Laguna 1216 Lathe Problems (How to Fix Them)

Are you planning on getting a mini lathe for accomplishing small projects? Then you probably already know how popular the Laguna Revo 1216 lathe is.

This model of Laguna is an amazing choice for a mid-size lathe. It’s a standard tool with modern features that even some of the bigger-size lathe machines don’t have.

Now you may be wondering- What are the laguna 1216 lathe problems?

The spindle lock button needs to be held to keep it disengaged from the gear mechanism. This can make the process of placing or adjusting the chuck on the spindle a bit uncomfortable. Also, the tailstock can seem a bit stiff while trying to slide it across the lathe bed.

But that’s not it. Keep reading for more details on the issues and ideas on how to fix them.

Problems of Laguna 1216 Lathe: Spilled!

laguna 1216 lathe problems

Although the Laguna 1216 is outstanding as a mini lathe, it does come with a few issues that may or may not be bothersome to people.

Below we’ve explained the problems in detail. But we’ve also included some solutions so that you’re not held back from getting this super-efficient lathe machine. 

Problem 1: Spindle Lock Needs to be Held for Securing

The Spindle Lock button is a safety feature of the lathe machine. It’s used for disengaging the spindle from the gear mechanism. 

Now the problem with this is that the button needs to be pushed in and be held to keep the spindle locked. Once you leave it, it’ll automatically get unlocked.

You may need to use the lock while putting on or adjusting the chuck on the spindle. You’ll have one hand to do your job and the other hand engaged holding the button, which can be a bit of a hassle.

This system is probably added for your ease, just in case you forget to unlock it again, but turned out to be not so convenient. So, what can you do about it? 


In conventionally designed lathe machines, this problem is solved using a spanner and a rare earth magnet. Using a spanner, the spindle is turned to the direction which locks it and the handle is attached to the bed using the magnet.

Now in the case of the Laguna 1216, you can use the rare earth magnet as well to hold the Spindle Lock button in. You just need to customize it using a plastic body with an extension that’ll press into the button.

The magnet will do the job of holding in the button by staying attached to the lathe bed while you adjust the chuck or the speed belt. 

As simple as that! If you can manage the magnet and customize it accordingly, this won’t be an issue anymore. Below are some recommendations on the best rare earth magnets currently available.

It’s worth mentioning that you won’t get a chuck with the lathe machine. So in case, you’re looking for a high-quality chuck for your lathe, here are some of the best ones:

Problem 2: Tailstock Moves Stiffly

This problem is not faced by everyone. Some of the machines have this problem while some don’t. If you’re too unfortunate, your lathe will have this problem.

The tailstock of the Laguna 1216 can feel stiff while you try to move it across the lathe bed. About a few inches towards the middle, the tailstock won’t seem to go any further. 

This can be a problem when you’ll need to adjust the tailstock according to the size of your wood body. You’ll face inconvenience while doing your woodwork and probably not get the desired output.

But fret not. This is totally fixable.


This problem mainly occurs due to an uneven width of the tailstock track in the lathe bed. Now If you want to fix this problem by yourself, you need to even out the track.

You can use an emery cloth, which is like sandpaper, but for metals. It’s used to shape or smoothen out rough patches in metals. First, you need to take measurements and determine the uneven portions in the track, then work on an evening it out. 

This problem can be easily fixed if you can follow this process. You’ll eventually be able to slide the tailstock all the way through.

But if you’re unable to do it, you can contact Laguna’s customer care service and ask for a replacement. They’ll hopefully address the issue and help accordingly

Here are some of the best emery cloth sheets currently available in the market that’ll make your work faster and easier. 

Some people try to use steel wool to smoothen metallic surfaces. Don’t do that if you don’t want your lathe bed surface to become coarse and ugly. However, you can use steel wool and vinegar to give your woodworks an antique look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why are my wood projects turning out to be rough after using my lathe a couple of times?

Answer: The most probable reason for this is that your turning tool has gone blunt and you need to sharpen it. Sharpen the edges of your turning tool and every other cutting tool in the machine to get a smooth output.

Question: Why is my lathe making unusually loud noises and extreme vibration?

Answer: This could happen if your tailstock is not firmly fixed on the machine, or if your workpiece and the cutting tool are not in balance. 

Remove the tailstock and place it back tightly. Also, while working on the project, make sure that your workpiece and the cutting tool are well-balanced and attached as firmly as possible.

Question: Why is the carriage in my lathe not moving?

Answer: A stuck carriage is one of the most common problems of lathe machines. Check first if all the cutting tools are placed firmly in their respected positions.

If the issue is not with cutting tools, then disassemble the parts, clean out all the dirt, then reassemble.

Final Words

That’s all we had to say regarding laguna 1216 lathe problems and their probable solutions. So now it’s time to part ways.

We hope that you’ll be able to decide if you want to buy this for yourself after reading this article. If you already have it and you’re facing one of these issues, then hopefully the solutions worked for you.

Until next time, stay safe and Happy Woodturning!.

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