How Much Weight Can a 4x6x10 Support Horizontally?

For building any structure, you will need the beams first. However, beams have different specifications. And you have to use just the specific beam for a particular structure. Otherwise, you may not be able to build the structure.

So, how much weight can a 4x6x10 support horizontally?

The weight a beam can support depends on the type of material it is made with. For instance, a 4x6x10 beam made of wood can generally hold around 105 to 260 pounds. On the other hand, a 4x6x10 steel beam can withstand a weight of nearly a thousand pounds. 

To perfectly use the 4x6x10 support, you will need precise knowledge about this beam.

Thinking of this, I bring in this article. Once you go through it, you will have enough idea about the support and its appliances.

Learning The Weight Capacity Of 4x6x10 Beam

The weight or load a 4x6x10 post can support can have multiple values. It’s because the beam can be made of different materials. 

And different materials have different compositions for which the load capacity will vary.

Now, in most cases, beams are made out of wood, steel, and aluminum. So, let’s see how much weight each of these beams can carry:

Material 1: Wooden Support

Actually, even in woods, there are multiple variants. And different types of wood can carry different amounts of weight. 

However, the wooden beams can carry around 100 pounds at least. And approximately 300 pounds at max.

Whatever the type of wood is. Mostly, two types of wood grades are used. In most cases using a wooden beam.

They are grade 1 and grade 2. And for your convenience, I have given information about these wood grades:

Wood Type: Grade 1

Let’s start with the grade 1 kinds of wood first. A 4×6 wooden beam 10 inches long can carry around 172 to 178 pounds of weight.

Any beam made of grade 1 wood, will be able to carry an average of 175 pounds. Without any fail!

Wood Type: Grade 2

Now, let’s see how much weight the grade 2 wooden beam can carry.

A 4x6x10 wooden beam can support 150 pounds of weight. To the least. Guess the maximum amount of weight it can carry. Well around almost 156 pounds.

So, do you need support to carry an average weight of 153 pounds? Grade 2 wooden beams are for you!

Material 2: Steel Beams

Well, we have seen how much weight wooden beams of 4x6x10 can carry. Now, let’s check the 4x6x10 steel I beam and how much weight it can carry.

Technically, steel has multiple variants. There are different grades of steel and each grade also has its own classifications.

Thus, let’s get lost in the world of steel. Rather we should see a general amount of load a 4x6x10 steel support can carry. 

Generally, a structural steel beam can easily carry a minimum weight of 600 pounds. However, on average, 4x6x10 steel beams can carry around 100 pounds of weight. 

Not only this. The 4x6x10 steel support load capacity can increase more. If you can provide enough support to the 4x6x10 beam. 

Then the steel beam can even support the load of the French cleat! In fact, with an appropriate amount of support, the beam can even hold around 5000 pounds.

Where Can The 4x6x10 Support Be Used?

Well, we have seen how much weight different types of beams can carry. This is great!

Still, new concerns can rise into mind. ‘Where can I use this 4x6x10 support,’ is obviously the next thing to come to your mind.

Relax! I have even explained that as well. Time to see them!

Making Swing

Do you have plans to make swings? Then it’s your lucky day! You can use any 4x6x10 beams for this.

The frame not only gives support to the swing. Also, it can help you to swivel. Basically, the swing is a structure that contains the swings. And the frame.

In the frame, there is a part known as the swing beam. This is where the swing gets connected. And it’s what helps you to swing.

You can use the 4x6x10 beams while making swings. Especially while making the swing beam.

Generally, a swing beam should be able to carry at least 5 pounds of weight. And almost 250 pounds of weight. Thus, everyone can use it.

Now, a 4x6x10 beam can easily uphold this much weight. Besides the 4x6x10 dimensions are great for having a perfect swing experience.

So, if you are making a swing for children you can use 4x6x10 wooden beams. Or you use the steel 4x6x10 beams. If you are thinking of making a swing for adults.

Either way, the 4x6x10 is the best for use as the swing beam.

False Ceiling

Nowadays, the false ceiling has become a trendy thing to use in buildings. And to make the false ceiling, you will need beams. Especially the 4x6x10 beams.

The 4x6x10 beams are perfect for holding the panels of the fake ceilings. They work as some good support for the false ceiling. 

Making Roof

Not only you can make a false ceiling with the 4x6x10 beam. Also, it can be used as the foundation of the main roof of your house.

Before making the roof of any house, you have to build some support. Otherwise, you can’t make the roof. 

Therefore, you will need beams. And the 4x6x10 is perfect for use as support for the rooftops. 

A Few Factors

Well, till now, you have enough idea about the 4x6x10 beams. Also, its appliances.

Still, there are a few factors that you need to keep in mind. While using the 4x6x10 beam of course.

Thus, without further ado, let’s check them out.

Use Vertical Supports

When you are using the 4x6x10 beam, try to use vertical supports with the beam. In fact, you should use support with any type of beam you are using.

It’s true that the beam is used for supporting the structures you are building. Then why do you need to use support with the beam?

The answer is pretty simple. With the help of the support, the beam can withstand more weight than usual capability.

Use the Beams in the Proper Position

While using the beams, keep an eye out in which position you are using the beam.

Usually, a beam can be used in different positions. And the load distribution on the beam varies based on its position.

If you place the wrong load on the wrong position of the beam, the beam may break down. And your desired structure may break down!

That is why, before placing the beam, you have to check. Which way are you planning to set the beam? Then based on this, place the loads on the beam. 

Don’t Leave the Beams Lose!

Make sure that whenever you are using beams, they are well connected.

If the beams are not properly connected, they might get loose. And over time, the loose beams may fall from the structure. Eventually, this can lead to the collapse of your structure.

For this reason, check the connections of the beams frequently. See, if the bolts are well-connected or not. If not, then tighten up the bolts. And your structure will stay concrete-safe!

Did I say Beam connections? Then probably you might need beam bolts.

There you go! Keep these things in mind and you won’t have to worry a bit about the beams.


Can I Paint The Wooden Beams?

Yes. You can paint wooden beams. However, not all wooden beams can be painted. The beams that are made of grade 2 wood can be painted. It’s generally easier to paint grade 2 wood than any other grade of wood. The paint can adjust smoothly with the grade  2 wood. Thus it stays on the wood.

Is It Possible to Weld 4x6x10 Horizontal Steel Supports?

Yes. You can weld and connect the 4x6x10 steel beams. To do so, first, grab the beams you want to weld together. Now, take a grinder and cut the beams to the necessary length. Set the beams at the clamps. Then, MIG weld the steel; beams and connects them. That’s it!

Is It Possible to Remove Rust from The Steel Beam?

Yes, you can remove any rust from the body of the steel beam. First, take a brush made of steel. Then rub it along the spot of the beam where the rust is. This way the rust can get off the beam. If it does not work, then put some vinegar on the rust. Then use aluminum foil and remove the rust.

The End

Guess our knowledge journey stops here fellow reader. And congratulations! You now know enough about, ‘‘how much weight can a 4x6x10 support horizontally.”

Still, if you have any confusion, don’t worry. You can reach out to any beam experts for queries.

With this, I am signing off now. Stay safe and have a great day!

Kevin Smith

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