How to Build a Table Base for a Granite Top (8 Steps Guideline)

You recently shifted to your new house. Your eternal dream was to have a granite top table in your room. So, you decided to build the table all on your own. But you have no idea about constructing a table base.

So, how to build a table base for a granite top?

First, you have to measure the hardwood and cut it according to that. Then assemble your table base/frame. Next, cut out the legs, and attach them to the frame. When the assembling is done, paint the base/frame. Finally, once the paint is dry, place the granite top.

However, this much information is not sufficient. That’s why we have got a step-by-step guide for you.

How to Construct a Table Base for a Granite Top?

how to build a table base for a granite top

Rather than calling a carpenter, you can build your table base on your own. You just need some basic technical knowledge and patience. 

Here, we’ve prepared the guideline as simply as possible. So, you can learn it easily and follow the procedure without any hassle.

Tools Required

Although the steps might seem extensive, there are a few basic equipments you’ll require.  Before getting to work, you’ll need the following tools-

  • A Measuring Tape
  • A Circular Saw
  • Harwood
  • Plywood
  • 4-Inch Wood Screws
  • Carriage Bolts
  • Screwdriver
  • Nail Gun

We hope you have gathered all the necessary items. If the answer is yes,  let’s start the building process-

Step 1: Measure the Granite

First, use a measuring tape to get the measurements of the granite table. Measure its length and width then subtract four inches from both sides. This subtraction is to find out the dimensions of your table frame.

Step 2: Cut Down Hardwood for Table Frame

In this step, we have to use hardwood boards. There are quite a number of hardboards available in the market.

In case you don’t know which one is best for your table base, we have options-

Get the hardwood of your choice and start preparing the table frame. Cut them into 2-by-4 inch pieces with a circular saw. Prepare these two pieces of hardwood for both sides of the length part. 

Again, cut other 2-by-4 hardwoods according to the width measurement you took. Then subtract the four inches from both pieces. 

Step 3: Assembling Table Frame

Now, we will assemble the hardwoods. Create a rectangular shape by placing the four pieces together. Further, attach your shorter boards to the ends of the two longer boards. 

Seal the boards together now. For doing that, you have to drill 4-inch wood screws through the longer boards. Then connect them into the thick side of the shorter ones through drilling.

These screws will secure the frame from breaking down.

Step 4: Create the Legs

It’s time to fix the legs for your table. So, cut the hardwood into 4 pieces. The size should be 4-by-4 inches. But you can always customize the size you need.

Step 5: Assemble Legs into the Frame

Place the rectangular frame on the floor. Now, stand each 4-by-4 inch leg upright inside each corner. You need to attach those legs to the frame so they are flush with the inside edges.

To do so,  you’ll need to predrill the holes. Drill through the supporting frame into the neighboring sides of four legs. Then insert a 5-inch carriage bolt through each hole. Tight them up till the head is perfectly inserted inside.

Again, drive 2-inch long wood screws inside the edges of your table legs. You have to insert those screws at an angle so that the frame gets extra support.

Granite table tops are extremely heavy. So, prepare your table base sturdily. Also, make sure to secure the legs as tightly as possible. This way it will prevent the frame from falling down and will ensure stability.

Step 6: Resize Your Plywood

Take the ½ – inch plywood and cut it in a similar size to your table frame. The length and width dimensions have to be correct measurements.

You can set the frame upright on its four legs. Next, lay the plywood across the frame. With a nail gun, drive the screws inside the plywood and drill inside the frame. This way the plywood legs will hold the frame strongly.

Step 7: Paint Your Table Base

Paint can change the whole outlook of the granite table. Pick a color that will suit your home decor.

While coloring the frame don’t forget about the granite itself. The stone should get the proper color combination too. Either you can paint the same color or can create a contrasting look. It’s totally up to you.

When the painting is done, leave them to dry perfectly at least for 3-4 hours. 

Step 8: Place the Granite Stone

Your last job is to place the granite on the top of the base. Before that, set the table frame to the desired place. Then you will need 3-4 strong people who will help you to lift the stone. 

Now, put it on the table base. Adjust the stone so that it overtops the table base. Try to overhang it about two inches on each side of the table base.

Finally, the granite table is ready!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do you attach granite to the table base?

Answer: Silicone, glue, or construction adhesive can be used on the wooden table. Then set your granite on the top and add weight to create a strong bond.

Question: Do I always need plywood under my granite table?

Answer: If its thickness is 3cm or more than that, then it’s not necessary. But if your granite’s thickness is 2cm then definitely you have to install plywood.

Question: How do you build a stable table base?

Answer: Adding corner blocks to the legs is the perfect way to stabilize your table. It is used in any custom-made or expensive table.

Bottom Line

We’ve just directed you about how to build a table base for a granite top. Hopefully, you can make your table base by yourself now.

Good luck and stay safe!

Kevin Smith

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