5 Best Pipe for Pipe Clamps (Top Pick and Reviews) in 2022

Don’t you hate it when the pipes don’t even fit into the pipe clamps? While a lot contributes to this problem, a right-sized pipe can provide a secure fit. Plus, the rigid material of the pipes serves as an important puzzle too.

Not having a rigid material means the pipe would bend like Beckham. Jokes apart, that wouldn’t be a pleasant thing to experience, right?

So, it is necessary to buy the best pipe for pipe clamps in the market. However, things can get complicated when you see so many different options.

That is why we have narrowed things down and in our guide, we will show you the top 5 winners. Our researchers did spend an awful lot of time separating them out for you. And trust us, they were pretty precise about their work.

But you don’t have to buy our words just yet. Let’s have a look at the benefits you’ll be getting from each of the products. That might clear things out for you a bit.

1. Pipe Decor ‎362 34X36-4 Malleable Cast Iron Pipe

Pipe Decor ‎362 34X36-4 Malleable Cast Iron Pipe

  • Size: 3/4″ x 36″
  • Material: Alloy Steel, Cast Iron, Iron, Metal
  • Connector Type: Flange
  • Exterior Finish: Bronze
  • Number Of Pieces 4
  • Item Weight ‎12.72 pounds

At the top of our list, we have the one and only Pipe Décor ‎362 34X36-4 Malleable Cast Iron Pipe. Now, we do know that this product is the winner in our eyes and you guys might raise some questions. So, let’s address why this one is the best overall product-

For starters, you will get a lot of size variation. Something which is present in other products but not to this degree. You can choose from 24 different sizes. Hence, you can buy them for any spacing you want.

Starting from 1 inch to 72 inches you can get them all. It does not matter what size of pipe you choose. Any length works for pipe clamps.

But remember when we talk about the size we are actually talking about length. The diameter however is a different issue.

You see, the diameter of this pipe remains constant no matter what size you tend to go for. And the size of the diameter is 3/4 inches. Now, this is one of the most common sizes for pipe clamps.

The other one is 1/2 inches. But we suggest you go with 3/4 inches pipes. And that is because it has a higher diameter. Hence, the chances of this pipe bending, later on, are pretty low.

Plus, this pipe is made of alloy steel, cast iron, iron, metal. The mixture of all these metals makes the pipes pretty strong and quite durable. Plus, they are made of top-quality products. Hence they have a long lifetime.

Moreover, the iron gives a factory pipe look. With the help of this, you get to add some vintage characters to a boring room. Plus, it is rust free hence you won’t have to worry about it looking daunting in your kitchen or living room.

On top of all these, you can paint over these pipes. Thus, you can pick and choose your own preferred color and match the pipes according to your ongoing project. Doesn’t that sound cool?

However, besides these design works you can also use it for plumbing applications of gas and oil.

2. Supply Giant QDCM1236-6 Black Steel Pipe

Supply Giant QDCM1236-6 Black Steel Pipe

  • Diameter: 1/2 Inches
  • Size: 36 Inch
  • Material: Steel
  • Color: Black
  • Item Dimensions: 36 x 2 x 2 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎14.62 pounds

Moving on, we have the runner-up of our show and this is the Supply Giant QDCM1236-6 Black Steel Pipe. Even if it wasn’t the winner this pipe did put up a brave fight. But alas it had to settle down in 2nd place. However, it has its own magic, so let’s see-

Well, we have to admit that this one was the best 1/2 inches pipe out there. For instance, this is the only product where you can buy only one pipe. Going with a 3/4 inches pipe is a good option but this product surely did wonders.

Now, for the others, you have to either buy 4 to 6 pipes in a group. However, if you have any project where just one extra pipe will suffice then this is the one for you.

Besides, what will you do with those extra pipes lying around your house? Instead, save the money and invest in something for yourself.

Moreover, this pipe is available in 7 different sizes. Now, we know that the size options are a bit less than the first product but they offer the most common sizes. With this brand, you can get anywhere from 18 to 72 inches in size.

Additionally, installing this pipe is no big hassle. They are pretty easy to use. And even beginners can use them for any project that they might have.

Plus, the Supply Giant QDCM1236-6 black steel pipe is made of steel. The material used to build this pipe is of high quality. And the company aims to ensure that this pipe lasts a lifetime.

So, even in the best-case scenario, this pipe will last for decades to come. Hence, you won’t have to worry about them rusting away. They will be by your side for ages to come.

Adding to this, the pipes are black in color but they have a bit of vintage touch to them. So, even if you use them in a bedroom or in your living room they won’t steal away life from it. Instead, it will add a rustic, cozy touch to it.

However, for a 1/2 inch diameter pipe, they weigh more than our last product. In fact, the weight of this pipe is 14.26 pounds. That is about 2 pounds more than the previous product.

Now, this does not affect the pipe clamps too much but the extra pressure can bend the pipe. So, do take precautions against it if you decide to go with this product.

3. Supply Giant QDHM3436-5 Galvanized Pipe

Supply Giant QDHM3436-5 Galvanized Pipe

  • Diameter: 3/4 
  • Length: 36 inch
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Color: Galvanized
  • Item Dimensions: 36 x 0.75 x 0.75 inches
  • Item Weight: 8.6 Pounds
  • Number Of Pieces: 5

Moving on, we have another of Supply Giant’s products. And this one is the Supply Giant QDHM3436-5 Galvanized Pipe. 

For instance, this product is the most premium one on our list. That is because this one weighs significantly less than the previous one. In reality, this pipe weighs 8.6 pounds. Plus, this one’s diameter is 3/4 inches, unlike the previous one.

Other than this, you can buy the steel pipes in a bundle. Meaning you can get 5 pipes in one buy. So, if you have to buy exactly 5 pipes or go for 10 to 15 pipes at a time then this is the one for you.

However, our most liked aspect is this pipe’s weight. You see, it is quite less than the previous model of this brand. But it is also the second lightest pipe on our list. Now, this means the pipe won’t bend when it comes under pressure.

That is one of the most common problems you face when you pair up pipes using pipe clamps. They don’t usually handle the pressure. But the less weight makes them more resistant to pressure because they won’t be weighing themselves down.

Plus, this product comes with end caps and a solid finish. This ensures that the pipes don’t rust over the years. Hence, even if you install them in your living space they won’t look terrible. In fact, it lights up the room.

As for the color, this pipe has a more galvanized color. It gives a pretty rustic look so if you’re into vintage stuff then this one is a great pick. However, people’s choices vary so see if you like them before you decide to buy them.

Adding to all these, the pipes are made of high-quality alloy steel. That means this material is super durable. Hence these pipes are bound to last for a long time. And they will also stay in good condition.

4. PIPE DÉCOR ‎568-120AH Malleable Cast Iron Pipe

PIPE DÉCOR ‎568-120AH Malleable Cast Iron Pipe

  • Diameter: 1/2  inches
  • Length: 12 Inches
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Color: Black
  • Item Dimensions: 12 x 2.4 x 2.4 inches
  • Connector Type: Flange
  • Exterior Finish: Bronze
  • Item Weight: ‎4.67 pounds

Next up, we have another common brand and that is the Pipe Decor. But it is a different pipe and the name of this pipe is PIPE DÉCOR ‎568-120AH Malleable Cast Iron Pipe. But what’s so different about this pipe? Well, let’s see-

Well, for starters, this is the most lightweight pipe on our list. This means that the pipe will not bend from its own weight when you attach them using a pipe clamp. But that is not all.

Moreover, you get a lot of size options as well. In fact, you get to choose from over 20 different sizes. So, if you want a pipe anywhere from 1 inch to 72 inches you can get with this brand.

Hence, you can get creative with your projects. And install smaller pipes where space is less. Or fill up large spaces with the longest pipe. But we’re just talking about the length of the pipe.

The diameter, however, remains constant. And for this one, the diameter is 1/2 inches, unlike the previous one. Now, this is a bit bad because due to having a lesser diameter this pipe won’t be able to withstand much pressure.

However, the weight complies with it. Besides this, you can also paint on the pipe with your choice of color. And we love this aspect about this pipe. It gives you the opportunity to play with colors and have them drenched to your liking.

But it primarily comes in black color. So, if you want a bit of dark touch to your room then this pipe will be a good fit.

Apart from this, the Pipe Decor’s 568-120AH pipe is made of cast iron. Because of that, the pipe is highly resistant to abrasion. This makes them an ideal choice for draining materials such as sand, dishwasher water, and garbage disposal.

Another benefit is that they are highly durable and practically indestructible. So, they last a pretty long time. And we are talking about years here.

5. GeilSpace 246-47 Pre-Cut Black Metal Pipe

GeilSpace 246-47 Pre-Cut Black Metal Pipe

  • Diameter: 3/4 Inches
  • Length: 36 Inches
  • Material: Steel
  • Color: Black
  • Item Weight ‎: 8.68 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: ‎52.8 x 5.7 x 5.1 inches

Lastly, we have the GeilSpace 246-47 Pre-Cut Black Metal Pipe. Now, this one is the last one on our list but it has some pretty amazing features. So, do check them out to see if it matches your choice or not-

First things first, we have to reveal to you that this is the most budget-friendly product on our list. So, you’ll be saving yourself quite a few bucks if you go with this one.

Besides this, it comes in a package of 6. So, you will get a good deal on the price. Moreover, it is available in 11 different sizes. So, you can pick any size from 6 to 36 inches. The choice is yours.

However, the diameter will be 3/4 inches long. Now, this is a perfect fit for the pipe clamps. Plus, it is the better choice since the pipe won’t bend or deform because it will be able to handle added pressure.

Moreover, it is made of steel. So, you can trust that this will be quite durable in nature. Plus it is the perfect material to work with pipe clamps.

However, since this one is a cheaper material compared to galvanized steel, you have to take precautions. Otherwise, you will stain your wooden board when you sand or paint on top of it.

What Type of Pipe for Pipe Clamps Should I Buy?

You see, not all pipes can work hand in hand with the pipe clamps. For them, you need to either go for galvanized pipe or a black steel pipe. Now, this does narrow down the job.

But then again there are many brands that make such pipes. However, don’t worry, our list only comprises these two pipes for your benefit. Now, since you have two options, which one is the better one?

Well, this depends on whether you’re on a strict budget or not. If you do have to cut down on the cost a bit then go for the black steel pipes. They are a bit cost-efficient.

However, be aware!

That is because these black pipes can leave marks on the board’s surface. Thus, you have to take some precautions if you want to sand, stain, or top-coat the wood. But if you’re careful things should work out fine.

But things are different if you can splurge a little. Hence, it is totally up to you.

What Size Pipe for Pipe Clamps to Get?

Another important thing to consider is the size of the pipe. Now, for the length, there is no limitation. You can go as long or as short as you want. Since the clamp will be attached to the body of the pipe the length won’t matter.

So, you can buy any size you want. As long as it fulfills your purpose you are good to go.

However, you do need to pay heed to the diameter. Now, the pipe clamps are mainly designed for 1/2-inch diameter and 3/4-inch diameter pipes. So, if you go with these two sizes you should be safe.

But there are pipe clamps that can support different diameters of pipes. And they are given the codes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Hence, the sizes will vary for these pipes. A list has been prepared for the sizes you should go with-

Pipe Clamp SizePipe dia. (mm) O/DPipe dia. (in) O/DNominal Bore (mm)Nominal Bore (in)
126.91 1/16203/4
233.71 11/32251
342.41 11/16 321 1/4
448.31 29/32401 1/2
560.32 3/8502

Problems with Pipes for Pipe Clamps

Now, nothing is perfect and neither are the pipes for pipe clamps. So, it is quite obvious that you will face some problems when you go and use them. One of the most common enemies is pressure.

Yes, due to pressure even the mightiest pipes can bend. This is especially true for longer pipes.

Now, you can try your best to ensure that the pipes don’t come in contact with high pressure. But at the same time, you can go for 3/4-inch rather than 1/2-inch pipes.

That is because a larger diameter pipe will be able to endure more pressure. Thus, there will be less chance of the pipe to bend and cause you trouble.

Another problem that you might face is the black pipes leaving stains. But not to worry there are solutions to this as well.

For starters, you can ensure that there is some space between the pipe and the boards in the glue-up. You see, this gap ensures that the pipe and boards don’t come in contact with one another. Because if they do it can lead to bowing.

Another thing you can do is to keep an extra piece of wood between the boards and the pipes. This method will work as long as the scrap is similar to the boards that are being clamped.

However, if the scrap board becomes glued to the assembly it can become a problem.

Answers to Some Simple Questions

Question: Do Pipe clamps need threaded pipe?

Answer: Yes, it is necessary to have a threaded pipe. This is because the conical thread is necessary to fix the part with the clamp head screw. However, the other part is free to slide on the pipe. They can do this by releasing the lever.

Question: What is the downside to using long pipe clamps?

Answer: The one common downside to a pipe clamp is its habit of springing out of the parallel jaws slightly when too much pressure is applied. This can pull the wood out of its space and create a bow in glued panels.

Question: Which pipe material is best against pipe clamps

Answer: In our opinion, galvanized pipes are the best for use with pipe clamps. This is because they don’t leave marks on the wooden boards when you sand or apply coats on them. But they can be a bit expensive.

Question: Does length of pipe matter for pipe clamps?

Answer: No, the length of pipes doesn’t matter for pipe clamps. The only thing to consider is the inner and outer diameter of the pipes. This is because the pipe clamps go around the pipe.

To Conclude

Well, folks that were all for today. As you can see, there is not too much to consider when looking for pipes. The diameter and the material are the ones that play a big role.

Once you get these two sorted out you’ll be able to find your best pipe for pipe clamps. Anyway, we will leave you to make the final calls. Best of luck and we will see you on another day. Till then stay safe!


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