5 Best Spray Lacquer (to Ensure Further Protection) in 2023

Who doesn’t love added durability? Doesn’t matter if it’s your wooden surface or the metal ones- protection is always appreciated! 

That’s why the lacquer is admired by many woodworking enthusiasts! After all, it does provide all the necessary protection. Added to that, it even takes care of the smooth glossy finish and smoothens the surface. 

But, there’s more to the best spray lacquer. So, we’ve researched for weeks and picked our top 5. But, we’ve moved forward and provided key information too. 

Finally, we’re done with the article and added some common questions with answers. So, let’s head-on with the proceedings! 

1. Krylon K01303007 Crystal Clear Spray Paint 

Krylon K01303007 Crystal Clear Spray Paint

  • Size: 11-Ounce 
  • Weight: ‎14.1 ounces
  • Paint Type: Acrylic
  • Surface Recommendation: Wood, Metal, Drywall 
  • Finish: Glossy
  • Cure Time: 2 Hours

Be it durability or aesthetics, nothing beats the Krylon K01303007 Spray Paint. We’ve loved this product so much that we’ve even put one for ourselves! 

So, what’s all the hype about this product? Well, being an acrylic type of product, you get all sorts of benefits. Let’s find it out- 

The main selling point of this product is the crystal clear finish. Some people love this clear look and there’s no chance of having yellowing parts! Also, the moisture resistance adds in more protection. Compared to the other products, this one has the most durability (we’ve tested it out)

Now, it isn’t the largest-sized product on the list. But, we do believe it’s enough to last you for a while. Here, the 11-ounces goes a long way. Since you’ll need additional coats, there will still be ample product left. 

We’ve already given an idea about the moisture resistance of this product. Spoiler alert! It’s really good. Being moisture and smudge-proof, you won’t have to worry much after the application. 

All you need to look for is that the product doesn’t drown in the liquid. Since you’ll be using this product on the interior, there’s nothing to worry about. Thus, this product doesn’t require much maintenance. 

On the other hand, this product can be sued for beautification! Don’t believe us? Well, we’ve tested it out ourselves. We had some artists in the team and they themselves told us that this product improves the artwork. 

I guess the glossy finish does provide a bit of beautification. And, people love that, honestly!

Another impressive thing about it is the drying time and the application variety! Firstly, let’s talk about the drying time. This product finishes drying and gets dried to the touch within 15-minutes. How crazy is that? 

You won’t even have to wait for half an hour, and we believe that’s quite impressive. So, bonus points for that feature. However, the curing time is 2 hours so don’t get too excited. You can just use the surface. 

Lastly, the application surface can be quite a few. The product is the most versatile on the list. Here, you can use it on metal, wooden surfaces, drywall, and even on plastic. So, let’s begin with the work on different interior surfaces. 

2. Rust-Oleum 1906830 Lacquer Spray

Rust-Oleum 1906830 Lacquer Spray

  • Size: 11-Ounce 
  • Weight: ‎‎15.2 ounces
  • Paint Type: Acrylic
  • Surface Recommendation: Metal
  • Finish: Gloss
  • Color: Clear

It seems like our team just loves acrylic products. So, back with another one on the list. Well, it’s completely unplanned. But, we believe the acrylic products provide faster drying time and more durability. When compared to the other paint types, this one takes the win in toughness. 

So, let’s head-on with the features, shall we? 

Well, to be specific, this product dries within 20 minutes. Even though that’s not the lowest in the list, it’s still a unique standpoint. Also, it can cover upto 7 sq ft of coverage. And, that’s impressive. It’s not the largest size but the given size will make up for the additional coats. 

Now, you’ll observe that most of the products in this list are for interior surfaces. But, this one right here works well on the exterior surfaces as well. Isn’t that worth the attention? After all, who doesn’t love to keep their options open? 

So, go on and use this product on the wood, metal, plaster, and even on ceramic! Be it exterior or interior surfaces this product will work its charm on all of it. 

As this product is made from an acrylic formula, it’ll provide superior durability and toughness all the time. So, it’s great for providing added durability. 

In fact, it even has a faster drying and curing time compared to the other ones. Now, it finished 2nd to the previous product. This is because it dries to touch within 20 minutes. But, it’s still better than the rest of the list. 

When it comes to drying time, it’s still far ahead of the competition. And, won’t you love it when you’re ready to use the surface fast! 

Now, acrylic paint means that the surface won’t have any yellowing parts on it. But, it also means that it’ll remain crystal clear after application. Honestly, it looks great in our eyes. 

And, the best part about the application is that you can even provide a further coating on top of it. So, you can sand and recoat the surface again in order to provide a glossier finish. 

Honestly, the product does arrive with a glossy finish already. But, you can take things to the next level with further recoating. At least the manufacturers provide that option. 

In the end, you’ll get the protective layer you desire since acrylic paints provide better toughness. And, you’ll get further beautification due to the glossier finish. 

The cherry on top is the ability for further customization. We believe this product will give the previous one a run for the money. And, many of you would love this one over the previous one. Well, the choice is yours! 

3. Minwax 15200 Gloss Lacquer Spray

Minwax 15200 Gloss Lacquer Spray

  • Size: 12.25-Ounce
  • Weight: ‎‎‎2 pounds
  • Paint Type: Nitrocellulose
  • Surface Recommendation: Metal
  • Finish: Gloss
  • Color: Gloss

Enough of the acrylic products! Time to introduce something different. Presenting the first Nitrocellulose paint type product- Minwax 15200 Lacquer Spray. 

Now, the nitrocellulose dries faster and provides protective layers pretty quickly. This oil-based product provides a beautiful glossy layer over the surface. So, this product is all fast application and a protective finish! 

Other than that, this product provides an overall glossier look. Here, the nitrocellulose presence provides superior protection on the surface. 

On top of that, this glossy look provides a beautiful oil-like touch on the surface too. And, trust me, some people really like that look. So, you get aesthetics and protection with this product. 

Even though the product can be used on metal and wooden surfaces, it works the best on wood. But, it does work better on interior surfaces. As a result, you can easily rely on this product. 

As a matter of fact, you can even use this product over stained wood. And, we have to give a bonus point for this functionality. It provides a bit of variety that can go a long way. 

But, you need to keep one thing in mind. As this is a nitrocellulose product, it does contain harmful chemicals. Since this is sprayed to the surface, wear protective gear around it. 

This is because inhaling the elements from this product can have harmful consequences. Overall, you’ll get irritation on the skin that’s not appreciated. 

Apart from that, the product does come in an affordable price range. As a result, you can recommend it to anyone. Also, it’s a bit larger than the top 2 products. With a size of 12.25-ounces, you can use it for a while. 

As it comes in at an affordable price, it brings great value to the table. And, you can’t just ignore the benefits at this price. So, the price-quality ratio is maintained quite well enough. 

Lastly, it does dry faster. To be precise, it dries to touch within 30 minutes of usage. So, go along with using the surface when it’s been 30 minutes. But, the curing time can be a bit more. 

4. Deft Interior Spray Lacquer

Deft Interior Spray Lacquer

  • Size: 12.25-Ounce
  • Weight: ‎‎‎‎1 pound
  • Paint Type: Nitrocellulose
  • Surface Recommendation: Wood
  • Finish: Gloss
  • Color: Clear
  • Cure Time: 2 Hours

Say hello to another great product from our list. Well, yes, this is another Nitrocellulose. So, are there similarities between this one and the previous? Well, let’s break the features down to find out- 

From a unique standpoint, the product ensures a clear wood finish. Now, other products do ensure this. But, this particular one ensures that you aren’t getting any yellowing parts later on. 

As a result, the clear finish provides a nice touch to the surface. Speaking of the finish, the product does provide a glossy finish to the surface. Now, many of you prefer that type of finish. 

Whereas, some prefer the matte finish. Whatever the case is, the clear finish provides a nice protective layer. 

As we’ve spoken about the protection. Let’s break it down- Here, the product does provide a bit of durability to the surface. But, it’s more about easy application than durability in this product. 

So, let’s talk about that standpoint as well. Spoiler alert, we believe this product is the most easier to apply. After all, you just need to point the spray in the direction of the surface. 

Another best thing about this product is the fast drying time. Yes, the product dries to touch within 30 minutes of use. So, you can use the surface without wasting ample time. 

Besides this, the curing time of the surface is less than 2 hours or so. So, the protection that you desire is just one click away (like literally), 

If you’re wondering about what surface you can use, let’s clear it. You can go ahead and use this product on metal and wooden surfaces. But, make sure you’re going for an interior surface. That’ll be better. 

In the end, this crystal clear product ensures no bit of yellowing after drying. So, the glossy product provides a lot of benefits and will provide further protection to your surface. 

5. Mohawk Pre-Catalyzed Lacquer

Mohawk Pre-Catalyzed Lacquer

  • Size: 13-Ounce
  • Paint Type: Pre-Catalyzed
  • Surface Recommendation: Metal
  • Finish: Matte
  • Color: Clear

Down to the last product of this list- Mohawk Pre-Catalyzed Lacquer. Wait, stop! If you think this product is bad in any sort, just take a look at the features in hand. Well, we do crown it as the best premium, so let’s go-

The standout feature of this product is the pre-catalyzed paint type. As you can see, no other product has this paint type. The benefit of this paint is added toughness. So, the product ensures superior durability on the surface.  

Because of this paint type, the lacquer provides added hardness to the surface as well. It even provides better resistance against abrasion. So, with the simple press of aerosol, you’ll get all the toughness from this lacquer. 

Along with durability, there’s plenty of adhesiveness on this product. Thus, the product adheres to the surface after drying. 

If you’ve been following this product, it’s all about durability. But, that’s not all. This product focuses on the clarity factor as well. And, the great atomization and excellent adhesion will always work in your favor. 

But, then again, all of these features are claimed by the manufacturers. And, yes, they can claim a lot of things. However, the brand also claims they’ve tested all the features out in their own factory. 

As if that wasn’t enough already, all of these features were approved by the factory as well. Even the catalyzed finishes were approved and tested. So, it’s quite reliable if you ask us. 

With that said, the product is available in the matter, flat, satin, and even gloss finish. So, there are options to go for with this product. Similar to the previous products, this one does provide some shine. 

Lastly, it can be used on metallic surfaces. But, make sure you’re working on an interior surface, to begin with. 

Well, we’ve loved the features and benefits of this product. Also, it comes in the largest size. So, we believe you can use it for a long time. 

Also, the finish and added durability make us consider this product among the rest 50 in the market. 

But, then again, it does come at a premium price. So, you’ll be spending some cash behind this one. However, we believe it’s a worthy investment. So, why not consider this one?

How to Use Spray Can Lacquer?

best spray lacquer

We’ve given you insights about the products on our list. But, what’s the use if you don’t know how to use it? Well, let me tell you something, it’s quite easy. 

I mean, all you have to do is aim and fire, right? Well, technically you could do that. But, there’s more to it. So, let’s not waste time and get right into proceedings. Shall we? 

Step 1: Check Surface

Before starting anything, check and inspect what you’re working with. After that, go for the workshop proceedings. 

When starting the first coat, cover the surface up! Even before the lacquer dries on the surface, cover it up! This is because lacquer dries faster than anything, so make it quick! 

That’s why you shouldn’t go to larger areas. Because the lacquer from one part will already start drying when you’re working with aerosol. 

This is because starting from the smaller areas. So, begin with the cabinets and boxes. We believe coffee tables are too large for the aerosol cans. Here, you won’t be able to cover the surface before the lacquer dries. 

Step 2: Spray Gun Choice

We’ve dedicated an entire section to this. So, let’s not get into more details here. Let’s just say, you’ll need airless sprayers for larger projects. And, lower pressure guns will work well on DIY projects. 

Step 3: Start Spraying

Seems a pretty easy step, right? Well, it actually is. Start reading the instructions then begin with the spraying part. 

When you’re spraying, keep the can at a close distance to the surface. But, here’s the thing- 

You should always maintain a distance of 8-12inches between the nozzle and the surface. If you’re going too close to the surface, it wouldn’t be a good thing. 

Plus, it’s better to keep that preferred distance at all times. Keep the gun straight and fire in the hole! 

In the end, keep the coats consistent and thin. You don’t need to overdo anything here. Just keep it simple and aim properly. 


Yes, we’ve got something for you, since you’ve been so patient! When you’re spraying on the surface, begin a bit earlier. We don’t want you to spray directly over the surface. Here, start from the edge and aim for the cloth. 

By doing this, you can easily provide consistent coating at all times. Otherwise, the inconsistent coating will lead to further complications. Remember to always keep it thin over the surface as well. 

What is the Best Spray Gun for Lacquer?

You’ll need a spray gun for the spraying lacquer! Well, that’s an obvious thing. But, the thing that’ll matter the most is the quality of the spray gun. 

We believe a lot of considerations need to be made when looking at spray guns, in general! 

But, let us talk about 2 of the most important factors in the spray gun. When compared to the paint spray guns, the lacquer spray guns should be a bit different. 

And, where’s the difference, exactly? Well, the pressure rating in the spray guns needs to be significantly higher! Compared to a paint sprayer, this needs to be quite heavy in pressure. 

So, a high-pressure rating should be the first priority. Next up, you’ll need to look at the sprayer’s capacity. Here, the larger capacity is always appreciated. So, have a lookout for that! 

If you want our advice, then we’ll leave some of our favorite ones down below- 

Wagner HVLP Control Spray 

Smoothening A Lacquer Spray: How? 

Who doesn’t appreciate a smooth surface? Even though some prefer a matte finish, we believe the majority want that glossy look. Added to that, the oily touch-ups adds tons of beautification to the surface. 

And, it’s admired to that level that people try to take things into their own hands. Well, you can consider this project as a DIY project. Here, we’ll guide you through. 

So, let’s head-on with the proceedings, shall we? 

Well, the question is, can you do sanding in between lacquer coats? Between the time, you can lightly sand the surface. Here, you can use 320-grit paper. Also, head on with further coats this time. 

You shouldn’t invest much time in sanding. And, the entire process of sanding should be light but consistent. As you provide sanding, the surface will smooth out a bit. And, you can continue with the process. 

But, don’t get too overboard with the entire process. Otherwise, you’ll damage the surface with excess sanding. 

Here, you should keep the following in mind-

  • Sand bare wood by removing the older finish
  • Grain needs to be filled with water-based fillers
  • Spray one lacquer coat after sanding
  • Apply one varnish coat
  • After drying for one day, level and sand the surface with 400-grit paper
  • Remove imperfections and bumps from the surface

By following this process, you can smooth the surface and make it glossy at the same time! 

What is the Best Lacquer?

Well, there has been quite the talk in town about what’s the best lacquer! We believe it depends on the perspective. So, let’s discuss the three types of them and give an idea- 

Acrylic Lacquer

Acrylic lacquers are our favorites. This is because they’re easier to use. Plus, they provide crystal clear finishes too. And, they’re quite durable. So, for providing a durable finish, they’re right up there! 

Nitrocellulose Lacquer

Bringing in the most inexpensive lacquer type- nitrocellulose. Well, it’s a pleasure in terms of price. And, it provides better durability. But, it just turns yellow after application. So, you won’t get that white finish with it. 

Pre-Catalyzed Lacquer

These types of lacquer provide curing through evaporation. But, they take it to the next level and provide curing through a chemical reaction as well. Now, them being pre-catalyzed means a catalyst has been added. 

As there’s been a catalyst added into this paint type, it would be more durable. Also, chemical reactions provide better durability and toughness. Compared to the previous type, we could crown it more durable. 

But, that said, it’s a bit expensive. In fact, they’re a tad more expensive than the other ones on the list. So, that’s a consideration you have to make. 

Other than that, they’re white and have no yellowing issues after application. Also, they aren’t toxic enough. And they have a lot of durabilities too. So, if you can keep the cost aside, they’re great options as lacquer! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Which type of lacquer can be sprayed? 

Answer: Matte, stain, and gloss lacquers can be sprayed. Normally, gloss lacquer is the most common finish and is admired by many. So, these three options are used by many people. 

Question: Is it possible to use lacquer through a paint gun? 

Answer: Yes, it’s possible to use the lacquer through a paint spray gun. Here, the guns come with wider nozzles and higher pressure in them. But, since lacquer has more adhesiveness than normal paint, they would stick. Hence, you’ll need quite some force to expel the product out of the gun. 

Question: Is lacquer spraying a useful option? 

Answer: Yes, spraying lacquer can be a great option. By spraying, you’ll be able to take full control of the drying ability of lacquer. As lacquer dries quickly, spraying them over the surface will provide the best results.

More importantly, it’ll provide faster results as well. That said, you’ll need to apply additional coats along with the initial coats. By doing this, you can easily provide a protective coating over the surface. 

Question: Can lacquer spraying be dangerous for the body? 

Answer: Yes, lacquer spraying can be dangerous for the body. As lacquer contains VOC elements inside of it, inhaling these substances causes problems. Especially, it can create breathing problems when you inhale the VOC elements in lacquer. 

Parting Words

At the end of it all, we’d like to say that it’s been an absolute pleasure! Now, go ahead and purchase the best spray lacquer for yourself. 

Here, we did clear off most of the information related to this topic. But, if we missed anything, comment below in the section. We’d love to chat with you there. 

So, why don’t you purchase from our list? We believe all of them serve the purpose. At the end of the day, all of them are the best this market has to offer. Best of luck!

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