5 Best Dado Blade For Sawstop (Reviews) in 2023

Choosing the right Dado Blade for your SawStop can be very hectic and time-consuming as well. And if you don’t have any idea about the blades then choosing the wrong one can cost you a lot.

But don’t you worry! We know some of the best blades that will fit your requirements. A list is provided below of the best dado blade for SawStop. These SawStop blades are amazing in terms of quality and effectiveness.

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All of these blades are have features that will ensure the best outcome. You can utilize them for both business and personal purposes.

If you are a carpenter or any person who needs to use the saw you should try any of the dado blades for your SawStop. Because these are professional-grade blades so using regularly or irregularly won’t decrease their performance. 

Let’s not waste any more time and move to the article:

1. Mibro 416381 8″ Dado Blade

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At A Glance:

  • Style: Set
  • Item Weight:0.2 Pounds
  • Compatible Material: Engineered Wood, Wood
  • Material: Carbide

Mibro 416381 8″ Carbide Stacking Dado Blade is the finest product on the list. For more than 70 years micro has been producing quality hardware. So it will fit perfectly on your SawStop. And it has risen to the top of our list as a result of its high quality and efficacy.

The specialty of MIBRO’s Stacking Dado is that it creates a smooth and precise flat-bottomed groove. Plus, it can do it in plywood, different types of wood, and composite wood products, either across or with the grain. 

The blade set can cut grooves with width ranging from 1/4″ to 13/16″, with 1/16″ increments. The Dado can be used to make a variety of cuts, including, Groove, Dado, Fillet, Rabbet, and Mortise & Tenon.

The set includes 14 pieces altogether. It has two 8″ x 24″ Carbide Saw Blades, four 1/8″ Chipper Blades, and one 1/16″ Chipper Blade. 

And, lastly seven metal shims. Moreover, all instructions are there to guide you as well and a durable compact case comes with the set. 

Furthermore, the 8″ Outside Cutting Blades has 24 carbide teeth. These carbide teeth let the blade cut faster, stay cool, and last considerably longer. 

On the other hand, the extra-large carbide teeth result in longer-lasting blades as well as longer overall life. Now the premium carbide contributes to the carbide’s resistance to chipping and fracture. So, the overall blade’s lifespan increases significantly. 

Now, cutting a hole with a hole saw necessitates the use of an arbor and, in certain cases, a pilot bit. Here, the Arbors, also known as mandrels, are used to connect a hole saw to a drill chuck while also holding the pilot bit.

Besides that, the tooth design on both blades is 5 beveled cutting teeth. And also 1 straight raker teeth. Other than that, it comes with an anti-kickback tooth design which keeps the blade from being fed too quickly.

Also, each tooth is electronically fused to the blade body by highly automated German machinery. This ensures accurate, centered placement as well as the correct amount of brazing materials.

Moreover, each Chipper Blade has two extra-large carbide teeth which are electronically fused onto the blade body using fully automated German equipment.

At the same time, the Chipper Blades are ground on the same machinery as the Outside Blades. This guarantees that all of the blades cut a flat-bottomed groove when used together.

And lastly, the shims are used to make very small modifications to the overall width of the Dado configuration.

2. Freud 10″ x 24T Blade

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At A Glance:

  • Product Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Product Measurements: 1 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Size:‎ One Size
  • Color: Multi
  • Measurement System‎: Metric

Freud Thin Kerf Blade is second on our list. Because of the thin kerf, this blade revitalizes underperforming table saws and radial arm saws. So, it will definitely work on your SawStop as well.  

The unique part of the product is that it has perma-Sheild TM coating Because of the Perma-SHIELDTM coating, this blade pulls 1/3 less on the saw. As a result, you will have almost 33% more cutting power. The best thickness range for dealing with is 3/4″ to 2-3/4″. 

Aside from that, because of the coating Freud’s red Perma-SHIELD, which is a nonstick coating that also reduces friction. And almost eliminates heat buildup caused by excess friction.

This coating shields your tools and work surface from heat by providing complete heat insulation. Furthermore, when the blade is used for high-volume cutting operations, it resists binding, reducing the blade warp.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Perma-SHIELD acts as a lubricant, enabling the blade to spin smoothly while reducing stress on your saw’s motor and carriage. Moreover, this coating assists in the prevention of dirt accumulation and resin or “pitch” formation.

Because sticky pitch building generates extra friction on your saw’s motor, less buildup is a small convenience that translates into longer tool and blade life. It also implies less downtime for blade maintenance, allowing you to finish chores faster. 

This rip saw blade is ideal for ripping hardwoods and softwoods, as well as crosscutting wood and dealing with plywood.

This thin-kerf saw blade’s 24 teeth are completed with tips made of an application-specific TiCo high-density carbide “ripping blend.” As a result, the hardness, density, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance are all increased.

This carbide blend has additional cobalt for greater impact resistance, making it ideal for ripping big amounts of thick, hardwood. Furthermore, it improves edge retention and sharpness. This means the blade will last longer, saving you money.

The blade is excellent for working with materials ranging in thickness from 3/4 to 2-3/4 inches. But it can also handle thinner or thicker materials and cut laminates or chipboard. 

When utilized outside of its optimal range, however, some surface quality loss may occur. It has a kerf of 0.094 and a 5/8-inch arbor.

In addition to providing faster cuts through tough materials, the blade’s broad tooth design allows it to be safely sharpened multiple times. Which will eventually extend the blade’s life and save you a lot of money. Furthermore, the broad gullets between these teeth make chip removal simple.

This Freud blade has been pre-tensioned for more accurate cuts under heavy loads. It also has an anti-vibration design. So, which will lower chatter for a cleaner finish, less noise while working. And also it will increase the blade life. 

Furthermore, because the blade is laser cut from high-strength steel, you can rest assured that it will remain durable and flat even after extended use. Hence it’s also a great choice for your SawStop.

3. Freud 8″ Stacked Dado Set

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At A Glance:

  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 1 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Color: Multi
  • Style: 8-inch Stacked Dado
  • MAX RPM: 6000
  • Item Weight: 5.67 Pounds
  • Compatible Material: Carbide Tipped

The Freud 8″ Stacked Dado Set for Sawstop is the third item on our list. This product also has various top-notch quality features just like its predecessor. 

The standout feature the blade has is Silver I.C.E. Coating. This coating will reduce buildup on the blade surface hence allowing the blade to run cleaner and cooler. Eventually, it will make your job easier and smoother.

Superior TiCo HI-Density Carbide Crosscutting Blend is used in the Freud 8″ Stacked Dado Set for Maximum Performance. 

The Freud SD208S 8″ Stacked Dado Set has a precise 8″ diameter blade. And an enhanced blade design for optimum efficiency on all safety brakes enabled for underperforming saws. 

This dado set makes chip and splinter-free flat-bottomed grooves in plywood, solid wood, and melamine. The SD208S is compatible with all saws, including, Jet, Dewalt, Saw Stop, Bosch, and many more. It creates grooves in sizes ranging from 1/4″ to 7/8″.

The kit comes with two blades, spacers, three chippers, and a shim set for micro-adjustment. Ideal for 1/4″ to 7/8″ flat bottom grooves in laminated melamine, plywood, and solid wood.

Improved blade design for high quality and all safety brake-equipped to make underpowered saws work perfectly. Which includes Jet, Dewalt, Saw Stop, Bosch, and others.  

This blade will not disappoint you. Lastly, it will also fit on the SawStop and make your task smoother and faster.

4. DEWALT Dado Blade Set

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At A Glance:

  • Item Dimensions LxWxH:15 x 3.25 x 12.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 9.08 Pounds
  • Compatible Material: Engineered Wood
  • Size: 8-Inch
  • Item Package Quantity: 1

The fourth product on the list for your SawStop is DEWALT Dado Blade Set. This package also comes with everything you need to carve grooves for interlocking applications. 

The product’s main feature is its heavy gauge blade which is a laser-cut plate. Therefore it cuts with accuracy, flexibility, and precision. So you don’t have to be concerned about wobbling while cutting.

Furthermore, the blade comes with a heavy-duty storage container. This storage case protects the blades from chipped teeth and any type of damage. Hence it makes the blade more long-lasting than many blades in the market.

Here, the Micro-grain carbide teeth last longer, give a superior finish while cutting, and provide cleaner and smoother cuts. They can also resist higher temperatures than steel. Moreover, it delivers clean cuts which will eventually reduce splintering. 

Other than that, it comes with chippers with four teeth that produce smooth, flat bottom cuts. The shims made of stainless steel enable extremely fine width adjustments. You can maintain your accuracy from here always. 

This blade is suitable for quality-conscious cabinetmakers, woodworkers, and professional woodworkers. It cuts clean, rabbet, smooth dado, half-lap, and tenon joints in soft and hardwoods, melamine, and also plywood. So, you have the option of choosing anything against these blades. 

The Diameter of the blade is 8 inches. As we already know the Teeth 24 also comes with Arbor Size 5/8-inch. It has Hook Angle -12-degree. Not only this the Tooth Grind ATB+R. Lastly, the Max Speed is 7000 rpm. These were the technical specifications if you were interested! 

5. Freud D1040X Diablo ATB Saw Blade

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At A Glance:

  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches
  • Compatible Material: Wood
  • Item Weight: ‎1.48 pounds
  • Size: Pack of 5

The last product on our list is Freud D1040X Diablo ATB Saw Blade. This is a new and bulk package. This is one of the best blades among plenty available in the market for the SawStop.

The best part of the blade is that you can use it to make smoother rip cuts than specialized ripping blades or to make quality crosscuts in solid wood or plywood. Furthermore, it is ideal for sliding and “chop” miter saws, along with table saws.

The general-purpose blade from Diablo is perfect for cutting pine, oak, plywood, beams, and pressure-treated lumber. 

Diablo’s blade is an ideal choice for miter and table saws. It will leave a smooth cut in a range of applications. Which will eventually reduce the need to change blades between tasks. Therefore it’s going save your precious time. 

TiCoTM Hi-Density Carbide is a high-density carbide that has been precisely engineered for each application to improve performance. As a result, there will be no shortage of excellent performance during the cutting session.

Now the blade also has Perma-shield Nonstick Coating. This coating will resist heat and corrosion. The Laser-cut kerf is extremely tiny, allowing for durable, rapid, and clean cuts.

Furthermore, carbide tips can endure high impact because of tri-metal shock-resistant brazing. Thus whatever the impact is it will endure it and do its job perfectly. Because perfection is what it believes in. 

Dado Blades are Used in What Type of Saw?

Dado blades are basically designed for use with table saws. You may change the breadth of the dado blade by altering the blade or changing the number of cutters you use. To ensure a proper fit with your saw.

The approach you choose will be decided by your table saw and dado blade set. Check the specifications of your table saw to see if it is compatible with Dado blades. 

The compatibility of the blade and the SawStop is very crucial. Otherwise, it will be a complete waste of money. 

How Many Types of Dado Blades Are There? 

best dado blade for sawstop

Dado blades are separated into two categories. They are Dado Wobble Blade and stacked Dado blade. 

Dado Wobble Blade

Don’t let the name confuse you. The blade won’t wobble while using. The wobble dado blade is a single blade with an angled rotation.

As a result, it does not “wobble,” although it sways while cutting an “S” pattern within the plate width. Which you may adjust to your preferred cut width. 

By moving these plates, you may adjust the quantity of lead on the blade and create a personalized cut.

Dado Stacked Blade

A stacked dado blade is a collection of blades piled together to form a wider blade. To ensure a perfect cut, these blades can be interleaved with spacers. 

The chipper blades are located outside of the outer blades and can be added or changed depending on the width of your cut. 

The chippers also determine the length of the cut. Stacked dado blades are popular among woodworkers due to their great adaptability and performance.

Sizes of Dado Blade

The Dado set’s 1/8 inch thick and the outer blades are normally 8 inches in diameter. The chippers have thicknesses of 1 1/16 inch, 4 1/8 inch, and 1 3/32 inch. 

Because of the variety of sizes available, the width options are practically limitless. The highest width possible is around 1 inch. And practically any measurement smaller than that is possible.

Dado blades with an 8-inch diameter are designed for use with a 10-inch saw because they are not designed for thorough cuts. There are also blades with 7-inch and 6-inch diameters available.

4 Types of Joints Can Be Made From Dado Blade

Dado blades can be used to create four different types of joints. You can make any of these joints with the blades above in your SawStop. 

Dado and Groove

The dado joint is a three-sided groove that runs opposite to the grain of the wood, whereas the groove joint runs along to it. The three sides combine to form a strong bond with good shear resistance and a larger surface area for glue binding.

Rabbet Joint

A rabbet joint has a groove or dado cut anywhere along the wood edge or end. So that the long side is flush when the second wood piece is fitted into the groove.

Groove and Tongue

The tongue protrudes from the board and slides into the groove cut in another board, creating a smooth surface. Because it lets the wood compress and expands, this joint is suitable for edge-to-edge connections.

Lap Half

A half-lap joint is formed by eliminating approximately half the thickness of each piece of wood that overlaps. After that, the wood pieces are bonded together to make a single flat piece. Half-lap joints provide a strong connection with a large surface area for glue bonding. 

What is the Frequency of Table Saw Accidents?

Table saws injure around 30,000 people each year. The finger and hand are the most commonly wounded body parts, and the most common injury is a laceration. 

The annual medical expenditures for treating table saw accidents are projected to be more than $2 billion. So, it is better to invest in a good blade than to bear the medical cost of accidents.

Buy the right blade for your SawStop, so that you can avoid any type of accident and be safe. Because being safe while working should also be on our top priority list. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the width of a dado blade cut?

The overall width range that a dado blade can be set up to cut is quite standard – 1/4 ” to 13/16 “, and occasionally 7/8 “. As a result, this isn’t a consideration while selecting a blade. Consider the greatest depth of cut, which is determined by the blade’s diameter. Many dado blades set versions are available in 8″ and 6” diameters.

Is SawStop really effective?

To this day, SawStop claims to have never been engaged in a serious table saw accident and to have recorded over 5,000 “finger saves. The SawStop is “99 percent” effective in avoiding injuries.

What exactly is the function of a dado blade?

A dado blade is a circular saw blade that cuts substantially wider grooves into wood than typical saw blade cuts. They are used for interlocking purposes. Interlocking joints are commonly used in the construction of drawers, bookshelves, cabinets, and door panels.

What exactly is an adjustable dado?

A wobble blade, also known as a wobble dado or adjustable dado, is a circular blade mounted on an adjustable multi-piece hub that allows the blade’s angle to the arbor shaft to be adjusted. The breadth of the dado cut increases as the angle from the radial normal (90°) to the arbor increases. 

Final Words

We have enlightened you with the best dado blade for SawStop available in the market. We’ve shown you the way, but it’s up to you to take it. It’s time to buy the one you need.

All of the blades above are of the best quality product. So, don’t hesitate to go for any of them.

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