using a solitary saw. The precision of the dual saw is everything. 

You can use it to cut ahead, reverse, up, or down. Although not completely gone, kickback has been drastically decreased. Furthermore, even when using toothy teeth. 

And a dual saw produces a smoother, sharper cut than a single-blade saw. We shall respond to the aforementioned query in light of their dado-cutting prowess. We will also talk about the many blade varieties that can be used with a desk saw.

Standard Saw Blades

The common, single blades that you can obtain on a desk saw. Are conventional saw blades. They are frequently employed to chop up things like timber or other types of materials.

How so many teeth with a saw edge need depends rely on what you plan to use them for. Or the required size of the throat, the required tooth inclination, and so on. 

Dado cuts. Meanwhile, are not frequently made with these conventional blades. A dado cut is also referred to as a dado trench. It is merely a board cut that creates a groove.

These grooves are typically added to panels to create a slot. whereby something can be fitted if you wish to piece pieces of wood together for a cupboard. If you can be signed between the two or more conventional saw blades.

On the other side, you can absolutely be signed between the two conventional saw blades. To create dado cuts. You can just set the two blades with a saw set tool

However, doing so is not particularly safe. Dado blades are made to fit together in a way that conventional saw blades are not. 

If you do place two or more normal blades near each other on a table saw. You must take additional precautions.

And watch out that the blades’ fangs don’t touch those of the other blades. This is because the tungsten on standard blades is extremely close to the disc itself. Additionally, it is nearly hard to position two blades next to each other. 

Without the disc of one blade contacting the other’s sapphire. However, having a twin blade in your table saw is not your only choice. Let’s move on to our next variety of blades. 

Dado Blades

Dado blades are blades made specifically to carve large grooves into materials. Such as wood, which is impossible for regular blades to perform on their own.

There are several approaches to creating deeper grooves. But one of the most effective methods to do this is definitely with dado blades.

Dado blades are available in two varieties:

  • Wobble dado blades
  • Stacked dado blades

The former features a single edge that rotates at an angle. The latter, however, consists of a number of blades that are piled in order to provide you with a wider cut. However, we’ll concentrate on the latter.

Stacking dado blades are designed to make it possible to carve slots-sized grooves in the wood. If you want to create wooden parts that fit together. That is usually for wooden furniture, such as cupboards.

This explanation makes it apparent that there exist table saw configurations. That allows for the attachment of several saw blades. And it is only true if you use dado knives.

The following types of blades are included in a typical dado blade set. exterior blades, These will be the cutters that your spacer and cutting tools will use to make your cut. Determining how broad it will be.

Here are some fine dado blades set for you that we have collected. These blades will come in handy and you can try some.

These blades we have collected from top brands. Also at a reasonable price. 

These blades will be positioned in between your outer blades. They are in charge of taking out the wood. That is still present in the gaps between the outer blades that determine the dado’s breadth.

The chippers will be set apart from the outer blades by spacers. The length of the arbor will determine how many made of wood blades may fit on your table saw

Just watch out if your arbor is shorter, you might only be able to insert two dado blades. However, if your arbors are too short. Your table saw won’t be able to accommodate a dado blade effectively.

Don’t worry, this next piece of advice may come in handy.

Another Way to Cut That Dado

A desk saw with a short arbor might be able to handle just the two lateral edges of a dado set. And one or two chippers, giving you a cut that is between 3/8″ and 1/2″ broad. You are not, however, constrained to using 1/2-inch dadoes.

Two passes are a simple solution. Simply line up the fence, and cut the dado (or rabbet) on one side. Then realign the border and cut the other side to finish the dado at the entire width.

The dado is more time-consuming .to make

In contrast to utilizing a dado blade that has been incorrectly placed. It is considerably safer and easier on your saw’s engine.


A table saw must contain how many fangs?

20 to 30 teeth, with a deep throat between every tooth and a forceful forward rake (on a 10′′ blade). The square jaw and undercut grind of tungsten teeth are most prevalent.

Are many more teeth on a saw good?

Smoother cuts are produced by blades with much more teeth. Less-toothed blades tend to make a coarser cut with more “rip out,” but they can break away more quickly. You will have to use a gentler feed rate if there are more teeth. It’s probable that the saw blades will have residue on them, no matter what kind of blade you use.

Can I utilize a 10-inch table saw with an 8-inch dado blade?

You can put an 8-inch dado blade on a 10-inch desk saw as long as the size of the arch hole just on stacking the dado blade set corresponds to the arbor width of your worktop saw or circular saw and the axle is long enough for a dado blade.

Bottom Line 

Thanks a lot for tagging with me till the end. Hope now you are sure about can you put 2 blades on a table saw. 

If you find any problem doing so. Please console a professional. 

Best of luck.

Kevin Smith

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