Aware of the Dewalt DCN660 Problems? (A detailed Guide)

A DeWalt nail gun can help reduce the time on home improvement jobs. If you know how to use one then it’ll save a lot of your money. But you will face different problems while using it.

So, if you want to fix them you either have to go to a service center or learn about the problems.

So, what are the dewalt dcn660 problems?

Well, there can be many possible problems. Firstly, dead batteries are the most common problem that users come across. Nail guns not activating is another problem that frequently occurs. Dirty nails, jammed fasteners or faulty magazines can also result in your tool not working. 

Still unsure? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

Let’s dive right into the details.

Why is Your Nail Gun Acting Up?

dewalt dcn660 problems

There can be many problems with your DCN660 not working as expected. But to troubleshoot the problem, first, you need to find out the actual reason.

Now, let’s go through every possible reason and give you the solution for it. But make sure to ensure your safety with safety equipment such as safety pants, gloves, etc.

Problem 1: Dead Battery

The battery should be the first thing that gets checked before suspecting any other problem. If your battery isn’t charged then fully charge it.

You can also try removing the battery and waiting for a few seconds. After a few times reinserting the battery, this sometimes solves the problem.

If these steps don’t solve the problem then try replacing the battery.

Here are some recommended batteries for your DCN660 nail gun.

Hope, the batteries will serve you well. Now let’s get back to the problems again.

Problem 2: Tool Doesn’t Activate

Sometimes the tool might have lights on but the motor doesn’t run. This is a very common problem of nailguns many users face. 

Another form of this problem is the motor shutting off after a few seconds of running. If this occurs first make sure that the trigger is working fine.

If the trigger is broken then it may result in the motor not turning on. Despite getting an electrical connection, due to bad trigger conditions, this might happen.  

In situations like this, release the trigger and depress the trigger. Also, check for possible obstacles inside the trigger preventing it from getting pressed.

You can also try changing the mode and repressing the trigger. 

Problem 3: Dirty Nail

Nailguns can be great in building furniture like workbench but dirty nails can be problematic. Even after having the best materials for a workbench, a faulty nail gun spoils it all.

The dirty nail of your nail gun can cause many problems. Make sure your DeWalt nail gun is clean. Over time, dirt and dust build in nail guns, causing the gun’s function to weaken.

Clean the entire tool thoroughly, paying special attention to the nosepiece and magazine. These two areas are most prone to be clogged with dirt and debris.

Problem 4: Jammed Fastener

Fasteners are a very important component of a nail gun. If your fastener isn’t compatible with your gun it may not work properly. As a result, the fastener can get jammed.

An indication of that is your right headlight flashing continuously. 

The appropriate size of the fastener is also very important for your tool to work perfectly. So make sure you’re using a fastener of the right size.

To solve this problem remove your battery and clear the jammed fastener. You may also push back the driver blade. Reinsert the battery and try again if your tool is working fine.

If you are wondering what fasteners to use then here are some recommended ones.

If these steps don’t solve the problem then do contact the authorized service center.

Problem 5: Faulty Magazine

A faulty magazine can stop your nailgun from working. So, finishing up any task like completing router tabletop or others becomes too difficult.

If cleaning your tool thoroughly doesn’t solve the problem then the magazine may be faulty. Check your magazine and, if required, replace it.

Whether you’ve washed your gun’s magazine and still get jams and misfeeds, check to see if it’s rusty or broken. If that’s the case, get in touch with DeWalt for a replacement.

If you are unable to replace the magazine from DeWalt, then there’s an alternative. Look for the right magazine in third-party stores. 

Below we are listing some recommended magazines for your tool.

The listing magazines are highly popular and you can go for any closing your eyes.

Problem 6: Depth Adjustments

Make sure your depth adjustment is correct. If your screws are driving but going in too deep or too shallow, use the depth adjustment dial on your DeWalt nail gun until the appropriate depth is reached.

If none of these solutions is useful for your problem then contact customer support. You can also contact a professional mechanic if you think the problem is fixable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is lubricating my tool a good idea?

Answer: Yes. Sometimes lubricating is necessary for your tool to work smoothly. But make sure to not lubricate it too much.

Question: How do I remove a jammed nail?

Answer: First you need to open up the barrel. Then remove the jammed nail and reload the nail gun. This should solve the problem.

Question: Why is my gun not firing nails?

Answer: Most common reason is an empty magazine. Reload your magazine with nails and reset your nail gun.


That’s all we have got regarding the Dewalt dcn660 problems. We hope that this article has given you the solution you were looking for.

If you are unsure about the steps then don’t proceed to do anything. If the steps are done wrong then it might damage your DCN660 even more.

Good luck fixing your nail gun.

Kevin Smith

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