What is a Unisaw? (Full Brief)

The industry’s first and sole 10-inch industrial cabinet saw, launched by Delta Machinery. It was in the 1930s under the Unisaw brand and has been totally re-engineered. And redone from the ground up, according to the company. 

The riving knife is one of this new saw’s distinctive characteristics.

So, what is a unisaw?

A unisaw is a round saw set on an arbor with the blade sticking out through the table. The unisaw supports the materials being sliced. The woodworker puts material through the blade. It holds the saw cutter at the desired or required angle. The level of the cut may be changed by moving the blade. 

It can be moved upward as well as downward to reveal greater or fewer features of the blade. By altering the direction of the blade, it may also cut the material at various angles.


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More Information Regarding the Unisaw

The first 10-inch tilting arbor saw was created and released by the Wisconsin-based Delta Machine Company. It was in 1938. This tool is now known as the Delta Unisaw.

Due to its adaptability, precision, and high-quality American construction, it immediately became the most popular. And an in-demand table saw among both amateur and expert woodworkers. 

Therefore, it is not surprising. This device contributed to laying the groundwork for what David P. Juza is nowadays.

With a Craftsman 10″ radial arm saw and his 1940s-era Delta Unisaw, David started his entrepreneurial adventure. It was in the sector in 1997. Nearly 20 years after it was initially produced.

This saw is still in use on a regular basis. The early Unisaw might rip solid material up to 3 1/8″ thick. And cut to the middle of 50″ sheet stock. 

It is equipped with the usual Delta rail and rip fence. The blade could be lifted and lowered using two handwheels. And one handwheel could tilt it approximately to a 45-degree angle to the right. 

Surprisingly, the Model #1450 10″ Unisaw’s catalog price in 1939 was $89 alone without an engine. With the Unisaw brand, Delta Machinery produced the first and sole 10-inch industrial cabinet saw. It was in the industry in the 1930s. 

Now, the company has revealed that its flagship table saw has been entirely re-engineered. As well as re-designed from the ground up. For more information on this cabinet saw, see our review of the Delta Unisaw featuring Biesemeyer Fence.

The riving knife is a vital part of the table saw safety. It is one of the new saw’s distinctive characteristics. For non-through (blind) cuts, a lever located on the front of the saw may be pushed too rapidly.

And also toolless lower the riving knife. The riving knife may even be pulled out if necessary. 

Why take it out? Because a saw comes with standard, thin, and thick kerf blades. You can be confident. The driving blade is suitable for the task regardless of the kind of blade you select.

Features of Delta Unisaw

The unisaw comes with integrated storage for the riving knives. There is a drawer that is integrated into the table. Including measuring tape, blade shield, throat plates, push stick, three blades, a fastener head, and more. 

Blades may actually glide into position and are simply withdrawn when required in the drawer. A benefit for woodworkers is this. A revised one-piece truss nut (washer and nut in one) improves the blade’s stability.

And it may enhance the cut. Even the surface of it is serrated to make it easier to remove during blade replacements. Without letting everything fall to the bottom of both the cabinets.

The arch and one-piece ductile iron trunnion system for the front controls are all new designs. The revised cast iron mechanism within the saw cabinet is controlled by two front cranks. 

Setting severe angles or needing to utilize a side crank below the table no longer require any knuckle-busting. 

One can lock up the controls to keep them from sliding during cut passes. And both cranks spin extremely effortlessly. A “speedometer-looking” meter is positioned in the middle of the cranks.

It allows you to adjust the blade bevel precisely. The meter has a tolerance of 0.5 degrees. The blade bevel may be perfectly alright from the front of the cabinet.

Use these two big Allen screws as opposed to climbing inside the cabinet to make changes. In order to prevent bending or breaking. The newly updated On/Off switch is firmly bracketed to the saw. 

The switch may be pressed from the front, top, or side. And it will nevertheless turn off the saw’s power. The table outperforms most of the competitors by a solid 3-5 inches.

It delivers 15 inches of control. It is from the top of the ductile iron surface to the front blade’s leading edge. As a result, you have more space to position a bigger piece of wood. Make sure you know how to repair rotted wood

Whenever you’re making the cut. A novel dual collection system that draws dust straight from the hood. And even nabs bits that aren’t immediately captured through grooves. 

Ducts just at the bottom of the saw’s cab improve the dust catalog around the blade. There are three wing arbor saw variants available for the Unisaw. The models are 36-L336, 36-L352 as well as 36-L552.

Here we have something which may become handy for you:

Improved access to a device arch lock and the solitary axis nut and washer is provided. By a wide throat plate and a shrouded blade. The saw has a user-friendly, two-position, adaptable guarding mechanism with tool-free adjustment.

It is safe to operate near the blade. The saw also provides better accessibility for simple cabinet cleaning.

Three alternative configurations of a Unisaw will be offered.

Model 36-L336 has a 36-inch Biesemeyer fence with a rail system with a 10-inch, left-tilt, 3-horsepower motor.

Model 36-L352 has a 52-inch Biesemeyer fence with a rail system with a 10-inch, left-tilt, 3-horsepower motor.

Model 36-L552 includes a 52-inch Biesemeyer fence with a rail system with a 10-inch, left-tilt, 5-horsepower, single-phase motor.

The latest Unisaw, models 36-L336, 36-L352, and 36-L552, are ideal for basic ripping. The starting price is close to $2999.95.

There will be a 5 years limited warranty for the new Unisaw.

Strength of Unisaw

Accuracy and power are the first two features that spring to mind when selecting a table saw. The American Horizon Motors in 3 HP or 5 HP variants, an American-made single-cast pinion gear system. 

It significantly decreases vibrations and the specially shaped cast-iron table top are Unisaw’s focal points.

Assembly line precision starts there. I was quite pleased with the care that was taken in adjusting the blade alignment there. I marveled as the worker checked.

Retested the blade’s alignment to the saw assembly during the final assembly. Feeler gauges are as tiny as 0.001 inches were being used by the employee.

For the Unisaw, there are two main possibilities for the energy side of the equation. The regular 3 HP motor and an additional 5 HP motor. 

The latter is made in Wisconsin by Marathon Motors. A 5 HP three-phase motor from Baldor may also be ordered. If you’re operating a professional business.

These three parts work together to produce a device that sings when it’s turned on. The saw really passes the “nickel” test with ease because of how smooth it is. Once the engine is turned on, a nickel placed on the tabletop’s edge won’t tip over. 

It’s undeniably pretty remarkable, particularly when seeing it in real life. And seeing how smoothly it runs while still supplying significant power.

The Unisaw immediately stood out for its accuracy. I’ve created projects like this before. But because of my attention to detail, they constantly seem to need “small” modifications here and there.

This job came together flawlessly, with really tight joinery and lovely lines. The Unisaw made all the difference and demonstrated to me. Both its worth and its position as one of the best table saws available.


Does Delta Unisaws Work Well?

Yes, the Unisaw is a top-notch table saw designed with premium components and meticulous attention to detail. The end product is a cabinet saw that is very strong, precise, and made to endure a lifetime much like a good piece of heritage furniture.

What Factory Makes Grizzly Saws?

Taiwan is the source of high-quality Grizzly table saws. All of the company’s goods must adhere to a strict set of requirements before being offered for sale to the general public.

Do You Need A Level for Your Saw?

It’s not necessary for a table saw to be level. The table saw doesn’t have to be level, although it will assist. Make sure the unisaw is safe and sturdy. Instead of demanding that the table be precisely level, you may use various leveling methods to make a level setting.


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