7 Best Rope for Tree Swing (Does Strength Matter) in 2023

It’s frustrating! 

Selecting ropes for tree swing isn’t an easy task. Yes, it’ll get frustrating, at times! Normally, people think about their strength when going for tree swing ropes. 

However, it’s not simple. The best rope for tree swing requires a low-flex design and decent knot retention. On top of that, you need a higher tensile strength with excellent durability. 

All of this ensures the best rope possible. So, you know the work won’t be easy. That’s why we took matters into our own hands. After gathering data for 5 weeks, we’re able to pick the best 7 ones from the market. 

Furthermore, the research team added some key pre-buying points below. We’ve added them too. But, that’s not everything. There’s even a FAQ section for your easier understanding. 

1. ProManila 1 1/2 Inch Diameter Rope

ProManila 1 1/2 Inch Diameter Rope

  • Size: 10,25,50,100 feet
  • Diameter: 1 ½  Inch 
  • Color: Tan Outlook
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Number of Strands: 3-Strand
  • Weight: ‎10.38 pounds

The best product needs to score well in all areas, undoubtedly! In that case, this rope- ProManila 1/2 Inch Diameter Rope scores well from all angles. So, what does this rope have that the other lacks? 

Well, the best part of the rope is the size diversity. Here, the ropes speak versatility in every way possible. You’ll have a size option for 10,25,50, and even 100 feet. And, in some cases, you’ll have the option of 600 feet. That will be in extreme cases, however. Also, the diameter of 1 1/2 is the largest on the list. So, the rope will be thicker.

All of this means you can use different sizes of this rope in different situations. You never know when it’ll be needed. In emergency situations, we used the longer rope.

And, our team even tested out the 600 feet. Not sure why you’ll need it. But, it does well for industrial purposes. 

Ropes for tree swings need to be tough. Also, they need to have superior durability! Well, the rope would be perfect in that case. Here, the polypropylene material helps at maintaining durability all the time. 

Plus, it’s abrasion-resistant and resistant to rougher weather conditions. This is a bonus point for the rope. You’ll never know what weather you might encounter.

But, the rope held up pretty well. The water-proof design helps it resist any bit of damage in wet weather.

As it’s water-resistant, the rope will do well against mildew and rot damage. It’s even wear and tear-resistant. That’s not all, however. It’ll prevent moisture and chemical formation. 

Being a 3-strand rope, it’ll be lightweight and strong at the same time. However, this particular rope is 10.38 pounds. So, it isn’t lighter, in any sense. 

But, the rope is all about the strength it brings to the table. So, you can use it for landscaping and even marine use. 

Another set of benefits of the rope is it is flexible. Here, the materials and design allow it to be flexible all the time. And, it won’t even kink or stretch. So, you can even use the rope for hanging baskets on the rooftops. 

So, you know the ropes can be used for various activities. But, for tree swings, you can rest assured. Here, the added durability will keep the ropes as it is! 

Even though we had a rough time melting the ends of the rope, it still brings a lot to the table. So, yes, the affordability, durability, and even versatility are why we’d recommend this product to many people. 

2. Blue Ox Rope Polyester Arborist Climbing Rope

Blue Ox Rope Polyester Arborist Climbing Rope

  • Size: 100′, 120′, 150′ and 200 feet
  • Diameter: 1/2 inch
  • Material: Polyester
  • Tensile Strength: 8,000 pounds 
  • Color: Blue/Orange
  • Number of Strands: 12-Strand 

Aesthetics! Many would debate that this could be a deciding factor for choosing ropes. Well, we’d argue with them all day long. Honestly, the ropes for tree swings need to be durable and strong. 

And, yes, this rope is strong. Perhaps a tad bit stronger than the previous one. So, let’s what we have in store for you- 

The unique thing about this rope is the 12-strand! The previous rope was 3-strand only. Whereas, this one takes things to the next level. The number of increased strands makes the rope stronger and more durable. So, it doesn’t damage easily. It even has a tensile strength of 8000 pounds. So, it’ll be strong.

Another way you can distinguish the rope from the rest of the list is the orange/blue color profile. It’s a unique thing as well.

Even though it won’t be a deciding factor, it’s still quite a visual difference. And, it makes visibility quite easier too. 

Yes, it’s a great option for use as a tree swing. I mean, it has a tensile strength of 8000 pounds. So, yes, it’s worthy and will do a great job.

The brand even claims it to be wear and tear-resistant. So, you won’t have to worry about safety concerns.

Similar to the last product, this one doesn’t flex or stretch as well. This allows you to use the ropes effectively for the tree swing. 

You can even handle the ropes far better. The 12-strands does make it a bit heavy. But, the durability makes up for it. Also, there are different size options in this product. 

So, you can choose from any of the sizes- 100′, 120′, 150′, and 200 feet. In the end, we’d recommend this product for durability and strength.

But, it did have issues with longevity, according to some customers. So, keep that into consideration, will you? 

3. Blue Ox Rope 3/4 inch Arborist Rope

Blue Ox Rope 3/4 inch Arborist Rope

  • Size: 200 feet
  • Diameter: 3/4 inch
  • Color: ‎White/Blue
  • Material: Polyester
  • Tensile Strength: 16,000 pounds 

You thought the last product had the most strength? Well, then wait until you see this one. We have another product from the brand- Blue Ox Rope. This one even surpasses the previous one in terms of strength. 

Here, the product comes with a tensile strength of 16000 pounds. This is the USP of this product. Hence, the immense strength of the rope is what makes it the best option for a tree swing. After all, it has a tremendous weight capacity.

That said, it’s not about the strength only for the tree swing ropes. You’ll need a lower flex design with better knot retention. Well, the rope does well in this sector as well. 

Here, the rope does come in a lower flex design. It won’t stretch much more often. We won’t call knot retention the best in the list. But, compared to the rest, it’s still a pretty average option. 

It doesn’t have the crazy 12-strand like the previous product. But, this one is double-braided. And, the manufacturers designed it closely braided between the strands.

Besides, it’s abrasion-resistant too. The wear and tear resistance make it an excellent option. 

Other than that, it even has a diameter of 3/4 inches. Well, it’s not the thickest option but we believe it won’t tear easily. The superior tensile strength makes it a worthy option and it allows the longevity to increase. 

Even though the color choices aren’t much of a priority, visibility could be an important factor for many.

For that reason, the manufacturers have built this rope with a vibrant blue/white color. This increases visibility and makes it easier. 

So, yeah, we’ve admired this rope and its built quality. It’s a pretty strong yet durable option for the tree swing rope. 

That said, we’ve noticed a significant slip to the surface. Due to this slippy surface, you might find yourself not having a secure grip, always. This lack of grip could cause problems for many. 

Now, if that’s not a problem for you, go for this product. The rope will maintain a better price-quality ratio. So, it’s worth it. 

4. Blue Ox Rope 12-Strand Arborist Climbing Rope

Blue Ox Rope 12-Strand Arborist Climbing Rope

  • Size: 150 feet
  • Diameter: 1/2- Inch
  • Color: White/Blue
  • Number of Strands: 12-Strand
  • Material: Polyester
  • Tensile Strength: 8,000 pounds

Guess we just love the Blue Ox Rope brand! So, we’re present with another product from the same brand. This consecutive 3rd product comes with various benefits. So, why not dissect everything inside? 

First off, this is the only rope that provides resistance against milking, sunlight damage, and rough-weather damage. This allows you to use the rope for the tree swing easily. Added to this, the resistance to different harmful factors increases the longevity of the rope.

Along with excellent resistance to wear and tear, it won’t have water damage as well. So, the strength doesn’t get compromised due to wet weather. 

This was the designing advantage provided by the manufacturers. Now, time for the specifications and it’s benefits- 

Starting off, you’ll get a 12-strand in this rope. Even though it increases the weight, you’ll get tons of durability. Also, the Polyester material provides tons of benefits. Most importantly, the material doesn’t allow stretching. 

In fact, this rope works quite well for the tree swing due to the flexible line. As it won’t stretch much, you have one extra thing to not care about. 

We’ve spoken a lot about strength, by now! Even though the tensile strength decreases from the previous product, it’s still higher!

So, yeah, you’ll have a tensile strength of 8000 pounds. It’s quite high and the rope will handle weight well enough. 

Similar to the previous product, you’ll have a vibrant color choice in this one as well. Here, the product arrives in a blue/white color combination. This looks well and the visibility will be higher compared to the other options. 

On the other hand, the product comes with a radius of 1/2 inches. And, we have a bit of a complaint with this one particular feature. Yes, the diameter isn’t thick enough. We’ve exaggerated the fact, the larger the diameter, the better. 

The same goes here. As the diameter of this particular rope is small enough, you can’t do industrial workload work with this one. This even takes down the confidence of using the rope for a tree swing. 

As you’ll need the tree swing ropes to be tight and strong, the smaller diameter doesn’t add confidence. Don’t get us wrong, this rope is stronger. But, it’s a tad bit thinner. And, it doesn’t look promising. 

Hence, you might not want to use it for the tree swing for the diameter. But, the manufacturers said they made the diameter small for losing weight. While it does take away the additional weight, it does raise a question.

5. Ravenox 1/2 Inch Cotton Rope

Ravenox 1/2 Inch Cotton Rope

  • Size: 10,25,50,100 Feet
  • Diameter: 1/2 Inch
  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • Color: 38 Options
  • Strands: Triple-Strand

Versatility is a welcoming factor for ropes. After all, different sizes add in a variety of options to choose from.

You never know, the smallest-sized rope could come in handy. This indicates the fact- the rope could be used for many things apart from a tree swing. 

So, let’s get on with it- 

The most unique thing about the rope is the ridiculous color options. We’re saying it’s ridiculous. But, we mean it. After all, it comes with 38 color options. Why would you need it? I mean, we don’t know! You might want to experiment with different colors, we guess. 

That said, the visibility factor is top-notch in this product. Similar to the previous products, you can recognize the ropes from a distance. 

But, it’s all about strength and durability for tree swing ropes. And, the color won’t matter to many. So, yeah, the rope comes with triple-strands. Here, the triple-strands keep the rope durable all the time. 

Also, the twisted formula causes the rope to not snap or even twist easily. That’s why you can keep hammocks tied up with it or use the rope for tree swings. 

While the smaller size option comes with a lower diameter, you won’t have that problem when going for a large size. Then again, we’d guess you won’t probably use the smaller rope, in the first place. 

Otherwise, the larger diameter would have a higher strength. And, you could easily use those for the tree swing. Hence, you won’t have problems using this rope for the tree swing as it’s stronger. 

Another set of benefits for this rope is that it won’t damage easily due to UV-rays. It resists damages caused by wear and tears too.

The natural formula of the rope allows it to be free from chemicals. So, children and animals will be safe around it. 

In the end, the natural formula of this rope makes it stand out among the rest. And, it’s even got natural cotton built inside. So, no chemicals can mess with the longevity of the rope. 

It might feel bulkier when compared to the rest of the ropes in the list. But, we believe the rope will do its work quite fine. Especially the impressive strength will make tree swinging easier. 

6. SGT KNOTS 3/8-Inch Manila Rope

SGT KNOTS 3/8-Inch Manila Rope

  • Size: 25ft
  • Diameter: 3/8-Inch
  • Color: Natural
  • Strands: 3-strand
  • Weight: 9.9 ounces

Who doesn’t love a natural formula? There’s just something about the design and color formula. Everyone’s interest inclines to these products.

And, if you’re someone who loves a natural outlook, we present the SGT KNOTS 3/8-Inch Manila Rope. 

Here, the most unique thing about the product is the design! The overall outlook is pleasant as you’ll get a natural vibe. On top of that, you get a size option of 1200 feet. We don’t know why you’d need this much rope. But, hey, the option is there for the taking.

Let’s talk about that design since everyone is interested. The rope comes in a rugged design that’ll survive most environments.

Yes, the overall outlook demands attention! In fact, it’ll give off this vibe that you can hang anything from it. Neat, right?

So, be it outdoor decoration, craft projects, and even tree swings- this rope is suitable for many things. Another thing it’ll work is to provide rust-free decorations. 

It does all of this due to its toughness and strength! We’ve tested it. And, let me tell you something. It has quite the strength required for outdoor activities. 

The 3-strands ensure tremendous toughness. Also, the rope behaves better against wear and tear. The only issue we’re afraid of is water damage. Since the rope needs to be dry all the time, water damage could be an issue. 

But, there’s a thing you should know about this rope. You’ll need to store it carefully. The main thing to focus on is ventilation.

The product needs it more than anything. Also, keeping it covered could be a better option. By covering the rope, you can increase the lifespan too. 

There’s more, however! Cordage oil is used when producing this rope. Here, the oil is applied so that durability can be ensured always. By twisting the fibers into the rope, toughness is ensured. So, the oil is applied. 

Since oil is used here. A smell dissipates from it. Even though it won’t be issued after a few days, a humid environment could cause a problem.

In a humid environment, the smell might not go away. That’s why you’ll need to judge the environment you’re living in, firstly! 

7. Poly Dacron 1/2 Inch Rope

Poly Dacron 1/2 Inch Rope

  • Size: 100 Feet
  • Diameter: 1/2 Inch
  • Strand: 3-Strand
  • Color: White
  • Weight: ‎6.32 pounds
  • Tensile Strength: 5,875 lbs.

Weird right? Normally, we’d expect the last product to be not worth it. Also, we think that it’s extremely bad to use in a sense. But, that’s not true. This Poly Dacron 1/2 Inch Rope is one of the strongest products on our list. 

And, it has a lot of hidden benefits that we’ve found out upon testing. Let’s enlighten you on them- 

Well, the strength of this product is a unique factor. No other product is 5875lbs. Even though it has the lowest tensile strength on our list, we believe it’s still impressive. Well, the product does pretty well when used for a tree swing. The lower tensile strength still holds well amongst the competition.

For this reason, don’t think that you can’t use this rope for the tree swing due to the lower strength. As we’ve said before, there’s a lot that needs to be discussed for the tree swing ropes. 

It’s not about strength and durability only. The ropes need to have better knot retention along with no stretch. This product provides just that. 

Here, the product comes with significantly higher resistance to abrasion. All of this is achieved due to a stronger inner core.

This even causes a lower elongation when compared to the other polyester ropes. And, guess what? It’ll be perfect for the tree swing ropes as there’s less elongation now. 

To be exact, the inner core comes from polyolefin fibers. As a result, the rope would have a lower weight and even a lower stretch. And, the best part is that even the cost would be lower. 

A lot has been told about the inner core. Now, it’s time for the outer. We’ve spoken about this product made by twisted strands.

These will make sure the outer layer has a superior grip. As a result, you won’t face accidental slips more often. 

Other than that, the product itself will be resistant to chemicals, water, and even sunlight. In fact, the company claims it to be all-weather resistant.

We didn’t have time to check that out. But, we did check out that it’s abrasion-resistant. So, that’s a relief! 

Besides, the outer is made of polyester fibers. So, it’ll have protection against any bit of wear and tear. This just increases longevity, to some extent. So, yes, the rope is excellent for outdoor usage. 

The complaint from our end would be that the visibility of this rope isn’t good enough. As we’ve seen vibrant colorful products that have better visibility, this one lacks behind them. 

On top of that, we would’ve appreciated better size options with this one. Apart from that, it’s a safe product! To be used for the tree swing. So, if you’re up for it then take the chance! 

Tensile Strength: How Much is Needed?

best rope for tree swing

We’ve spoken about our 7 best products. In the review section, you’ve seen how they all have different tensile strengths. 

That’s why many people working in this sector ask what is the minimum standard. Well, honestly, the higher the tensile strength, the better. All this higher strength adds in a bit of confidence. 

Due to this confidence factor, you can easily rely on these ropes. Hence, go for the ones that have high tensile strength. 

But wait, we’ve seen this debate elsewhere that people go for 16000 lbs. tensile strength ropes. If you ask us, that’s a bit too ridiculous. After all, we all need to go after the ropes that are strong and all. But, this is too much. 

We believe the standard is around 8000 lbs. You’ll be safe when the rope has the tensile strength of this range. That said, we discussed a product that had around 6000 lbs tensile strength. 

Does that mean it’s bad to have a lower tensile strength? Of Course not! We’ve told this earlier and we’d say again. Higher strength doesn’t make a better tree swing rope. You need other factors too. 

But, the higher strength adds in a bit of confidence. That’s about it! You’ll be fine with lower tensile strength. But, make sure it has a larger diameter. Thinner ropes with lower strength could be a problem. 

How Important is Knot Retention?

Well, if you didn’t have any ideas about knot retention, it isn’t a pleasant thing for the ropes. In some cases, that’s a good thing. But, if you’re trying to preserve the strength of the rope then tying knots on them is a bad idea. 

Hence, people emphasize a lot of knot retention. When you’re going for tree swing ropes, it’s of utmost importance to get ropes with decent knot retention. 

But, why? 

Well, not having better knot retention means that the ropes will lose their overall strength and durability. Strength is crucial for the tree swing ropes. 

That’s why it’s important for the ropes to have better knot retention. By doing this, the ropes won’t lose their strength. 

Stretch Factor and Rope Flexibility 

We’ve told you already that strength isn’t everything for the tree rope. Here, we have another important focus. That’s the stretch capability of the rope. 

If you didn’t know, the ropes for the tree swing need to have a lower stretch. And, not having any stretch is even better. All you need to know is that having a stretch would mean problems.

You’ll even have some wobbles for the rope stretch. Hence, it’s not a thing you’d want in your tree swing. 

On the other hand, the flexibility of the ropes needs to be ensured as well. Having a flexible material means the rope won’t damage easily. It’ll perform better against wear and tear damage too. 

So, you need to ensure flexible materials when choosing a tree swing rope. 

Resistance: Against Everything?

Ropes need to be durable enough to last through bad weather. Also, they need to have decent protection against tear and wear damage. As the ropes will be in an outdoor climate all the time, they need superior toughness. 

Hence, it’s better if the ropes have resistance against abrasion, wear, and tear. Having this extra layer of protection means the rope will last better. Plus, it’ll resist damages on the go. 

Bonus points to your rope if they resist damages caused by the sun and UV rays. This is important as the ropes will be in the sun all day long.

You don’t want the fibers to be destroyed by the harsh rays. So, an added layer of protection is always appreciated. 

All in all, the resistance to these environmental factors will provide an added edge over the competition. Plus, it’ll even increase the lifespan of these ropes. 

Resistance Against Water Damage

Notice how we’ve dedicated an entire section to this factor. Water damage can be critical to the ropes. It can even destroy the rope fibers. That’s why it’s better if the ropes resist water damage all the time. 

Plus, it’ll be even better if the ropes are waterproof. In this way, they’ll resist moisture formation and mildew formation. And, it’ll be an added advantage for you! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the deal with a poly-supreme rope?

Poly-supreme ropes have good resistance to wear and tear. Also, they are both lightweight with very few stretching capabilities. Furthermore, retaining knots is one of their strong suits.

What should be the ideal branch characteristics for a tree swing?

In general, you need to look for a strong branch with a diameter of at least 8-inches. Anything below that isn’t strong enough to retain enough weight.

What should be the length of a tree swing rope?

Depending on the situation, the length requirements are different. However, it’s common practice to have at least 36 feet of rope at hand. You’ll need 18 feet for both ends.

Is braided rope easier to splice?

If you compare it against twisted ropes, then a braided rope is not easy to splice. But twisted ropes are difficult to handle in contrast to braided choices. So, the choice will depend on your usability.

How good is a synthetic rope in comparison to a steel cable?

Synthetic ropes are safer than steel cables because of their low potential storage capabilities. And the strength levels are close to steel cables as well.

Final Thoughts

Done and dusted! You must be breathing a sigh of relief, right? Well, going through a large article isn’t a joke. We suppose you’ve read it all. If you haven’t then check out the individual pre-buying sections. 

We’ve stated everything there is to know about the best rope for tree swing. It’s been a wild ride. But, we’re happy to serve you.

If you think we’ve missed out on anything important, comment in the separate section below. 

That’s it, adios! Take care! 

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