9 Best Tree Climbing Boots (Focus On Grip Or Comfort)

It’s frustrating! 

It’s not an easy job at being a climber, is it? Some do it as a hobby, others do it professionally. Whatever the case, climbing requires precision and measurement! 

And, we believe there’s no alternative to the best tree climbing boot. These bad boys will make it easier at climbing, no doubt! And, they’ll even make it possible to take fatigue and pain away from your feet. 

So, we’ve researched and tested! It took us a while but we’re able to bring out the best climbing boots you can find in the market! These boots work the best in climbing trees and rocky terrains! 

Hence, let’s not wait any further and begin working- 

1. Lowa Men’s Renegade GTX Mid Boot

  • Overall Material: Leather and synthetic
  • Sole: Vibram
  • Shaft Measurement: 5-Inch (From Arch)
  • Platform Size: 1-Inch
  • Color: 10 Options
  • Weight: 1.5 Pounds
  • Dimension: 14 x 12 x 5 inches

Well, we don’t crown anything like our best product without any facts/reasons. So, yes, the Lowa Men’s Renegade GTX Mid Boot has topped every test and experiment we’ve thrown its way. So, let’s check what we’ve loved the most- 

The unique standpoint and our favorite bit of this product is the full-length stabilizer. This feature works its charm on the underfoot. And, this feature will support your underfoot all the time and provide max stability. Plus, it’s the one with Vibram sole only! 

Other than that, there’s a lot to focus on. This specific boot is designed for rocky terrains. Here, it’ll combat moisture and provide a strict grip. As the product is waterproof, you can take it on any terrain. 

So, be it rocky patches or inside a hillside- the boot will hold itself off pretty well on most terrains. 

But, that’s not all about the glory of this boot! The boot is made of amazing leather construction. As a result, it provides the utmost comfort. Throughout your usage, the boot even stretches a bit. So, it could be an option for the wider foot people. 

Plus, it has synthetic materials inside of it as well. Here, the lightweight and durable construction makes the boot perfect for climbing. Also, the mono wrap frameworks reduce the overall weight too. So, yes, it doesn’t carry much weight alongside it. 

As the overall frame is durable and there’s tons of space, you won’t find a better climbing boot. In our eyes, we’ve loved every bit of it. 

Now, let’s talk about the Vibram sole. This excellent shock-absorbing sole makes it easier at climbing. Plus, it even helps at maintaining a superior grip. So, you won’t feel discomfort when climbing up the terrains. 

As we’re on the topic of comfort, let’s talk about the footbed of this boot! It’s all-climate and has superior climate control as well. Here, the boot will keep the feet dry and free from blisters. 

Moreover, the presence of perforations allows better air circulation. This helps at keeping moisture away from the foot. And, it even minimizes the fatigue and friction of the boot. 

So, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for comfort, grip, or stability, this boot has it all for you. Hence, it’s our favorite pick! 

2. Salomon Men’s X Ultra 3 Mid GTX Boots

  • Sole: Rubber
  • Color: 5 Options
  • Dimension: 13 x 11 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 15.87 Ounces

Say hello to the first rubber sole boot on our list. We’ve tested a lot of shoes in our research. But, we’ve honestly loved rubber sole shoes. There’s something about this material that we love. Perhaps it’s the comfort and grip factor. But, there’s more. So, let’s begin- 

First off, the unique standpoint of this climbing boot is the weight factor. It’s the lightest shoe on this list. Trust me, the weight factor matters a lot when you’re climbing different terrains. And, it’s kind of a blessing. So, bonus points here!

Apart from that, let’s continue on the sole factor. Being a rubber sole means the shoe will provide tremendous amounts of comfort when you’re climbing with it. So, there’s no room for discomfort or fatigue in this boot. 

Other than that, the rubber sole does provide a superior grip, all the time. So, this is a must when you’re climbing higher rocky terrains. This overall safety factor makes people admire this product. And, we’ve loved it too. 

Another safety bit is the protective toe cap. Here, the toe caps protect the front. So, you won’t injure yourself if any mishaps happen. 

Similar to the previous product, this one is waterproof as well. As a result, you won’t have problems maintaining the grip factor. Especially on wet terrains, this would be quite an advantage! 

On the other hand, there’s a sculpted collar in this shoe. This makes it easier at maintaining mobility as well. Furthermore, the collar protects the shoes from rugged terrains. 

In the end, there’s comfort and safety with this shoe. So, we didn’t have much to complain about in this shoe. However, we’d like improvements in the sizing of the shoe. We’ve noticed the narrow fit in our team and received some criticism on that factor. 

So, wear a size up, at least we can provide that pro-tip, for now. Apart from that, we had no complaints from our team. But a member did say that the climbing boot took some effort to break in. 

Hence, you need to decide if you can leave with these cons. Honestly, it doesn’t matter much in our eyes. And, we love the product. So, give it a try!

3. Scarpa Men’s Kinesis Pro GTX Boots

  • Material: Leather
  • Sole: Synthetic
  • Color: Ebony
  • Dimension: 14 x 14 x 5 inches
  • Weight: 2.31 Pounds

Presenting our premium option of the list- Scarpa Men’s Pro GTX Hiking Boots. This boot has an expensive tag in the name! But, since this is premium in almost every way, there are some interesting features! 

The unique feature is the weight in this one as well. It’s the heaviest boot on the list! This ultra-weight factor makes it durable and tough, in all senses. Plus, it makes the boot resist damage and abuse throughout. So, it’s the perfect boot for climbing and doing anything!

Okay, it doesn’t go with everything, we exaggerated that. But, there’s a lot to focus on- 

Firstly, let’s talk about the leather material. Now, who doesn’t admire softness and comfort? If you’re a fan of both these features, you’d love this boot. Here, the leather factory makes the boot stretch as well. This makes it perfect for wider feet. 

Also, the leather adds superior comfort all day long. So, this does cancel out most foot fatigue. Speaking of comfort, the boot has GoreTex comfort. This feature ensures max comfort and breathability in all weather. So, your foot doesn’t develop blisters and remains dry. 

There’s a Vibram outsole in here as well. If you’ve followed the first product then you’ll know what we’re talking about here. The outsole provides maximum traction and grip all the time. And, it makes the boot hold well in rocky terrains. 

Besides, the boot is abrasion-resistant as well. Here, there’s a rubber rand around the boot’s perimeter. So, the leather upper along with the rubber makes the boot resist abrasion. 

Plus, it provides all the protection for the feet. So, the boot provides excellent arch support and protection of the feet. This is perfect when you’re climbing rocky terrains. 

Now, we do love everything about the boot. But, to nitpick, there are some factors to discuss. Here, the metal rings instead of the traditional laces don’t look nice. 

But, the boot does compensate by providing micro-pulley hardware. This makes lacing easier and effortless.

In the end, the boot has all the features you need. But, face it, with an expensive tagline, it’s supposed to be the best. So, if you’re trying to spend some cash, go for this. Otherwise, there are other affordable options on the list!

4. KEEN Men’s Revel III Boot

  • Material: Leather
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Shaft Measurement: 6-Inch (From Arch)
  • Color: Magnet/Tawny Olive
  • Dimension: 15 x 11 x 6 inches
  • Weight:  1.31 Pounds

We love leather shoes! Yes, we told you that earlier. Plus, we love the comfort factor of the rubber soles. And, guess what? This product already has both the features blended into one! So, this is a great addition to the list. 

But, the unique thing we loved the most is the Nubuck Leather. Here, the leather construction stretches the boot to some extent. Plus, it even makes the shoe have that extreme bit of comfort. Leather boots are perfect for climbing as they reduce fatigue. 

Here’s where the rubber soles steal the show! The presence of rubber provides extra grip to the boots. Plus, the rubber outsoles make it easier at gripping to the surface as well. So, this is quite the option if you’re going on rocky terrains. 

As a result, you can easily maintain your balance. And, the traction is excellent on any terrain. 

Yes, we mentioned any-terrains specifically. This is because the water-proof ability of the boots doesn’t cause trouble in the wet terrains as well. 

Other than that, the boot comes with breathable collars. So, the foot remains dry and won’t have blisters forming on it as well. 

So, the boots are perfect for rocky terrains and wet climates. And, the firm structure and comfortable insoles don’t add to foot fatigue. 

Lastly, it does run a bit small. So, you’ll need to check the right size before ordering the boot. Plus, we didn’t like the flexibility factor too. So, there is room for improvement in this shoe! 

5. Salewa Mountain Trainer Mid GTX

  • Sole: Rubber
  • Insole: Mid stiff- Nylon/Blight Midsole
  • Outsole: Vibram WTC
  • Color: Charcoal/Papavero
  • Dimension: 13 x 13 x 5 inches 
  • Weight: 1 Pound

Guess we’re not done with rubber soles yet! Presenting another rubber sole product in our list- Salewa Mountain Trainer Mid GTX. Here, the product offers quite some benefits that make it easier to climb on different terrains. 

So, let’s just begin- 

The unique feature that everyone admires about this product is the “Bilight Technology”. Here, the feature makes it easier for the boot to last longer. And, it ensures you move for a long time as it cradles your feet tightly. 

On the other hand, the collar of this boot has a flexing movement. This even allows the feet to follow its natural ankle movement. So, it makes it easier at maintaining arch support. 

Other than that, the boot comes with Vibram outsoles. We’ve spoken about Vibram outsoles before. It provides quite a superior grip and maintains the utmost comfort all the time. 

Speaking of comfort, the boot has rubber soles inside of it. As a result, fatigue and discomfort will be thrown out of the window. When you’re wearing this boot, you’ll feel like you’re climbing on the air. 

And, yes, our team loved the comfort factor. Safe to say, the boot will go a long way when it comes to comfort. 

But, there are factors that we didn’t love. That’s why we had to deduct some points from this climbing boot. First off, we didn’t admire the metal laces. They might break if you’re being too harsh on them. 

Since you’re climbing rocky terrains, physical abuse of the boots is quite common. Also, the boots aren’t waterproof. This limits your terrain choice and this won’t serve well on wet terrains.

6. Timberland Pro Men’s 52562

  • Material: Leather
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Shaft Measurement: 5.5-Inch (From Arch) 
  • Heel Measurement: 1.75-Inch
  • Color: Brown
  • Dimension: 14.8 x 13.2 x 5.1 inches
  • Weight: 2.1 Pounds

The first Timberland Pro product on our list. Well, we’ve introduced it because it has fancy features and a tagline beside the name. But, these aren’t just gimmicks only. There are benefits behind the features because we’ve tested it first-hand. Let’s begin with the features- 

Starting off, the USP of this product is the insulation feature. Here, the insulation feature allows protection from electrical hazards. Now, we know you’ll use this boot to climb trees. But, it’s still a bonus feature to have.

Other than that, the boot comes with all sorts of latest technology and features. First off, you’ll know about the comfort system. The brand has been proud of this feature. And, they’re even claiming full-time relief from fatigue using this feature. 

Well, we tested the feature out and yes, it’s quite comfortable! The main dynamic of this feature is that the boot will deliver the energy back. So, when you’re climbing, the boot will absorb the shocks. As a result, the discomfort lessens to some extent. 

Besides, the boot comes with an innovative design. And, the design will minimize any impact. Also, the shock-absorbing cones help out by increasing support and reducing fatigue. 

On the other hand, the insoles of the shoes add in the support factor as well. Here, the boot focuses on the pressure points and the impact zones of the foot’s ball. And, the boot reduces any bit of pressure on the feet. 

So, it’s safe to say, the company did put emphasis on the comfort factor! On the other hand, the premium leather construction provides maximum flexibility as well. 

No, we’re not exaggerating here! It’s quite easier to wear and move with this boot on. You’ll even have less time to break in! 

Now, let’s talk about that rubber sole. This isn’t the first product with a rubber outsole. So, you’ll know that the boot will grip well on different surfaces. Thus, you won’t have to worry about occasional slips. 

Speaking of slipping, the boot is designed to resist abrasion and slips at the same time. So, this is quite the win for you climbers out there. 

The reason why we’ve shifted this product lower in the list is the water-resistance ability. As it doesn’t have this feature, you’d miss out on a bit. And, it won’t be safe to climb up on the trees when it’s wet. 

Apart from that, there’s a lot to be happy about. So, if you think this product aligns with your preferences, go for it! 

7. Skechers for Work Men’s Radford Boot

  • Material: Synthetic & Leather
  • Sole: Synthetic
  • Color: Brown/Black
  • Shaft Measurement: 6.5-Inch (From Arch)  
  • Heel Measurement: 1.75-Inch (From Arch) 
  • Platform Size: 1.25-Inch 
  • Dimension: 13.9 x 11 x 5.1 inches
  • Weight: 2 Pounds 

Aesthetics matter in a climbing boot. You’ll find people who purchase bots based on how they look and not how they perform. If you’re on that side of the boat then you’ll love this product. So, let’s begin-

Even though this won’t be the obvious factor, we believe the USP of this product is the design! There’s just something about the rugged black/brownish look that our team loved. You’d absolutely love the way it looks. Our team said this boot made people ask them about the brand.

Apart from that, the boot does provide all the necessary benefits you’d expect! So, it has all the features and benefits. Let’s begin with the construction. 

Because we believe without a solid construction, you’d miss out on a lot. And, yes, structural framework matters in a climbing boot. Well, good news, the boot has both been figured out. 

There’s just something about the synthetic and leather mix, it all adds up! Plus, there’s plenty of flex and support in the boot. 

Even though there’s plenty of room inside the shoe, leather could stretch further. So, this could be an option for the wider feet. But, we won’t sweat on that! 

But, we’ve spoken a lot about its glory. Now, it’s time to take a look at what we didn’t like- 

The weight is too much, we believe. It isn’t the heaviest on the list. But, the heavyweight could be a burden when you’re climbing. 

Also, we didn’t like the metal eyelets. They could’ve gone with the traditional ones. The problem with the metal eyelets is that they’ll break anytime and you won’t see it coming. 

If you believe these cons aren’t dealbreakers for you, go for this product. It’ll hold off well when you’re climbing the tree.

8. Skechers for Work Men’s Blais Steel

  • Material: Synthetic & Leather
  • Sole: Synthetic
  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 14.3 x 10.9 x 5.5 inches
  • Weight:  1.6 Pounds

Protection! That’s what we think is one of the deciding factors in a tree-climbing shoe. Well, in that case, you’ll love this product! Here, you’ll have plenty of safety features. So, let’s begin with the product-

The main selling point of this product is the steel-toe. This feature will protect the toes from the surface. So, you won’t have to worry about hitting the surface and hurting your toes once in a while. 

Other than that, it has all the necessary features you’d expect in a tree climbing boot. First off, it comes with that leather and synthetic construction. As a result, the shoe will weigh less. 

Even though it’s not the lightest shoe on our list, it still weighs less than 2 pounds. In our eyes, that’s a solid win because you don’t want to carry added weight when climbing. 

When it comes to the footbed, you’ll have memory foam inside. The best part about this footbed is that it’s comfortable and removable. So, you can switch things up when necessary.

In the end, the structural framework of the boot is solid too. So, it’ll stay tough for a long. However, we don’t expect it to last forever because no boots are made this way. 

A complaint from our team would be that the boot required time to break in. So, this isn’t the most flexible one on the list.

9. Lowa Men’s Ticam GTX

  • Sole: Rubber
  • Color: Anthracite Orange

Another Lowa product on our list. Well, it seems like one has been at the top and the other is at the bottom. So, why the disparity? This does lose some benefits! But, it has its glory. Let’s check it out- 

The product comes with texture-lined insoles. Plus, it’s added with foam layers. Here, the insoles along with the foam layers make it easier at providing comfort. 

But, that’s eminent. Because the presence of rubber is supposed to provide utmost comfort all the time. And, the best part about this insole is that you can remove it any time you want! 

Other than that, it comes with breathable membranes. As a result, your feet will be dry all the time. And, blisters won’t form on your feet because of this. 

Added to this, the SPS cushions add support. So, your feet will get all the support it needs. And, the excellent shock absorption gets a point and a thumbs up from us.

The thing we don’t like about this product is the expensive price tag. Well, the cost would’ve been justified if the product had all the flashy features. 

That said, the product does lack some key benefits. For the price, it isn’t a great deal, we’d say. So, the product doesn’t maintain the price-quality ratio at all. 

Hence, if you’re trying to save some cash then this isn’t it, chief! 

Do Climbing Boots Make it Easier for Tree Climbing?

Yes, climbing boots do make it easier at climbing ftrees. When climbing high trees, you’ll need the grip factor! Also, the best boots will provide superior traction. As a result, they’ll hold off pretty well. 

Also, the climbing boots will have better breathability compared to normal boots. So, the feet will remain dry all the time. And, blisters won’t form on them easily. 

Plus, the comfort factor in the climbing boots is quite something! When compared to normal boots, the comfort factor is increased here. So, the boots make it way easier at climbing. 

Another great benefit of the comfort is that the climbers can wear these boots for a long time. And, discomfort and fatigue will be reduced to quite some extent! 

Terrain Choice: What Matters and What Doesn’t?

Yeah we know, we’re focusing on the trees for this guide. But, what about the other terrains? 

Well, we’ve spoken about shoes working well on most terrains! Being a climber, it’s important that you know what terrains your boots will support! Otherwise, you’ll be in a spot of bother! 

So, first off, judge the terrain choice that you have on hand. Here, the grip factor will matter. If your boots can provide a superior grip almost all the time, you won’t have problems climbing on rocky terrains! 

Other than that, if your boots aren’t waterproof, you won’t be able to climb on wet terrains. So, this will limit your climbing terrain choice! 

Weight Factor: Does it Matter?

Yes, weight can be quite a deciding factor! When you’re climbing on terrains, you want the lesser weight all the time. Here, putting on additional weights will prove to be a disadvantage. 

Especially, if you’re looking to climb higher terrains, you don’t want added weight with you. This is why you should go for the lightest boot in front of you. 

These shoes will make it easier to climb. Plus, they’ll allow easier movement all the time. 

But, some climbers prefer heavy boots as well. They believe the heavier the boots are, the more durable they’ll be! 

In our opinion, we’d always tell you to go for the lightest option. But, hey, you’re the climber, you’ll know what you want! 

Support in Arch Makes the Difference

That’s right! Imagine, you’re working for quite some time. Here, you’re standing on your feet almost the entire time. As a result, you’ll need boots that’ll support your arch better. 

Having better arch support means the boot will take off most of the pressure from your feet. This will take away the discomfort and even pain from your feet. As a result, you can climb and stay on your feet for an extended amount of time. 

Benefits of Using a Good Tree Climbing Boots

  • Using a good tree climbing shoe would make your work way easier because these shoes are constructed to support your weight and the load of your work.
  • Tree Climbing Boots are always safer and allow for better chainsaw protection.
  • Tree Climbing Boots are made with a better, more aggressive, traction.
  • It has better heel and arch support.
  • Usually weatherproof
  • It prevents any future pain from the strain.
  • Usually very durable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do tree climbers need?

As a rule of thumb tree climbers need a helmet, climbing spikes, climbing rope, a saddle, gloves, and throw weights to get started with your tree climbing gear.

What’s the best tree climbing shoe?

Lowa Men’s Renegade GTX Mid Boot is our best pick.

What to reduce arch pain?

Get a shoe with proper arch support and if that still doesn’t work you can always buy arch support inserts.

Bottom Line

This is it. Well, it’s been quite the wild ride! But, it’s been an absolute pleasure serving the best tree climbing boot. We’ve left nothing to be discussed in this article. 

So, why don’t you pick one from the list? Check the features and benefits of the products. That’ll create a better contrast for you. Also, repeat the informative points if you don’t understand anything. 

However, if you think we missed out on anything, let us know in the section below.

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