CRC 3-36 vs Wd-40 (Which One Should I Choose Wisely?)

We all have many wooden objects at home and around our house too. And we all need to take care of these properly in order to maintain that. So, one of the things that we look at is lubricant or wood protection. CRC 3-36 and wd-40 are a few of the best.

But which one would be better CRC 3-36 vs wd-40?

CRC 3-36 has its objective of preventing objects from scratches whereas Wd-40 treats the spots. But Wd-40 does not stay long when CRC 3-36 is very durable. However, CRC 3-36 has got a few benefits but Wd-40 has many. And lastly, CRC 3-36 is only about $3 but Wd-40 is about $5.

This just gives you a general idea about their differences. But read along to uncover all their differences in detail.

So, get started now!

CRC 3-36 vs Wd-40: A Quick Comparison

The first thing you need now is a quick comparison. This can get you introduced to the features. So, take a look.

FeaturesCRC 3-36Wd-40
ObjectivePreventing from ScratchesTreating Any Spots
DurabilityAbout MonthsAbout Days
Additional BenefitsFewMany
PriceAround $3Around $5

This gives you a heads-up to the main part. So, move on to the next segment for all the details!

CRC 3-36 vs Wd-40: A Detailed Comparison

Now, you can move on to the detailed comparison. Because you now know about their basic features. So, it is time to get to the detailed comparison. Take a look.

Main Objectives

The first thing you would want to look at is their main objectives. You know both these are lubricants. But these have their own objectives. So, here you go.

CRC 3-36

CRC 3-36 protection is generally used for keeping the surface of objects clean. That means you can use these to keep your wooden objects clean and shiny.

However, it can go beyond that. And that is, it can stand against any corrosion or scars. That means you can use this CRC 3-36 to prevent your objects from scratching.

If you put this spray on the wooden objects, those would not have corrosion. So, you can be safe using this spray to protect your wooden objects from any marks.


Just like CRC 3-36, Wd-40 is also used for wooden objects. These are used as a spray to keep up the shine of wooden objects. 

However, this is a very generic thing for almost every wooden lubricant. Because these Wd-40 sprays can go far beyond that. 

These are very helpful in removing spots from the surface. Like, these can help in removing existing spots or marks. 

Yes, you read that right. You can just spray this wd-40 and rub off the surface. And you would see that spots are fading away slowly as you keep on wiping. 

If you want then you may apply it to the woods of your exterior columns. So, these are great for removing any kind of marks. 

Winner: In terms of their objectives, Wd-40 wins. Because these have more options that you can utilize.


Durability is something that you need to consider as a lubricant. Because it says how long the lubricant is effective.

CRC 3-36

CRC 3-36 lubricants have come out to be one of the most durable ones. Now, the question is how long can CRC 3-36 be effective

Well, it can be effective for up to a few months. Yes, you read that right. If you apply this once, this would be effective for months. 

Your wood may get rotted but this would still be effective. So, you do not have to worry about its durability.

If you’re lucky enough, this can go even up to 10 months or a year. Thus, you understand how effective it can be.


On the other hand, Wd-40 is not as effective as CRC 3-36. If you use this lubricant, it would not be that durable. So, how long will Wd-40 be effective?

You may expect this to be effective for about a few days at max. Yes, that is right. It can not be more than that. Rather it could be less like for a few hours only.

So, you can not use this once for a long-term result.

Winner: If your concern is durability, CRC 3-36 wins. Because these are really effective and durable.

Additional Benefits

You know the main objectives of these two lubricants. However, there are more benefits to using them. Take a look here to know about those.

CRC 3-36

CRC 3-36 are mainly used for preventing scratching. But what you do not know it its additional benefits. So, what are the benefits of using CRC 3-36?

Well, you can use this for bike maintenance. Yes, you read that right. These are good to keep the bike engine well. Because this can help the engine to keep up the moderate temperature.

As a result, it can remain cool to an extent. However, the other benefits are related to the looks. This can help to keep up the look for so long.

That means applying CRC 3-36, you can keep up the shine really long. You would make your wooden objects secure from getting random spots or scratches.


You have come across the info on the main objectives of this wd-40 lubricant. But do you know it has got more than that! Yes, that is right. So, what are the additional benefits of using wd-40?

Well, the first thing is it can soften any small deposits on the surface. You can remove stuff like glue, sand deposits, and many more. 

These are also well-known to loosen clogged or tight nuts and bolts. That means you can use Wd-40 for multiple purposes

Not to forget that these are also used to treat rusted items at times. Do not forget that you can use this to protect outdoor wood furniture too.

So, these wd-40 sprays are great for a number of things.

Winner: When you think of additional benefits, Wd-40 would come over! Because these have got more benefits than CRC 3-36. 


Finally, you come to the last factor which is price. Take a look to know which one is cheaper between CRC 3-36 and Wd-40!

CRC 3-36

If you want to buy CRC 3-36, you would not need a high budget. A budget of around $3 would be enough for a can of this. At max, it may go up to $5. 

But in general, the cost of these lubricants or sprays is very cheap. So, you can buy these even in bulk. 

And that would lower the cost even more. As a result, this would be a good trade. So, if you have extra then you can just store the lubricants too. 

Thus, keeping it in stock for long-term use would not be a problem at all.


Just like CRC 3-36, Wd-40 is cheap too. It is not that expensive at all. However, it is a bit more in cost than CRC 3-36. 

To get a jar of this, you would need to spend around $5 to $7. It may go even a bit higher than that. But in general, it stays within $7.

So, you can understand that it is a bit more than CRC 3-36 in price.

Winner: In terms of the pricing, CRC 3-36 wins. Because these are cheaper than Wd-40. 

Which One to Choose Finally?

If you are not ready to make the final decision yet, this would help.

So, for more objectives, you should go with Wd-40. In addition, this would have more additional benefits as well.

On the other hand, CRC 3-36 would come over if you think of the price. Moreover, this is way more durable than any other lubricant.

Finally, if you are willing to get these, here you go. We have got our pickups right here for you! Take a look.

Hope this helps!

And that brings us to the end of this comparison between CRC 3-36 and Wd-40. Hopefully, this would help you!


Can wood lubricants protect objects from insects?

Well, yes, most wood lubricants protect objects from insects. However, you would still have to look at the details of the product. Because there are some lubricants that are not for the insects’ resistance. So, you better give it a check if it is something you are looking up to.

Is it a must to use wood lubricants for wooden objects?

Well, it is not a must to use a wood lubricant for your wooden objects. However, it is usually better to use these lubricants. And the experts often suggest using lubricants for wooden objects. Because you can treat your wooden objects in a better way with more preventions.

Can I use normal oil or lubricant for my wooden objects?

Yes, you may use any normal oil or lubricant for your wooden objects. However, you have to understand the reason and purpose for the usage. If you are trying to treat the objects for insect resistance, you may need special ones. But if you just want to keep up the shine, oil would work fine.

The Final Words

Now you know which one is better between CRC 3-36 vs wd-40! We believe you would have no more confusion going with the better one for you.

Remember one thing all the time. There will be times you may be in a dilemma about your final decision. And that is because you can not get to the comparison. 

So, get to the comparison and go for the final move.

Good luck!

Kevin Smith

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