Vari Grind 1 vs 2- Which Jig Serves Better? (Compared)

For angling and sharpening woods, which tool do you prefer? Bet you will mention angle grinders, right? But in terms of meeting different requirements, don’t you think Wolverine Vari Grind suits you better here? 

If yes, which version of it might suit you better? Worry not, everything related to this will be unfolding here!

So, what are the key differences between Vari Grind 1 vs 2?

While comparing the distance flexibility between V-arm and the grinding wheel, Vari Grind 1 suits better. However, in terms of pricing, this model might demand more than Vari Grind 2. In the meantime, Vari Grind 2 has better cutting precision, tool coordination, and hollowing procedure.

That’s not everything you should know! We have prepared this article showing you more aspects in detail. 

Why delay then? Let’s get back to business. 

Vari Grind 1 vs 2: A Quick Glimpse

Before going into deeper sides, here’s a quick comparison between these grinds.

To help you out, here we have itemized all the basic comparing factors between them.

Now, let’s take a look at the table below!

Comparing FactorsVari Grind 1Vari Grind 2
Flexibility in V Arm Distance From The Grinding WheelNiceAverage
Cutting Precision And HollowingAverageExceptionally Good
Tools CoordinationAverageBetter

Even though the above details look quite beneficial, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Hold on! Make sure you read the article through to the end to find deeper insights.

Vari Grind 1 vs 2: Detailed Comparison

Here’s where you begin! We will discuss aspect by aspect.

V Arm Distance From the Grinding Wheel

Why is the distance between them so important? Well, this distance typically suggests how well you can control the angle. 

More specifically, it indicates having a better front bevel angle. As a result, you might get a sharper bowl gouge. 

Relevantly, you should know the bowl gouge or even chisel sharpening troubleshooting too. 

So, is it required to move the V arm away from the wheel? Or should you keep them closer? 

It’s quite an apparent matter as both circumstances might bring the desired angle.

Usually, keeping the jig forward to the V arm helps in removing metal. 

These material pieces will fall under the cutting edge. At the same time, it leaves only 2 to 3 mm of the original grind. 

As a result, utilizing the tools becomes so much easier. Remember, the Vari Grind jig is not the only part here. 

However, your cutting success depends on the total kit. Including the other parts such as grinding wheels, the Wolverine system might survive at its best. 

From simple things like tightening screws to placing the gouge holder in the right place! Everything matters!

As a vital part of this system, the V arm is quite influential. The ability to move the V arm towards or farther away is something special. 

And so, having the flexibility of users in doing this specific task is a must. 

More or less, this service is quite nice on the original Vari Grind jig. However, things look messed up in their upgraded ones called Vari Grind 2

So, what you might expect from cutting precision can be absent in Vari Grind 2. Not just this issue! You might face cutting as a real challenge here. 

In the meantime, the original Vari Grind allows grinding the spindle gouges with much perfection. 

And, you can use the same bowl gouge settings as before. However, putting a V block in the V arm is also doable. 

It will lead to moving the Vari Grind forward. As a result, the chances of getting a more acute angle will be possible. 

On the other hand, the same will be achievable even if you keep away the arm. Doesn’t matter! 

It’s up to your skill of handling the spindle gouges. And obviously, dimensions and measurement are also vital factors here. 

Winner: Vari Grind 1.

Cutting Precision and Hollowing

Depending on the bevel angle, you might find perfection in cutting wood. However, cutting precision also relies on if you can bring the required shape or sizes. 

Gouge types, sizes, etc., matter a lot in getting the accurate angle. But at the same time, you can not avoid the hollowing wood procedure. 

What it does is to get a perfect shape for improvising spaces. This storage space of a particular item highly demands a better sharpening system. 

As long as you get the Wolverine system, everything will not be that bad. If you consider a Vari Grind 1 jig, nothing fancy of hollowing will be exposed. 

But Vari Grind 2, known as the modified jig, carries a superb hollowing system. As a result, you can expect a better fitting of the wood. 

Along with that, creating different sneaky hiding areas can be created as per your demand. We find Vari Grind 2 useful in operating woodworking mallets and chisels. 

That’s how this long grind on the deeper fluted bowl gouges performs excellent for instantaneous hollowing.

Get the best bowl gouges from our recommendation!

It highly suits the outside of bowls too. Last but not least! No compromise will be happening for particular spindle works.

However, the triton tools review can also enlighten you about accuracy and precision in woodworking. 

In the meantime, making circular hollows can be easily done. All you require is to get a drill along with a woodworking bit. 

Worry not, these might not put you in to struggle. Woodworking routers are generally quite faster in nature. 

Also, they can proceed with work with much precision. Just managing to buy Vari Grind 2 will be enough! 

Winner: Vari Grind 2.

Tools Coordination

Users often complain about struggling to coordinate in the original Vari Grind. What reason can be the most influential behind this? 

Well, our experience indicates the overweight and heavy-duty nature behind this issue. 

This Wolverine system was developed to supersede conventional models containing lightweight tools. Over time, drawbacks of universal grinding along with dressing jigs have come into the light. 

So, this is not the best easy woodworking tool at all!

In the meantime, Vari Grind 2 comes with better sharpener compatibility. 

You might see the lack of concentration that Vari Grind 1 often shows. Along with that, its coordination gap is another major setback. 

That’s where Vari Grind 2 serves you like a package solution. No issues like these will be happening here. 

This single jig can build every shape from the fingernail grind. Or when dealing with even the side grind, it can meet requirements too.

Winner: Vari Grind 2.


Typically, Vari Grind 2 comes into the picture for updated specs. Faults like sloppiness and lack of concentration might be the cons for the original Vari Grind. 

Meanwhile, carrying these flaws, users had to use this model for so many years. Now, you might not worry about those issues indeed. 

Also, Vari Grind 2 pricing is the more exciting factor if you are a budget user. Usually, manufacturers demand more when they have something unique and updated. 

But availing this is only $80 to $90 away. In the meantime, you can not buy the original Vari Grind lowering from $140 to $150.

Winner: Vari Grind 2.

Final Verdict

If you compare the pricing range, the updated version of Vari Grind undoubtedly wins. 

Meanwhile, Vari Grind 2 can deliver better precision in cutting. Also, you might find better tool coordination here. 

No lack of concentration will be found too. And, due to its superb hollowing procedure, sharpening wood is quite easy. 

So, we make Vari Grind 2 the winner.


What Angle Should The Vari-grind Jig Be Placed At?

Using the Vari-grind without a Oneway Wolverine grinding jig requires a 65-degree angle. And, this angle should be on the front side of the gouge. You require putting the gouge in that grind to assemble the bevel with the grinding wheel. And, it might touch the bench in front of the grinder.

What Is The Best Grind For A Bowl Gouge?

Tiny-winged bowl gouge grinds are the suitable-most grind for a bowl gouge. You will find enough flexibility here while choosing traditional along with fingernail types. 40/40 grinds also perform well. Along with that, punky type or even loose-grained lumber such as spalted pecan are doable indeed.

What Is The Ellsworth Grind?

Ellsworth grind comes with a fabricated aluminum body. As a result, you will find a boost in accuracy along with repeatability. It consists of an enhanced clamping system accommodating 12.7-16.5mm diameter gouges. Interestingly, the Pro-PM Ellsworth Signature Gouge and a parabolic flue is attached.

Final Words

Hopefully, now you know the major differences between Vari Grind 1 vs 2. We have tried to cover key aspects in order to differentiate them better.

That’s all. We hope you have enjoyed the article. 

Feel free to ask queries! We would love to reply to you back.

Best wishes!

Kevin Smith

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