5 Best Woodturning Hollowing System (Reviews) in 2023

It’s Frustrating! 

Maybe, you’ve spent hours turning wood for finishing and hollowing. But, no matter how much or how long you try it! The entire process becomes so much complex! 

Don’t worry, woodturning hollowing systems are here to save the day! And, to get an entire hollowing system, we had to sacrifice quite some sleep! 

For that reason, we’ve worked on finding the best woodturning hollowing system! After weeks of research and testing, we’re here with the best 5 ones. It’s tough to find an efficient hollowing system. 

This is why we took the time to compile a list of the most likely scenarios in which you might seek an alternative solution for your problem. Depending on the information, we have recommended five products.

If you already know what you’re looking for, finding a product won’t be a problem.

However, for those of you who are completely clueless, you can refer to the information portion of this guide.

It contains a significant amount of additional information and can assist you in appropriately diagnosing your problem. Let’s go-

1. Simple Woodturning Tools Hollowing System

‎Simple Woodturning Tools Hollowing System

  • Dimension: 24 x 6 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 5 Pounds
  • Color: Red
  • Material: Aluminum

The first item on our list is the “‎Simple Woodturning Tools Hollowing System”. We chose the goods in our top five list because of a number of different factors. 

This one may possibly appeal to you due to its remarkable qualities-

We’ll start with a discussion on the effectiveness of the system’s operation. Because of the silky-smooth action, stability, and precise tool control, you are free to concentrate on your creativity. Rather than worrying about catches or vibrations while hollowing.

After the efficient working. You can go ahead and settle with the assembly. Here, it can even be installed on the platform. This option additionally includes the full-size “Simple Swan Neck Hollowing Carbide-tipped lathe too”. 

This is not included with the other options.

Aside from that, the tools ensure that you always work with the correct wall thickness. It avoids the worry of accidentally cutting through the wall just as your bowl is about to be finished up. 

With the reducing tip offset from the laser beam by the required plate thickness of the container, the infomercial laser is configured so that the laser beam and the cutting tip are both offset as from laser light.

You can still purchase these tools even after reading all of this if you still have your heart set on doing so.

There is one small complaint about this tool! It’s not exactly the tool, it’s more like the case of the tool. Here, the case of the tool felts flimsy. So, it didn’t feel that much premium if you ask me. 

2. Woodcut Tools Bowlsaver

Woodcut Tools Bowlsaver

  • Dimension: ‎9.37 x 9.29 x 3.82 inches
  • Weight: ‎10.8 pounds

The “Woodcut Tools Bowl Saver” comes in at number two on the list of best woodworking tools. We wouldn’t exclude this one from consideration only on the basis of its naming. 

Despite our limited time with it, we were able to pick up on some intriguing points. And now we’re about to reveal them to you.

First and foremost, let’s get this over with. If you’re looking for the most affordable option available among all of the tools on our list, this is it. However, the lesser price may be at the expense of the overall construction quality. Consequently, it is only fair to say that you may not get the most out of this experience.

Then, using the same blade, create many bowl blanks; no extra blades are required. There are two high-strength blades equipped the Bowlsaver can remove bowls from three different sizes with a combination of cuts. 

And, the depth can vary between 12″ and 5″ when measured inside the mother bowl. Additionally, it has the capability of producing variously shaped vessels.

Following that, the “Woodcut Tools” are used. Using Bowlsaver’s long-lasting Stellite cutters, you can cut through green or seasoned wood with precision. And you can even remove a perfectly round bowl every time. 

Honestly, it comes with a template design for determining bowl depth, but you can also purchase a Light Guide to make this even more accessible.

Another advantage of the device is that it has two blades that may be utilized one at a time, rather than all at once. Using a combination of cuts, the blades may remove blanks ranging from 3″ to 12″ in diameter from the inside of the mother bowl’s interior. 

Here, the depth to which the blades will penetrate the wood can be regulated from zero to 130mm ” (5″). In essence, this will remove a bowl 300mm (12″) x 130mm (5″) in size from the outside bowl of the machine. 

Replacement Stellite cutters are sharp and ready to begin coring as soon as they are received.

Lastly, the complaint about this product is that it won’t cut through dry wood that well. So, if that’s the thing you’re after, this ain’t it, chief! 

3. Aogbra Carbide Tipped Woodturning Tools

Aogbra Carbide Tipped Woodturning Tools

  • Dimension: ‎14.4 x 10.2 x 2.6 inches
  • Weight: ‎4.14 pounds
  • Sizing: 6 in 1

Here’s one from “Aogbra Carbide” which you can see below. Several points we’d want to emphasize regarding it are as follows. Also on this list, you’ll discover why it doesn’t appear to be any higher up the ladder than it is right now.

Let’s start with the possibilities that you have available to you. It’s certainly the most enticing quality of this particular one. The tools are available in three different lengths. As a result, You can make your decision based on your thinking.

To begin with, the tips of the tools are composed of tungsten carbide, which allows for longer cutter life. Its stainless steel arbor provides strength and durability. 

While the aluminum oxide alloy handles provide grip, comfort, and long-lasting sturdiness. It will undoubtedly give you a better in-depth understanding of the subject matter.

After that, the variable-length shaft design and carbide cutters are extremely useful to woodworkers of all skill levels, even beginners. 

Carbide cutters make it easier for both novices and expert turners to get started on projects quickly because they reduce the learning curve associated with traditional turning equipment.

Aside from that, tool shafts are CNC machined from square high carbon steel, which results in a solid feel in the hand when used. As a result, square shaft tools are less prone than round shaft tools to roll and move. 

While on the tool rest because the square shaft shape helps to keep the tool flat on the tool rest and level with the floor.

Also, it weighs only 4.14 pounds and has dimensions of 14.4 x 10.2 x 2.6 inches, which are critical for utilizing the tool well.

Here, the little sizing offered is the only problem we have. You might be okay with it, though!

4. Tenfer Carbide Lathe Turning Tools

Tenfer Carbide Lathe Turning Tools

  • Dimensions: ‎12.91 x 9.53 x 2.83 inches
  • Weight: ‎3.96 pounds

Tenfer Carbide Lathe’s fourth trooper will take the stage next. Please don’t get the wrong impression. We have a number of convincing reasons for selecting the tools from the Tenfer. So let’s have a discussion about it-

With this one, we’ve come up with a couple of different approaches. So let’s start with the aspects of these technologies that we found appealing.

The Tungsten carbide tip, stainless steel bar, and aluminum alloy handle and casing are the first and most significant features of this tool, and they set the tone for the rest of it. 

Everything in this toolkit is alive and well, and it is dependable. It also comes with an 11-inch handle, a 9-inch toolbar, a carbide cutter that has already been mounted, a wrench, and an aluminum alloy case with a sponge lining.

Following that, the length of the toolbar can be customized to your liking. Please double-check that the taskbar is securely fastened with both screws for your own safety. 

As a result, the entire length of the tool should not exceed 19″. It has two alloy handles, making it simple to grab and operate without having to change bits. 

Here, the red and blue finish is both aesthetically beautiful and functionally effective, increasing friction.

One advantage of carbide cutters is that you can simply replace the edges and continue working on your project. There is no need to become bored when honing. As a result, changing the blade to suit your needs is simple.

5. Woodcut Tools Pro-Forme Premium

Woodcut Tools Pro-Forme Premium

  • Dimension: ‎22.3 x 6.25 x 1.5 inches
  • Weight: ‎3.84 pounds

We’ve reached the conclusion of the product evaluations. So, if you’re still reading this, please continue reading. It’s possible that this one from  “Woodcut Tools Pro-Forme Premium” will catch your eye in more ways than one. So let’s move on to the details of the product.

The Premium Hollower Gouge from Woodcut Tools is an excellent place to start. The items produced by the United Kingdom corporation are of high quality for the tools sector.

Nevertheless, are their tools effective enough to cut through the smaller tree branches in order to form a shape?

Talk about it a little bit more-

First and foremost, it is the simplest hollowing tool to sharpen. If you use a diamond file to diamond hone, to smooth off the surface of the card. There are solutions for cross and end grained problems, as well as for dry and greenwood problems. 

Here, the hollow forms can be more than 13 inches and the depth can be expanded even further when the Woodcut Irons Tool Rest is used in combination with the Hollow Forming Tool. It is a critical consideration in the design of wood cutting machines.

You won’t have to adjust the cutter again and again, unlike with other tools, after that. Its cutter is composed of hardened Square meters low steel and has an open one-sided design in order to minimize clogging of the blade. 

Comparing the other instruments, clogging is a common occurrence as well. It also cuts at significantly slower speeds, such as 500 rpm, which reduces the number of secondary shavings produced.

The best thing is that your “Pro-Forme Hollowing Tool” comes with a thorough user guide booklet, which you can read on your own time. Woodcut Tools has a YouTube account, where you can find user instructions and demonstration videos. They’re pretty informative if you ask me!

In addition, the “Woodcut Tools Pro “is the lightweight product on our list. It weighs only 3.84 pounds and has dimensions of 22.3 x 6.25 x 1.5 inches, which gives it a luxurious appearance while remaining lightweight.

What is the Best Way of Utilizing this One?

best woodturning hollowing system

The hollowing system provides stability and guidance to woodturning tools during the hollowing and finishing processes. When used properly, it provides silky smooth motion, stability, and precise tool control.

This allows you to turn with confidence and ease that you never imagined possible. While hollowing, you are free to concentrate on your ideas without being distracted by catches or vibrations.

How to Hollow Out Wood?

In order to enhance the storage capacity obtainable in an item, to help a part fit in better, or to construct a secret hiding place, it is likely that you’ll need to hollow down wood. 

Whatever your reason or requirement, hollowing out wood with a woodworking mallet and chisel is one of the most straightforward methods available. 

With a drill and a woodworking bit, you may create circular hollows in a short amount of time. Despite the fact that woodworking routers are fast and precise, the initial investment in this gear might be substantial.

Step 1: Sharpening the Tools

If you’re merely hollowing out a piece of wood in a crude fashion, you may not need to sharpen your tool. A sharpened chisel, on the other hand, will remove wood more neatly as it is hollowed out, resulting in a more polished finished product in the end.

  • Pulling the end of your chisel back and forth through a sharpened stone inside a figure-eight sequence that runs through the middle of the stone is an effective way to sharpen it.
  • Maintaining the beveled (angled) side of chisels flat with the coarse side of the sharpening stone while dragging it back and forth is the best method for honing.
  • To sharpen the bevel after it has been honed, turn it over and hold it flat against the fine side of the sharpening stone, dragging it back and forth as you did with the beveled side.

Step 2: Hollowing Out With Precision

The force with which you are chiseling will almost certainly cause the piece of wood to move slightly. Because of this, it may be tough to hollow out the hardwood with extreme precision. 

If you want to improve precision, you can use a vise or clamp to keep the piece of wood in place while you chisel, which will make the process easier.

Step 3: Pointing Bevel Part in the Downwards End

While working with wood, the bevel (angled part) of the chisel should always be pointed downwards at the wood. Placing the tip of the chisel’s end on the wood and holding the handle at an angle will produce the best results.

More About the tools (Added Knowledge)

Let’s know about some infos that could come in handy-

Spindle Roughing Gouge

A spindle roughing gouge is a large fluted gouge that is used to round and coarsely shape a hardwood spindle after it has been shaped.

Because of the huge cut required and the somewhat weak tang connecting the blade to the handle, this blade is generally not recommended for cutting end grain. 

Making bowls or any type of faceplate work is not recommended.

Here, a gouge with a deep fluted surface is used to turn the exterior and inside of bowls and containers. Given the fact that it must cut further away from the tools and must manage the stress of turning a large bowl.

It is frequently thicker in the shaft and longer in the handle than just a spindle gouge. The gouges are also referred to as long and strong.

Skew Chisel

A skew chisel is a wide, steeply pointed chisel with an edge that runs at an angle to the length of the tool, as opposed to the length of the tool. Flat spindles can be smoothed with a file, beads can be cut, and features can be added. 

These are also among the most difficult to master, as they require extensive practice.


Scrapers are used to smooth off wooden goods cut with other tools and to shape items that are either impossible or extremely difficult to form with gouges. 

Here, the scrapers can also be used to shape materials that would be complicated to shape using gouges, such as cylinders. While both a sharp scraper and a dull scraper have burrs on the edges that cut the wood, only a dull scraper truly scrapes the wood.

In addition to providing a sharp blade that separates large and small diameter sections, it is utilized to extract (break off) work from the lathe. Wide parting tools, also known as bedans, are used to make spindle pieces that are of uniform size.

Friction is used to burn lines into a piece of artwork using a basic wire, which may or may not have grips connected at either end.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the best tool for hollowing out wood?

Answer: However, you want to use it among the simplest methods accessible. With a drill and a woodworking bit, you may create circular hollows in a short amount of time. Despite the fact that woodworking routers are fast and precise, the initial investment in this gear might be substantial.

Question:  What is a bowl gouge woodturning?

Answer:  Bowl Gouges are a type of gouge that is used to scrape the inside of a bowl. When compared to their size, bowl gouges are meant to be robust and to remove wood swiftly from their workpieces.

A U-shaped or V-shaped flute with a radius at the bottom of the V is used instead of a spindle gouge to ensure that shavings are removed as efficiently as possible.

Question: Distinguish between a spindle gouge and a bowl gouge?

Answer: Designed for shaping wood bowls, the bowl gouge flute has a curved blade with wings on either side. Spinning gouges have a more open flat flute and are better utilized for fine details and spindle turnings rather than for general woodworking.

There were so many phrases and techniques to learn and comprehend when I first started turning, and it was overwhelming.


It’s been a pleasure, everyone, thank you! Finally, after a lengthy stroll, we’ve finished our review guide and can relax.

Now, we’re hoping that you’ve been successful in your search by reading the best woodturning hollowing system.

Despite the fact that we have discussed five different items in this list, we believe that selecting one of them is difficult. We’ve divided them into groups based on the content of the other parts. We think that it is more useful for your purpose.

That’s all!

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