Chainsaw Leaking Bar Oil (Causes and Solution)

Having a leaking chainsaw bar is quite a dangerous situation for anyone who’s working with it. Apart from wasting up chainsaw oil, it also can affect the performance of the device. 

Therefore, we’ve come up with a complete guide on chainsaw leaking bar oil, and some tips on how not to let it happen over again. Keep reading- 

How You Can Identify Chainsaw Leaking Bar Oil Problem?

chainsaw leaking bar oil

First things first, you have to be sure about the problem. We mean, you have to be sure that the oil is leaking right from the bar section of your chainsaw. 

Keep it stored in a place where it’s stationary and stable. Keep it there for a few hours, and check it back. If you see any chainsaw oil leak right under the bar area, it will be the chainsaw bar which leaks the oil. 

With this method, or anything else, make it a 100 percent certain that the chainsaw bar is the place where the oil is leaking from.

However, we believe that time is money. And to wait for a few hours just to know if the bar oil is leaking isn’t just efficient.

So, we have another method up here. For this, you’ll need a paper and your saw. Lay down that paper on the ground. Take up your saw blade just above the paper and start it in reverse mode.

If your bar oil level is perfect, then you’ll notice a mist of oil jumping over on the paper. However, if your paper gets soaked in oil, then your bar has oil leaking.

And proceed towards the next steps- 

Why Is My Chainsaw Leaking Bar Oil And Is It Okay?

Well, that’s kind of a strange question, many of you can think. But sometimes, the oil leak from the bar area is simply those portion of the oil that is left over for the high-speed rotation of the chain. If that happens, a little portion of the oil will leak through the saw body or the bar. 

However, if the amount of oil that is being leaked is significantly higher than chainsaw bar oil consumption, that’s not something normal. If that’s the case, you should beware of the chainsaw bar maintenance and proceed towards the next portion of the article-

Most Common Causes For A Chainsaw to Leak Bar

As you know, the bar and the chain oil are stored in an area called the oil tank, and it’s located right above the motor section. What it does is- it has a valve that allows it to draw air toward the inner direction and lets the oil pump out

The valve that we’re talking about, has a responsibility to maintain a negative pressure towards the oil tank. And that’s the reason why oil doesn’t leak down normally. Also, this valve ensures that the oil is delivered right away to the bar and chain section of the device. As the chain starts to rotate for the function, this oil keeps it lubricated. 

However, for some reason, if the bar can’t hold the negative pressure towards the tank anymore, the oil starts leaking. And in case the valve goes completely out of order, the oil leak will turn on even more severely. 

So, that’s the main reason why chainsaw leaking oil from the bar and chain section

4 Steps Solution of Chainsaw Leaking Bar Oil Problems

Alright, we’ve been taken through the reasons why the chainsaw bar is leaking oil from the bar section. Now at this stage, we’ll learn how to fix that and bring that chainsaw over again into form.  

Solution 1: Clean Up the Sawdust And Residues

While you are working with a chainsaw, it’s an obvious thing that there will be sawdust and residue materials both outside and inside of the engine area. This takes place more often when you’re cutting trees or lumbers with the tool.

Sometimes, this dust gets into the chainsaw bar oil filter and jams it up. So, you’ll notice several malfunctions with time. And leaking oil from the bar section is one of those malfunctions. 

To solve this problem up, you’ve to learn how to clean the chainsaw guide bar and other parts of it. Here’s a short peek into it-

Remove the bar and chain oft he saw by following the essential instructions provided in the user’s manual. Once done, take a semi-wet cloth and wipe off the sawdust, dust, debris, and residue from the inside area of the saw. 

Sometimes, you’ll find castings or moldings that might contain oil that’s sourced from the oil tank. While you’re going through the cleaning process, make sure that you’ve checked for that as well. 

Solution 2: Look for the Pressure Buildup

Sometimes, oil leaks through the bar, chain and any other areas of the chainsaw because of the excessive pressure inside the oil tank. If the oil tank builds pressure during use, that can will case a good leaking rate of the oil, which will show up in the chain and bar section. 

To make sure that the issue is fixed, you have to screw or unscrew the oil cap. Adjusting the right amount of pressure will fix the issue and put it back into regular operation. 

Solution 3: Check Out the Rubber Ring

As a part of the mechanism, there is a rubber ring between the chain and the oil tank reservoir. In some cases, this rubber ring can also create excessive pressure over the oil tank and cause a leak. 

In case you find the rubber ring to be damaged, the best option is to replace them up with a new chainsaw rubber ring. Most of the time, these rubber rings can get shrunk and that totally fails to do that job that it’s assigned with. Also, keep it in priority to learn the proper way of how to fill chainsaw bar oil. 

Solution 4: Replace the Oil Tank Itself

The final part of the troubleshooting is replacing the oil tank itself. Of course, it’s a better option than any other of the mentioned solutions. But not every time you have to go through it. The best way to identify an oil tank that should be replaced is through a crack.

Often, over regular use, oil tanks get into pressure and cracks are, therefore, taken place on the tank. You can approach to repair the crack. But that will involve professional and mechanical skills, however. So, if you have any cracked oil tank, it’s best to replace that with a new one.

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What to Do to Prevent Such Situations?

At this point, we’ll be talking about some actions that will lead you to avoid such problems. 

First of all, while you are storing the chainsaw for a long span of time, make sure that the oil tank is not filled up completely. Because a full oil tank cannot prevent oil pressure for so long. Result? Leaks from the bar section. 

Also, check for a chainsaw clogged fuel vent, chainsaw oil pump not working– etc on a regular basis. 

Bottom Line

The problem of chainsaw leaking bar oil is not something that you can simply overlook unless it’s a regular chore.

If you are aware of the excessive leak from the chainsaw bar area, take immediate action to solve it out. Otherwise, it might ruin the entire power tool. Also, don’t compromise with the best chainsaw bar oil

Did the fixes work for you? Or do you have something else that we forgot to include in this list? Let us hear from you in the comment section below!

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