How to Cut Tree Limbs over House (5 Steps Guideline)

We understand that we all love to be surrounded by trees and the green facilities that they provide. But there will come a time when things will get out of control. You will start seeing the large tree limbs on top of your home, which is both unexpected and annoying. 

So, we thought why not help you with getting rid of the annoyance that’s being caused by the creations of nature?

In this post today, we will talk about the challenges of how to cut tree limbs over house or how to cut tree branches over roof and how to get over it and still be able to cut it perfectly. Our goal would be to take you through the steps in a simple manner. We hope you enjoy it.  

What is the Challenge of Cutting Tree Limbs over House?

how to cut tree limbs over house

Well, most of the carpenters and people who work with tree felling, are aware of the problem. As it is bent over your house or tree limbs, it’s not just a typical tree-felling job. 

Therefore, here are the threats and risks that you have to keep in mind- 

  • The risk of falling the cut-down tree limb over the house of the roof. 
  • The risk of damage to any wires and electrical power supplies that are associated with the tree limb. 
  • The potential risk of bending down the overall tree, in case the tree branch that we are dealing with, comes to be large.
  • In case of storms or heavy winds, the tree branch can fall down on your house and cause severe damages. 
  • In some highly growing trees, these limbs can keep growing and touch the parts of your or your neighbor’s house. This is quite unwanted. 

Keeping all these points in mind, we still have to continue with the process. And below are the steps of cutting tree branches over house.

What Are the Required Tools?

Throughout the process, we will be in need of a few woodworking tools that will help you out with the job. Before getting into the steps, we want you to have a look at the list and collect them right away-

  1. Thick nylon ropes of 15-25 feet. 
  2. Ladder of up to a height till tree branch end. 
  3. Tree branch cutting saw to cut notches onto the branch collar. 
  4. Safety gears.

5 Steps of How to Cut Tree Limbs over House

Here, we will take you through a 5 step process of remove tree limbs over house, and take that off safely. Stay tuned with the steps of how to cut tree hanging over house.

Step 1: Create a Knot with a Heavy Rope

At first, you have to secure that the cut-off tree branches cannot get into your roof or house. For that, the best way is to create a knot at several places with heavy-duty nylon ropes or something of similar strength.

Get into the branch end with a ladder, and make knots on it and tighten the other end of the rope with another brand of the tree that is in a safe zone. 

Once you are done with creating the notch, create a few more, in case the branch is long enough. The heavier the branch is, the more knots you have to create. 

Once done, move to the next step of how to cut tree limbs up high or how to cut tree branches high.

Step 2: Find the Brand Collar

The next step is about to find the collar of the tree branch, from where we will start the cutting process. The branch collar is an area where there is growth from the main tree. You can see it by a ridge circle where the bark is thicker than the rest of the branch. 

However, it’s important to cut the tree branch around the notch, because that’s where it will require the least amount of cutting effort to do the job. 

Once you are done with the location of the tree collar, you can go forward to prepare yourself for the cut. 

Step 3: Start Cutting at A Downward Angle

Take a powerful chainsaw(as per the type of wood and the thickness of the branch as well). And also, learning how to cut tree limbs with chainsaw is easier than other tools. In case it’s a thin branch, smaller power tools are good to go as well. See our guide on cutting small branches with a reciprocating saw. 

Now, start making cuts downwards to the ground. It’s important to keep the cut downwards, in this manner, water won’t settle into the wound. And if you can avoid water settling down at the wound, it will eventually prevent the rotting of the tree. 

Make sure that you are following the cutting rules and safety precautions that you should do while dealing with a tree branch with a chainsaw. Also, make sure to use the best tree branch cutter available. 

Step 4: Don’t Leave too much of the Tree Branch

Once you are done with the previous step, the tree branch should come off. And the rope attachment support should handle it from falling onto your home roof. 

However, we would like to advise you that, you should not leave too much of the tree branch with the tree. Too long of a stub will cause further difficulties for the tree to create a proper callus. 

Step 5: Bring the Branch on the Ground

At this step of the process, the tree branch should be hanging with the support of rope from another branch of the tree. Now, get into the tree branch and untie the knot. 

For a small-sized tree branch, only one knot will do the job. But in case you have a larger branch, you should be creating more than one knot at the very beginning. For that, removing each of the knots is important.

And while you are doing this, make sure that there are people on the ground who are there to help you with handling the bottom part of the tree branch. 

Proper care and sincerity should be able to do the job right away. In case you don’t have any experience with this job, it’s better to call up the professionals and seek their help.

Because undertaking a job of this nature can potentially harm both you and the people you may care about.  

Bottom Line

You see, the answer to how to cut tree branches over house isn’t that easy. You may want to pay attention to the details of the discussion we are having. In case you are new to this without this clue, you can follow this step-by-step guide to find the best way to trim trees over the house.

In case you do it yourself, we would request you to follow proper safety precautions anyway before working with tree branch cutting tools. 

We would like to convey our thanks and congratulate you on making it to the end of this very long discussion. We hope you can make the most of this article we have for you.

Good luck.

Kevin Smith

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  1. Cutting the tree limbs present over the tree roof is always a challenging task as the risks are high in damaging the roof of the house. My cousin was looking at these sorts of tips and I am glad I came across this resource. Will definitely share the same with my brother.

  2. Thank you for suggesting to use safety precautions when trimming a tree branch and to not leave too much branch so that it can properly callus. My parents have a large oak tree that has grown over their roof and home. The tree is rather tall, so it seems like it’d be best for them to find a tree care service in Spokane, WA soon.

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