Can You Tap Cast Iron? (Here Is The Answer)

Tapping cast is something that people often consider. It may be needed for various reasons today. But you need to consider a few things before you want to do it. And you must not proceed to tap a cast iron before a few things. 

So, can you tap cast iron or not?

Yes, you can tap cast iron if you need to do so. This is actually easy and not hard at all, to be honest. Cast iron is so brittle and easy to go compared to the other common metals. Thus, you can do it on your own at home without the help of an expert. However, you still need to make sure of proper operations.

This is an answer to your question. But that does not let you know all the insights about it that are important. 

So, read along to get started now!

Can I Tap The Cast Iron?

Basically, you may want to cast iron today for many things. The purpose may have changes in individuals. But what does not vary is to consider a few things. 

Because it might not be feasible to call for any adverse effects. So, can you tap cast iron or not? Well, yes, you can cast iron if you want.

You can tap cast iron very easily. It is not difficult at all. Yes, you read that right. You would find it very easy to tap any cast iron on your own. And it can be as easy as wood carving projects!

So, why is it easy to tap cast iron? Well, it is basically way more brittle than any other typical metal. So, it is easy to get drilled or tapped through. 

Thus, it is much more convenient to do so than it actually looks.

But you must look at a few things while tapping on cast iron. The first thing you would make sure of is the type of tap. 

That means you would not use a very sharp tool to tap it. This particularly means you can just take a very sharp tool to hit it. 

Because that would just damage the cast iron. Rather, you need to follow the systematic way to tap cast iron.

Do remember that this also needs to use lubricant for this. You may also use danish oil in this case. Because the pros of these go along with cast iron.

That concludes the feasibility to use this on cast iron as a lubricant. When you are tapping on the iron cast, you need to have lubricant on it. And this acts as that.

So, that you can tap iron cast even in a better way. Thus, you can understand that it is okay to tap cast iron. 

And you can do it with no help from an individual. It is very common today. You can even use a drill machine for this which is a common way too. Using a lathe tool is okay too. But ensure the grit of lathe tools first.

Now, if you want to know about the tapping process in detail, carry on reading. Because we have got the method on how to do it properly!

How Do I Tap Cast Iron on My Own Safely?

You now know that casting iron is possible. And it would not have any negative effects actually. However, you still need to know the necessary steps for this.

So, how do I cast iron? Well, we have got here the method to do it on one’s own. And the method is covered here in a few simple steps. So, take a look.

Step 1: Find The Right Bit

The thing you do at first would be to choose the right bit for it. You may consider ensuring that the fastener is the right one too. For this, you may follow the chart of the fastener sizes.

And that can come in handy for you to understand which one to use. But make sure you do not overlook this fact. Because overlooking this would not let you operate this properly.

In case you are thinking of the drill bit, you ensure the angle. The one with 135 degrees is generally good for operations.

Now, to get a new drill bit, here you go. Get down to it.

Hope this helps!

Step 2: Tighten The Drill Bit

Now, you need to fasten the drill bit. That means you need to set the drill bit into the drill machine. Then you turn it on to see if it works properly on air.

Do not forget the safety measures though. That is wearing safety gloves while operating this. There is not many measures except this one.

This time use some cutting fluid on it. Because this would work as the drill coat. And this helps to tap in a more convenient way.

Step 3: Drill into Cast Iron

Now, you can start tapping the cast iron. So, turn on the drill machine and drill holes into the cast iron. Try to go slow when you are drilling cast iron.

To go slow with it, tap the trigger of the drill machine slowly. If much smoke appears while drilling, give it a pause. You can use additional coating for the drill bit to get rid of it.

Step 4: Finalize The Operation

This time, you can insert or put the right tap into the holes. And then you cover them with cutting fluid again. Then you turn your tap wrench to the right or in a clockwise direction.

Twist it about 2 to 3 times. Then move it to the other direction too. That means you need to move them to the anticlockwise direction too.

You need to keep on moving this in both directions until you tap it properly. Then you may take off the tap from the cast iron.

Finally, you can thread this into the hole of the tap. And you have successfully done tapping cast iron on your own. 

This time you just need to clean the place if needed. Because you may have left off a few debris or dust particles while working. 

So, that is how you can operate this at your home without an expert or pro. But if you think you need any assistance, do not stay back. 

Take help from an expert if needed anytime! Good luck to you!

What If I Fail to Tap Cast Iron Properly?

You have already come up with the steps on how to tap cast iron. However, if you think you have messed up or done something wrong, you did it.

So, what to do if you fail to tap cast iron properly? To be honest, there might not be left much to do about it. Yes, that is what it is. You may not be able to fix it actually.

Because you may think of refilling the holes of it. But you can not do it actually. Because it would be a tough job to do. Even if you want to do this, it may be expensive.

So, what you may rather do is leave it behind. Yes, you need to leave that particular cast iron behind. Because that may not be coming in handy for anything after that.

Perhaps, you may try reaching out to an iron store. That may help you to preserve that bad cast iron. 

In return, you may receive a bit of compensation if you have got a fortune. So, you can not most likely do anything if you damage cast iron while tapping.

But don’t forget that it may still be kept like restoring cast iron skillets. But that still does not come in handy very often!

So, that means you must ensure safety while tapping the iron cast. So, be careful about it!

That brings us to the end. Hope you do it as you want with no issues. Good luck!


What would be the ideal drill bit for tapping cast iron?

Well, the ideal drill bit for tapping cast iron would be the cobalt one. However, the angular size of the drill bit matters too. The best angular size you may want to use is the one with 135 degrees. This one is sharper than many other ones. And you can tap cast iron very easily with this.

Can I refill the cast iron even after it is drilled?

Yes, you may be able to refill the cast iron even after it is drilled. But remember that it is something that people do not do usually. Because it is something hard and actually incomplete as a result. First, it is not a very easy job to refill cast iron. And next, it would not look so good either.

Can I use any type of tool to tap cast iron?

No, you would not be able to use any type of tool to tap cast iron. Because you need to see how sharp or blunt the tool is. Or else, you may just damage the cast iron temporarily or permanently. So, you better be very careful while you choose a tool to tap cast iron.

The Final Words

Now you know, can you tap cast iron or not! We believe you have no more confusion regarding this now.

But keep one thing in mind. Before you consider building a tap, you need to look at its materials. Because you can not build a tap without considering all these things. So, think of these things first.

All the best!

Kevin Smith

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