Arm-r-seal vs Polyurethane (Which One I Choose?)

We use different types of finishes for our wood. This is because our wooden objects need a polish at times. And without using those finishes, the wood may start damaging with time. So, arm-r-seal and polyurethane are the most popular ones now.

But which one do I choose arm-r-seal vs polyurethane?

Arm-r-seal finishes are basically used for polishing but polyurethane could make the wood more durable. In addition, polyurethane finishes have more benefits than arm-r-seal ones. However, an arm-r-seal finish is way more durable than a polyurethane finish. And an arm-r-seal is cheaper too!

This is a brief comparison you got so far. You need to move on to the detailed one that we got here for you. This can help you to take the final decision.

So, get started now!

Arm-r-seal vs Polyurethane: A Quick Comparison

First, you need to go through a quick comparison. This would help you to know about their features.

ObjectivePolishingPolishing And Making More Durable
Additional BenefitsFewMany
DurabilityAbout MonthsAbout Days
PriceAround $35Around $70

This gives you a heads-up to the main part.

Arm-r-seal vs Polyurethane: A Detailed Comparison

You have already come across a quick comparison. So, you already have an overall idea about their features. 

And now, you can move on to the detailed comparison. Take a look.

Main Objectives

When you want to buy these finishes, you first would like to look at their objectives. So, take a look.


Arm-r-seal is a finish that is a very common one today. So, what is the main objective of arm-r-seal finishes? Well, the main purpose of the finish is to give the wood finishing.

That means it would put up the polish on the wood once you apply it. You can use this finish on your wood with or without a brush. And this would not put any stain on your brush.

Because these finishes are really subtle with their polishing. So, the main purpose of this finish is to bring a shine to the wood.


Just like arm-r-seal finishes, polyurethane finishes are popular too. And these are not in anyway lesser than that. So, what is the main purpose of these polyurethane finishes?

Well, the main purpose of this is to make the wood more durable. Yes, that is something different than the other finishes. 

So, basically, you are not using it to give your wood the polish. Rather, you use it to consider increasing the durability of your wood. 

And that does not mean it fails to put any shine or polishing surface. Yes, it also puts up a shine when you apply it to the wood. So, you can basically get both these main things.

Do not forget that you can use these for your exterior wooden columns too!

Winner: When you think of the objectives, polyurethane finishes win. Because you get both the basic utilities with this.

Additional Benefits

Once you know about the main objectives, you look at the additional benefits of these. Here you go.


Arm-r-seal finishes are primarily utilized to avoid scratching. However, you are unaware of its other advantages. So, what are the advantages of utilizing arm-r-seal, then?

Well, you may use this to maintain your bike. You did read that correctly. These are beneficial for maintaining the bike engine. 

Because doing so will aid in maintaining the engine’s mild temperature. It can therefore continue to be cool to some extent. 

The other advantages, however, are linked to appearance. This can support maintaining the appearance for so long.

Applying these finishes allows you to maintain the shine for a very long time. You would take precautions to prevent arbitrary stains or scratches on your hardwood objects.


You’ve found information on the major goals of this polyurethane. However, did you realize that it contains more than that? 

Yes, you are correct. So, what other advantages does using polyurethane have?

The first benefit is that it may soften any surface deposits, no matter how little. You can get rid of things like glue, sand buildup, and many others.

These are renowned for their ability to release tight or clogged nuts and bolts. That implies that this finish has a variety of uses.

Not to mention that occasionally these are employed to remediate corroded objects. Do not forget that outside wood furniture can also be protected with this.

Therefore, there are several uses for these polyurethane finishes.

Winner: In terms of additional benefits, polyurethane finishes win! Because these have got more benefits than the arm-r-seal finishes.


Now, you need to look at their durability. You have to see how long can these finishes be effective!


The arm-r-seal finishes have been shown to be among the most resilient. So, how long will arm-r-seal be in place?

It might work for a few months at the most. You did read that correctly. This would work for months if you only applied it once.

This would still work even if your wood started to deteriorate. Therefore, you need not be concerned about its endurance.

If you’re fortunate, this might potentially go for ten or even a full year. You can see how useful it can be from this.


Polyurethane, on the other hand, is less efficient than arm-r-seal finishes. It wouldn’t last very long if you used this lubrication. How long will Wd-40 be active then?

This should only be effective for a few days at most. Yes, you read that correctly. Because more than that is not possible for these finishes. 

Instead, it can be limited to a few hours only. Because these finishes have a tendency to fade away very quickly. So, you can not do much about it, to be honest.

Therefore, using this just once won’t produce lasting results.

Winner: When you consider the fact of durability, arm-r-seal would come over. Because these are more effective in general.


Finally, you need to look at the price of the finishes. You can never overlook the price of any good while you are comparing two things.


Arm-r-seal finishes are the ones that are neither expensive nor cheap. However, these are in the range of users. So, how much does an arm-r-seal finish cost?

Well, an arm-r-seal finish costs about $35 per quartz. As a result, this price lies in a range that is feasible. 

And this is the price range that is similar to the other finishes as well. With that, you can also do another thing for these finishes. 

If you want to buy these in a relatively greater quantity, you can do it too. In that case, the price for each one would be even lower. And you can just store the wood finishes for later use.


On the other hand, polyurethane finishes are a bit expensive. Yes, you need to think of the budget if you want to get these finishes.

So, how much does a polyurethane finish cost? Well, on average, a polyurethane finish would cost around $70. And this is the cost per quartz of it.

Thus, you can understand that it might not be that normal for everyone to buy. Because you need a good budget to buy these finishes. 

And that has to be a bit more than the usual budget for any wood finishes. 

Winner: Now, if you want to consider the fact of pricing, arm-r-seal finishes win. Because these are way cheaper than polyurethane finishes!

Which One Do I Choose Now?

Finally, here you go about the final move. That means this segment would help you to move on to the final decision.

So, if you want to consider the objectives, polyurethane finishes would win. In addition, these finishes have more additional pros too.

On the other hand, polyurethane would win in terms of durability. Moreover, the price of these finishes is very reasonable too.

Finally, if you want to get these finishes, here you go. We have got here a couple of suggestions for you.

Hope this helps!


Is it really necessary to use finishes for wood?

Yes, it is necessary to use relevant finishes for wood. Although it is not a must but it is needed. These finishes can be really helpful to keep up the shine. And do not forget that these are good for resisting harmful things. You can in fact increase its lifetime using these.

Can I use any type of random oil on wood?

No, you should not use any type of random oil on wood. This is because you need to know which one is compatible with the type you use. And if you do not look at its properties, it might be bad for the wood. However, the general oil for wood would be okay to use.

Can use wood finishes damage wooden objects?

Well, it actually depends on the usage of the finishes. That means if you use it as needed, it would be ideal. However, if you use it more than it is needed, it would not be ideal. Because some people use it often at times. And that is when the wood may have adverse effects to overuse of it.

The Final Words

Now you know which one to choose arm-r-seal vs polyurethane! We believe you have no more issues choosing the right one for you.

Have a good day!

Kevin Smith

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