5 Best Finish For Wooden Rolling Pin (Reviews) in 2023

When we say this, we mean this- the rolling pin is a very essential item in households or in any type of restaurant. For personal or business use you might need to use rolling pins every day or once in a while. 

But, the sad part is that the rolling pin loses its finish or gets a crack. Whatever the case is, you need to ensure that the rolling pin is well protected. Otherwise, they won’t function well. 

To avoid this type of circumstance we brought you the best finish for the wooden rolling pin. All of the finishes below have a distinctive quality that will ensure the betterment of your rolling pin. 

We’ve taken our time for the testing process to work fine. So, yeah, we aren’t kidding when we say it took us 8 weeks to get all the research and testing in a single piece. 

The products we’ve discussed are all made of high-quality substances and they are not injurious to health. Because know that rolling pin comes in direct contact with the food. And if the finishes are not food-grade then it will be harmful to health. 

Let’s move on to the article- 

1. Thirteen Chefs CuttingBoard Mineral Oil

At A Glance

  • Size: 12 Ounces, half a Gallon/64 Oz, Gallon/128 Oz
  • Product Dimensions:‎ 3.5 x 2 x 8 inches.

Alright, let’s start with Cuttingboards mineral oil. This mineral oil is number on the list because of its unique and stand-out features. And it’s going to be a perfect finish for your rolling pin. 

The most unique and best part of the cutting board oil is that it has pure USP-grade oil. This oil has been tested in the lab to make sure that it meets all the food safety requirements. And the production facility of the oil is also NSF certified. 

Now, what does it actually do? The oil, basically, hydrates the wood of the rolling pin. Then it penetrates deeply into the wood and seals it from inside to protect it from water. By doing this also prevent drying or any type of cracks.

As a matter of fact, this oil helps in maintaining the integrity of your butcherblock and countertops wood. Most importantly it will restore the old cutting boards or wood that you applied on. And it works on all types of wood. 

The food-grade mineral oil will revitalize and restore your rolling pin. It can be used on a variety of instrument hardwood kitchen utensils. And it also works on bamboo cutting boards and salad bowls, and more.

It will rehydrate your wooden cooking items that have dried out gradually over time. But, here you’ll need to avoid fraying and fading of wood fibers on utensils, boards, and other items.

  The oil must have a push applicator cap. And also the bottle can be easily squeezed. It has been designed that way to make it easy to use. 

Moreover, with the simple dispenser cap bottle, you can maintain the sparkle of your kitchen. Pour it straight over wood or other surfaces and apply a generous rub it in with your hands or use a cloth. Allow sitting for 4 hours before using the wood.

The food-grade mineral oil will absorb naturally and is absolutely safe to use. It has been tested to guarantee that it meets common safety standards. Not only is it free of harmful toxins, but it is also environmentally and safe for food intake. 

Furthermore, it won’t harm your skin as well. The Butcher block oil is not only non-irritating to the skin, but it is also nourishing. We hope by now you understand why this product is number one on our list. 

2. Howard BBB012 Cutting Board Oil

AT A Glance

  • Material: Wood
  • Color: Clear
  • Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 1.85 x 3 x 7.88 inches
  • Shape: Oval Bottle 
  • Item Thickness: 1.85 Inches

This “Howard BBB012 Cutting Board Oil” is second on our list for a finish in your rolling pin. This one is a little bit different from the previous product. But it will also revitalize your wooden cutting boards. And it’s very safe to use.

The best part of this oil except for its effectiveness on the wood of the rolling pin. That is- it doesn’t contain any nuts, gluten, or any type of allergic material. Therefore, if you have any type of allergy then the oil is absolutely safe for you and your family. 

Now, moving on to the deep penetrating power of the oil. It has a profound penetrating and also 100% Pure USP Food-Grade Mineral Oil. Additionally, it doesn’t have any flavor, odor, or color. So after using it in the rolling pin you won’t get any smell of the oil.  

As a matter of fact, the oil will never go rancid. So don’t worry that it might get smelly even in the future. The product is a great quality oil from Howard’s which has not compromised with the quality. 

We have already mentioned about its deep penetration power. This will reach deep into the wood pores. After that the thing will happen is that the oil will bring out the rich natural wood color. And also prevent it from cracking or dryness. 

The oil works on various wood utensils just like its predecessor. You can use it on dry wood, such as butcher blocks, cutting boards, wooden bowls, countertops, or any type of wooden kitchenware. It will revitalize them all. 

Now, if you are using it for the first time, it won’t be a problem. Because the oil is ideal for oiling your wood utensils for the first time.

Moreover, it is a food-grade mineral oil stabilizer that contains vitamin E. It meets all the FDA requirements for food contacts. So it’s very safe for any type of food preparing surfaces. 

Furthermore, it’s also very easy to apply on wood like the previous product. You can apply it just by your hand or you can use a rag to apply it. 

3. John Boos Block Mystery Oil 

At A Glance

  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 5x3x9 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.3 pounds
  • Country of Origin: USA

The “John Boos Block Mystery Oil and Board Cream” is third on this list. This product is different from both of the products above. And the finish it’s going to give your rolling pin will be amazing. 

This is a very unique product. The reason is it’s is a full package that contains oil and cream. This combination will replenish your rolling pin make it look as good as new.

Other than that, this essential care package has 5 ounces of a tube of cream and 16 ounces of bottle oil. Now you must be thinking about which one should you apply? The answer is both. You just have to apply one after another. 

Why is this so effective? Because the oil will penetrate deep down the grains of the wood of the rolling pin. Hence it will protect and replenish the wood fiber just as before.  

Now, comes the cream. The cream has unbleached beeswax and the oil is food-grade mineral oil. So, after the oil reaches deep into the wood the wax will seal the wood from the top. It will provide a very long-lasting moisture seal. 

Therefore after applying them your rolling pin or any other wooden utensils will be fully restored and replenished as well. Hence they will protect your wood in the future too. 

Not only just rolling pins you can also use them on any butter blocks, utensils, bowls, or unsealed cutting boards, and more. But there is only one condition that is the surface you are applying should be made of wood. 

Just use your fingers to apply the mystery oil on the wooden surface. Make sure you cover all the spots. Then remove all the excess oil from the wooden surface. The lets it sit for the whole night. 

The next day check for any missed spot. If found any apply the oil again on the missed spot. But do not apply excessive oil because anything more than necessary can be poison. 

Then, it comes the cream for additional protection. The process is the same just apply it using your fingers. Then let it sit for the whole night. 

However, the waiting time will work as a penetrating time for both the oil and cream. Hence they reach deep inside the wood and start their magic.

We recommend you use it once a month or every 4-6 weeks. It basically depends on the condition of the material where you are going to apply. 

Furthermore, the oil and the cream are made in the USA. And most importantly, they are NSF certified. So, it will definitely meet all your requirements. 

The product is quite unique from its previous competitors. In the end, it’s always your call which one you need. 

4. Howard BBC0 Butcher Block Conditioner

At A Glance

  • Item Form: Oil
  • Special Ingredients: Vitamin E
  • Scent: Bamboo
  • Product Dimensions: 1.85 x 3 x 7.88 inches

The fourth product for the rolling pin is Howard BBC0 Butcher Block Conditioner. Which will give you the perfect finish. Just like its predecessors it also has some amazing qualities and unique features.

The unique feature of this product is that it is a conditioner that gives wood utensils water-resistant traits. Here, the conditioner contains carnauba wax and beeswax these wax will make it water-resistant. So, after you apply this conditioner on a wooden surface it will be water-resistant. 

Here, the conditioner is a combination of carnauba, beeswax, and USP-grade mineral oil. Now, this combination is ideal for maintaining your wooden blocks or cutting boards, or any type of wooden utensils protected. This conditioner will revitalize blend cracking and prevent drying of hardwoods or bamboo.

We already know the water-resistant feature of the conditioner. This conditioner will go deep into the woods after you apply it. The penetration ability of the product is as good as the previous products. Hence, it will prevent the wood from drying and rejuvenating the wood. 

Now, you might want to ask how safe is the conditioner? The simple answer is it’s very safe to use. In other words, it is made of natural wax and it exceeds FDA regulations for any indirect or direct contact with food. 

Thus, it is safe to use on the surface that comes in contact with food. And as we know rolling pins get regular contact with food. So, it’s absolutely safe for the rolling pin.

Moreover, it contains food-grade mineral oil and also has vitamin E in it. Therefore it will never go rancid like any other plant-based product. 

We ensure you that this conditioner won’t disappoint you. Because you can use this conditioner after applying any oil or just this conditioner. It is up to you.  

5. Bayes Conditioner and Protectant

At A Glance

  • Safe & Effective
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • Non-Toxic
  • Biodegradable

The last product on our list is the Bayes Conditioner and Protectant. This product will work great on your rolling pin. 

The special quality of the product is that it is a conditioner and also works as a protectant of your rolling pin. It is made of high-quality mineral oil that will perfectly preserve your rolling pin.

If you want to preserve your wood or bamboo utensils for years then this is the conditioner you need. We know bamboo and wood are great choices for making utensils like a rolling pin. 

So, to protect it from being rancid in the future you can apply this conditioner.  It will beautifully preserve it. 

Many people regularly use a rolling pin. Hence it loses its original quality. The rolling pin can dry out or can even get cracks. To solve this problem, you can take precautions by using this product on it. It will definitely protect it from future cracks or any type of dryness. 

Apply the product is also very easy like earlier products. At first, you have to wash the rolling pin with mild soap. Then clean it properly with water. After that let it dry. 

When the rolling pin is dried then you can apply it using a clean cloth. Now allow the rolling pin to soak in the conditioner for 2-3 minutes. Then wipe it off using a clean cloth. We recommend using it once a month. 

Moreover, apply daily for only the first week. Then apply it once a week for the first month. Then gradually continue to apply just once a month. 

As the product is made of 100% pure food-grade mineral oil. And no harsh chemical has been used in it. The product is also biodegradable which means it’s environmentally friendly. So, it is very safe to use on the materials that come in direct contact with food like a rolling pin. 

Is It Safe to Use Oiling on Wooden Rolling Pins

best finish for wooden rolling pin

The first thing is you should be aware that many amateur cooks and internet blogs. That recommends walnut oil, olive oil, or a variety of other nut or vegetable oils for lubricating wooden rolling pins. 

These will easily grease the pin, but they are not food-safe. Because the nut and vegetable oils will turn rancid within the crevices and grooves of the hardwood surface. 

The FDA has approved food-grade mineral oil for consumption and topical applications. But it does not support the use of nut or vegetable oils. 

Mineral oil and butcher block oil are not all food-safe as well. Before using any product on any utensil, always do your research and thoroughly learn about the product. 

Moreover, to ensure the highest level of safety in your kitchen, we recommend that you only use approved and regulated food-grade oils. All of the products above are safe to use in your rolling pin. 

Is It Really Necessary to Have a Finish on Wooden Rolling Pin?

Wooden rolling pins are useful tools for busy bakers and cooks that can serve as small works of art. Caring for your hardwood rolling pin is a duty that will extend its life and make your next recipe a little easier. 

We discovered how to maintain wooden rolling pins and are eager to share our findings with you.

It’s a good idea to practice cleaning and oiling or conditioning your wooden rolling pin. These habits are necessary for keeping the rolling pin in good working order and food-safe condition. 

For example, if the rolling pin is not oiled or conditioned, it may break or cracks might occur. Additionally, oiling the rolling pin on a routine basis will keep it from accumulating food waste or creating mold growth in the wooden grooves.

So, it is necessary that you use a good quality finish on your wooden rolling pin to increase its life expectancy. Hence you will be able to use it for a long time. The process of oiling the rolling pin is also very simple and effortless. 

Therefore, anyone with no prior knowledge can oil the rolling pin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the best way to seal a hardwood rolling pin?

Answer: It is frequently recommended that wooden rolling pins be rubbed with food-grade mineral oil to form a waterproof seal. The product you are using must have the feature to seal the wooden rolling pin. Hence, the oil will prevent the pastry from sticking to the rolling pin, and preserve the wood from drying out.

Question: How should a new hardwood rolling pin be seasoned?

Answer: Before you begin seasoning your rolling pin, make sure it is clean and dry, not moist or dusty. Then wet a clean towel with a tiny amount of food-grade mineral, salad bowl, or butcher block oil and softly wipe the rolling pin’s whole surface. Then use a clean cloth, remove any excess oil.

Question: Is it possible for a rolling pin to develop mold?

Answer: If the wood has a rotten odor, washing the rolling pin will not remove it. Then you have to buy a new rolling pin. To avoid this only use food-grade mineral oil or butcher block oil. If mold appears on the wooden rolling pin, throw it away and get a new one right away. Mold forms will render the pin useless.

Question: What exactly is mineral oil for wood?

Answer: Mineral oil, like other oil finishes, seeps into the wood grain to provide some protection against fluctuations in humidity. Thus making the wood less prone to cracking or warping. It also improves the wood’s appearance by giving volume to the grain. And lastly complements the natural color of the wood.

Final Words

We are at the end. We have tried to enlighten you on everything we have on the finish for the wooden rolling pin. These are the best finish for wooden rolling pin. Pick any one of the finished according to your need. 


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