How to Tell If Gas Is Mixed with Oil? (5 Symptoms)

Have you ever been frustrated with throwing slabs of money on changing your engine oil? Even after so many changes, the car still is showing problems. And you might think that it’s dangerous to take your favorite car out on the street. 

Hence, you might wonder how to tell if gas is mixed with oil

There are some ways to tell if gas has leaked into your car oil. Symptoms such as a strong fuel smell or seeing white exhaust smoke can indicate this issue. Also, some more symptoms are indicating too much gas has leaked into the engine oil. 

Did you find your answer from what you have read so far? A detailed discussion on it is waiting for you. 

So, read along for a better understanding!

What Does It Mean When Gas Is Mixing With the Oil?

Have you recently smelled gas when you started the car? Also, you see the oil is pouring out? Gas and oil both are very essential for your dear car. Both play a crucial role to run the car smoothly. 

Although both are very important. At times malfunction happens. Gas may be entering your oil pan. 

This happens due to different malfunctions within the engine system. If gas leaks into the oil pan. And you smell gas while changing your engine oil. 

It is not normal when you smell a strong gasoline smell while you are changing your engine oil. If an excessive amount of gas mixes into the oil, this can lead to a serious problem. 

But hey! If you are looking to get rid of the gasoline smell, here we’ve prepared a list. These will help you to get rid of the unbearing gasoline smell. 

We hope this list will help you with the smell issue.

Keep in mind that a small amount of gas entering the oil pan is not unusual. But having too much gas into the oil pan is alarming.

Symptoms of Gas Mixing into Engine Oil

how to tell if gas is mixed with oil

An excessive amount of gas mixing into your car oil is harmful to your safety. It can lead to a lethal explosion at any time. 

But you can detect this problem by observing some of the symptoms. Those are;

Symptom 1:

The first symptom that you will notice is that you can smell fuel while you drive the car. 

Symptom 2:

Your car will start to release white smoke from the exhaust. If you see that, then too much gas is mixing into the oil. 

Symptom 3:

Your oil pressure gauge will start showing low oil pressure. Often this means too much fuel has leaked in. 

Symptom 4:

Your oil level is increasing without you adding more oil. If that happens, you have excessive gas leaking in. 

Symptom 5:

You will have a strong gasoline smell as you refuel your car. This is also an indication of an unusual amount of gas leaking into the oil pan. 

Here’s a list of equipment that will help you to separate leaked gas from your oil pan- 

As soon as you observe these symptoms, you will know there are definitely some problems with your oil pan. Find out the gas leakage into the oil pan. Your first priority should be to address and fix the issue. 

Otherwise, you might have to face a lethal accident at any given time which can even cause your life!

What Causes is Gas Leaking into Oil?

As you have noticed gas leakage by observing the symptoms, you will need to know the cause. There are some reasons why gas leaks into the oil pan. Some of them are:

Reason 1:

Have your car oil mixture too rich. Too rich fuel mixture affects other parts of the engine. 

Reason 2:

Having bad piston rings. Due to this, more gas enters the combustion chamber. Subsequently, running to the oil pan. 

Reason 3:

Air-Fuel mixture not igniting correctly. This disrupts the combustion cycle. Also, the gas can wash your cylinder wall if the air-fuel mixture does not ignite. 

Reason 4:

Only driving short distances can also cause gas to leak into the oil pan. 

Reason 5:

Having faulty Carburetor or faulty fuel injection. Carburetors are found in older cars while fuel injection is implemented in newer cars. Having them both stale can lead to gas leaking into the oil pan. 

If you decide to change your bad carburetor with a good one, you can look at the table below-

As soon as you figure out what is wrong with your car, you should contact a professional to fix this issue. 

Do not hesitate to have your car immediately fixed if you want to avoid any life-risking crashes. A faulty Carburetor can lead to an explosion.

Carefully observe these symptoms and their causes. It will help you to diagnose the problem at an earlier stage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What happens when gas mixes with oil?

Answer: Excessive gas into the oil pan produces a smoky exhaust, oil leakage from the muffler, and loss of power at times. Although this can lead to a massive accident, it can be fixed with simple fuel replacement or having properly mixed fuel. 

Question: How can you tell if oil is mixed with the gas?

Answer: There is a simple trick to determine if there is oil in the gas. For this, take two brown paper bags, pour straight gas on one and the mixed gas on the other one. 

You will see that the bag with mixed gas will leave an oil stain on the bag after the gas has evaporated while the straight one will not leave any strains. 

Question: What color is oil mixed gas?

Answer: The two-cycle gas usually has a bluish color to it if it is mixed with the oil. On the contrary, straight gas rather has a yellowish color to it. 


Here you can see my take on how to tell if gas is mixed with oil? Always keep an eye out for the above-mentioned symptoms.

It’s better to have your car checked by professionals if you run into any of them. 

Hope you have a safe drive at all times. 

Until then, have a beautiful day!

Kevin Smith

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