Can You Mix Satin And Gloss Polyurethane? (4 Facts to Know!)

There are different kinds of paints in the market. For gloss and shine, people like to use gloss polyurethane and a matte finish. They like to use satin polyurethane. 

But what will happen if you mix them? Can You Mix Satin And Gloss Polyurethane?

Well, the answer is yes. You can mix Satin Polyurethane with Gloss Polyurethane. But you shouldn’t mix them casually. You should maintain the proportion between them. While mixing them you should consider some facts depending on your choice. 

Wait! Won’t it be better to have a better and broad idea about them? To have those ideas, let’s go through the article. 

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Can You Mix Satin And Gloss Polyurethane?- Yes!    

Can you mix two different polyurethanes? Well, it depends on the types of polyurethane. You can’t mix all kinds of polyurethane just without any reason.

It can create a big mess on your paints and if you apply them on the wall, furniture, wood carving projects, or other things, it can make them look awful. As a consequence, it can waste your money too.

Now let’s discuss mixing satin polyurethane and gloss polyurethane. Can we mix them?

Yes, we can. But you will have to mix them maintaining their proportions of them. How will you know the correct proportions? 

Let’s first know some of the time characteristics of satin polyurethane and gloss polyurethane!

Satin polyurethane gives the surface a matte finish. It doesn’t have any sheen. Some of the kinds of that have a sheen but the sheen is very low here. That’s why it doesn’t reflect any light.

Gloss Polyurethane gives the surface a glossy and shiny finish. You can guess it from its name. It makes the wall and other things very shiny. That’s why it can reflect the light a lot.

If you mix Satin polyurethane and gloss polyurethane, satin polyurethane will always dominate over gloss polyurethane.

If you mix them at about 1:1 proportion, you can not notice any kind of gloss in the oven mixture. Because of the characteristics of satin polyurethane, it will still give you a matte look and the shine will not be considerable.


If you want to know how to make gloss polyurethane satin, you can mix the same amount of satin polyurethane and gloss polyurethane together. As a result, the gloss will decrease a lot creating a matte surface.

But if you also want an average glossy look but the surface should be near the matte finish without reflecting too much light. Then you can mix Satin polyurethane and gloss polyurethane at about 1:2 proportions.

Still, in this proportion, the sheen will not be very much. If you want to have more glossy, you can add more gloss polyurethane. Like it can be about 1:2.75.

Whatever the proportion rate is, you can know if the mixing is done correctly or not after drying the mixture applied to something. Only then you can know if you have got your desired sheen and matte look or not.

The proportions will not always be right depending on the type of paint or adhesive powder. That’s why it is preferable to have some trials before mixing all of your colors.

You can test a small amount of those different proportions and then apply them on some not use something or on a small corner. When they will dry, you can definitely know which proportion will be right for you.

You can apply them to another one. But it’s different from mixing them.

Can you put satin polyurethane over high gloss? Yes, you can. You can have a less shiny surface but there will be no matte finish. 

Can you put satin over gloss polyurethane? Yes, you can. But the gloss will reduce a lot by creating a very matte look.

But this will cost a lot and a lot of hard work too. Because you will apply them twice. And they will not have the in-between them both. So, it’s better to mix them if you want the features of both.

4 Facts to Consider While  Mixing Satin and Gloss Polyurethane 

Well, now you know very well how you should mix Satin polyurethane and gloss polyurethane. And now you also know about the trial before mixing them.

Now, we will tell you about some facts which you may need to consider while making the mixture. These facts are actually totally dependent on your choice.

So, let’s unravel those important facts together!

Fact 1: Shine and Reflection of light 

First, if we talk about mixing them, then the first fact to consider is the shine. Shine is a very important fact to consider before mixing them.

As you already know, if you want a shiny look with some matte texture and also want the shine to be a little more. And also want some reflection of light.

Then you should add more gloss polyurethane. As a result, it will add more shine after the finishing.

The furniture in the Drawing room and the kitchenware furniture can go well with this kind of finish.

If you want the shine to be less and the matte look to be more, then mixing the same amount of both of them would work well to generate that finish. It will also reflect less light.

Fact 2: Surface

Another important fact to consider before making the mixture is the surface. The surface is also a very important part of the furniture.

You can get two kinds of surfaces here. One surface can be matte but glossy and another surface can be glossy but less matte.

There are many people who want their furniture to be shiny but when they touch their furniture, it should not be slippery, rather it can be around a satin texture. Then the second case is for them.

For this case, they should mix the gloss polyurethane more.

But if you just want the opposite one. Like, the look and texture of the wall should be matte, but the texture should also have some silky vibe and also reflect some shine. 

Then you should add gloss polyurethane equal to the satin polyurethane.

The same case is also applicable to all furniture like cabinets, computer desks, etc.

Fact 3: Scratches 

Yes, scratches are also an amazing fact to discover here.

The surfaces which are matte tend to have fewer scratches and they also tend to show fewer imperfections too.

The surfaces are that kind of glossy where light reflects a lot. In that case, it tends to have more scratches and tend to show imperfections. Because lights fall on them a lot.

That’s why while choosing the gloss and shine more with the satin finish, you should know about this feature.

If you are okay with this, then adding the gloss one more should not be an issue. Because they will definitely look good on a glossy showcase of crocker and bookshelf.

Fact 4: Maintenance

Maintenance is a very important factor to consider here. 

The surfaces which are glossy and have more shine, reflect a light lot. And they also tend to attract more dirt and debris too. And they are clearly seen from the surface too.

But in the case of matte surfaces, it is the opposite. They attract less dirt and debris. And if they do any, because of their matte texture, you can’t see them clearly.

In the case of coloring furniture, like outdoor wooden furniture, etc it is a very important fact to consider.

So, if you are not fond of doing a lot of maintenance work, then you can think about not adding the glossy one more to have surfaces be more matte.

But if you don’t have any problems with that, then a shiny, matte texture will look good on anything.

Here is some furniture cleaner spray for you to buy.

Hope they will be helpful to you.

That’s all. Now you know which to choose and why to choose.

But before mixing all of them, you should first do a small trial and test them.


How can you brush polyurethane?

Well, in order to do that, first dip your brush about 1 inch into the paint or mixture. Then brush the area with even and long strokes from one end to another end. You should maintain a wet edge till the surface is not coated. If any drips fall, then catch them with the brush and again brush them smoothly into the area.

Is it important to sand between coats of polyurethane?

Yes, in some cases, it is very much important to sand between the coats of polyurethane. Otherwise, it can damage the look of the house. In those cases, polyurethane will not adjust properly on the coats. And after some time it will peel off and become deformed. 

What should I do to get a good finish after using satin paint?

Well, in order to get a good finish, you should start from the beginning of preparations. Here beginning means cleaning the surface properly. Then you should sand down it, and remove all kinds of flakes of the previous paint. Then the surface should be oil-free so that no dirt can attach to it.

Bottom line

Hoping that now you have the perfect answer to your query, “Can You Mix Satin And Gloss Polyurethane?”. From our expert guidelines, you know all the factors to consider before mixing satin and gloss Polyurethane.

It’s time to say goodbye, my friend. Share with us about your adventure while using the special mixture.

Till then, Good Luck!

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