Are Carbide Chainsaw Chains Worth It? (Yes Or No)

Choosing the proper chain for the right job is very confusing, especially if you buy it at a higher price. And without knowing the pros and cons will only create a dilemma.

So, are carbide chainsaw chains worth it? 

Yes, carbide chainsaw chains are worth money. The carbide chains add some extra features like durability and decrease the sharpening frequency. And increase the cutting power. Also, it has its cons like cost and difficulty in operating. 

You might still be very dizzy about this matter. To clear yourself out, read along with and stay tuned!

Is Carbide Chainsaw Chain Worth It?

are carbide chainsaw chains worth it

Carbide is one of the solid compounds used to add toughness to the chainsaw. Especially tungsten carbide is two times denser than steel.

By coating it with carbide, the chainsaw can’t be sharpened that easily. You will need coated files and discs. And files and discs are coated with diamond mainly. 

Most tools like files or discs can be purchased online or from good dealers. Here we have collected some of the most popular files for you.

These files are Diamond coated and they will be a great help to sharpen the carbide chain. 

Many users are very much skeptical about the functionality and effectiveness of the carbide chainsaw. There is a dilemma in choosing the carbide chainsaw. It’s kind of like choosing a Stihl chainsaw.  

But we will need to discuss the pros and cons of carbide chainsaw chains to answer the dilemma. 

Why Should You Choose a Carbide Chainsaw Chain?-(Pros)

By coating the chainsaw chain with carbide, several characteristics and effectiveness are added to the chain. So, by comparing those aspects, you can immediately establish the effectiveness of the carbide chainsaw chain.

Now, let’s jump into the detailed discussion.  

Feature 1: Durability 

Once you apply carbide on the tip of your chainsaw, you can assume a different cutting style. Carbide adds a great life to the chainsaw chain. 

It serves more than 3 to 5 times than the regular chainsaw chain. It doesn’t have much vibration since the tooth is welded with a laser. That means the carbide lengthens the durability of chainsaw chains 5 times. 

Feature 2: Frequency of Sharpening 

By including the carbide, you will lessen the frequency of sharpening because the blade will no longer need to be sharpened on a regular basis.

Without honing the blade, you may cut up to 120 square meters in a single pass. The carbide preserves the chain’s sharp edges and keeps it strong for an extended period of time.

Feature 3: Cutting Power 

The cutting power of a chain is improved by adding carbide to it. In comparison to the typical tooth, it became chiseled. And it became ideal for ripping through the dry and fresh wood.

Dirty wood is notorious for causing a lot of problems during the cutting process. The carbide-coated chain saw, on the other hand, will readily cut them. Even treated wood, stamped, and hardwood may be cut quickly and simply.

Steel and hard rock, on the other hand, must be avoided at all costs. Attempting to cut them might cause damage to your chain.

In some circumstances, a new chain will be required. Here are some of the high-quality chains we’ve gathered for you.

These chains are collected by the most customer reviews. And they will serve you a good time. 

Cons of Carbide Chainsaw Chain 

Because the carbide-coated chainsaw has so many benefits. There are certain disadvantages to these chains as well.

That is why before selecting a chainsaw chain for your operation there is one thing that you must do. And that thing is you must be aware of all of the unique disadvantages. Let’s get started with the disadvantages of the carbide chainsaw chain.


Despite their advantage, the carbide chainsaw chains cost more competitively than the regular steel chainsaw chain. The Carbide chain’s price range is between $30 and $50. This cost also varies based on the different quality of products.

Moreover, it is also more expensive to sharpen the carbide chain. Because they need special diamond-coated filed or wheels. 


Carbide is a heavy material. That increases the weight of the chainsaw. In other words, it creates challenges for the user. And also most importantly it reduces the cutting speed.  

What to Choose? 

In short carbide, chains are best used in applications such as cutting ice, walls, roofs, or soft rock. In these types of applications, the regular steel chains would get dull easily. And the best chainsaw is the chainsaw with sharpness superiority.

It can be used in the criteria where you need to use chainsaw frequently for a long time and also you don’t want to sharpen your chain often. 

Rather than these criteria, let’s say you have a limited budget. Then you may stick to the regular steel chains. It would be more cost-effective 

Here are some good-quality steel chains we have collectors for you that can serve you well. 

These chains are of good quality that is collected from the reviews. 

But in case you want to go with the carbide chainsaw, remember to be cautious. Use chainsaw pants to maintain safety and comfort while working with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What is the fastest cutting chainsaw chain?

Answer: A full Chisel chain is a chain with square cornered teeth. They are known for being the fastest cutting chain. 

Question 2: What is an aggressive chainsaw chain?

Answer: An aggressive chain is which has a higher cutting range or capacity than any other usual chain. 

Question 3: Is it worth sharpening a chainsaw chain?

Answer: It’s absolutely worth sharing a chainsaw chain. It’s easy to work with a sharp chain. 


Hope now you are out of the dilemma about are carbide chainsaw chains worth it? And it was an insightful journey till the end.

You can choose either carbide chain or steel-based chain depending on the work requirements. However, if you still don’t know which feature to focus on, reach out to a professional.

Best of luck with your chainsaw

Kevin Smith

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