Triton Tools Review (All Of Your Triton’s Glory)

They’re durable! 

Yes, we’re talking about the Triton tools. From winning different awards to impressing everyone with their precision, these tools faced quite the journey. 

But, when we’re talking about woodworking, we expect durable and strong tools. And, here’s where the Triton tools come in. But, there are a lot of Triton tools in the market. So, we decided to review some of the best ones. 

Here, in our Triton tools review, you’ll get to see all of Triton’s Glory. So, let’s begin our piece. We’ve even compiled some of the most common questions and information for you. 

So, let’s get going- 

1. Triton MOF001 Precision Plunge Router

At A Glance

  • Voltage: 110-120v
  • Motor: 2-1/4 Horsepower 
  • Plunge Range: 0 – 2 5/16″
  • RPM: 8000-20000 RPM
  • Weight: 10.4 lbs
  • Size: 10.2 x 12.9 x 11.4 inches
  • Collet Wrench: 1/2″ & 1/4″ Collet

The first product we want to showcase is the Plunge Router from Triton. We’ve always loved ourselves a precision hand-held tool. And, let me remind you- this is exactly what you need if you want precision and easy usage. 

Let’s take a look at what this tool offers- 

The first thing to talk about is the compact design of this tool. It comes with a smaller size offering. This means easier portability and easier application. When you’re working with a hand-held tool, hand fatigue could be an issue soon enough. 

It’s like you’re expecting it after a rigorous session. But, due to this tool being compact and lightweight, those issues don’t happen soon enough.

Another thing we’d like to mention is that this tool isn’t only used by hand. You can use it mounted on a table! Here, you can fit the pins faster on the mounting plate. And, there’s even easy adjustment due to the removable spring. 

It works quite effectively with your woodworking products! It doesn’t matter how rough the projects are! This tool just glides on smoothly and will finish the work easily. 

Another bonus point right here is the quiet functionality. This does spare out the ear-bleed which is a great thing!

Now, let’s see how this works- 

Starting off, it has a softer start. This means it’ll cancel out most of the kickback at the initial period. It even works at maintaining the speed due to the variable speed feature. This allows you to have better control too. 

Next up, it’s quite easy to use. There’s a router lift that makes the bit changes effortless and easy. And, when you’re changing the bits, you’ll just require an individual wrench. 

There are tons of safety features in this tool. All you need to look for is the enclosed guards in the tool. Here, it’ll provide all the protection you need from the “cut zone”.

Added to that, there’s a switch shutter lock that closes when you’re changing the bits. This will prevent the power from turning back on “accidentally”. 

Lastly, there are air vents on the side that’ll reduce the dust from getting into motor casings. You won’t require regular maintenance in this tool. But, you need to take care of it because accidents take no account. 

2. Triton TSPST450 Oscillating Spindle 

At A Glance

  • Capacity: 3.5 Amps
  • Size: 15.4 x 13 x 17.7 inches
  • Weighs 28.44 lbs
  • Grit: 80
  • Front Tilt: 0-45 degree
  • Sanding Sleeves Diameter: 1/2″ – 2″ 
  • Oscillations Per Minute: 58
  • Motor: 3.5A/120v
  • Dust Port: 1-1/2″
  • Cast Table Size: 17″ x 16″
  • Sleeve Height: 4-1/2″
  • Belt Size: 4″x24″

You’ve seen our Plunge Router, it’s time to take a look at the Oscillating Spindle. Triton tools have been the news in the market for their outstanding build quality. These tools are never seen to get damaged unless you’re trying really hard. 

So, what’s the take with this particular product? 

Starting off, it’ll boost production and performance when you’re doing woodworking projects. And, how will that happen, exactly? Well, there are tons of features that are versatile and that make your work a lot easier. 

Out of them, there is the spindle itself that’ll rotate and provide a burn-free feeling to you. Added to that, it’ll even provide better control when you work. This allows you to precisely sand the edges of the wood.

The continuous oscillation and rotation provide the optimum control and work-rate balance that you need. This does boost productivity and performance. 

In fact, we love the precise control we get from this tool. Speaking of that control, the entire workspace can tilt 0-450 in the front.

This provides pinpoint accuracy and precision. Even when you’re sanding irregular and unconventional edges, this tool stays the best. 

 Other than that, the tool is made of aluminum which adds that impressive durability. So, you won’t have to worry about it breaking down. 

Another feature we like about this product is the easy change of belt. This definitely increases the rate of work when you’re working with shaped pieces of work. 

There’s even a storage slot on board. This will allow you to keep accessories with tools. As a result, you can change the modes rapidly. This feature might seem small but it definitely increases convenience and saves time. 

Now, when we speak about the safety features, you’ll see a lot of them. There are on/off switches with the dust cover. This makes it easier to turn off the tool when you don’t want it. Plus, it’s easily accessible. So, you’d have an easy time with it. 

Added to that, there are even locating holes that’ll make the product secure you’re mounting to a bench. And, it’s definitely a lot stable, to begin with. 

Lastly, there are throat plates and dust ports that’ll help in the extraction of dust. Plus, the throat plates are vented. So, you’ll be able to create a clean and overall safe workplace. 

3. Triton SuperJaws SJA100E Clamping System

At A Glance

  • Clamping Force: 2200 ft.lbs 
  • Clamping Width Capacity: Upto 37 1/2″
  • Material: Steel
  • Workpiece Access: Upto 3600
  • Workpiece Weight Limit: Upto 200kg
  • Tool Size: 34.7 x 33.9 x 38.6 inches
  • Weight: 33.1 pounds
  • Color: Yellow/Back
  • Battery: Not Required

We’ve seen a lot of clamping systems in the market. But, no one caught up to this clamping system from the Triton brand. There are tons of features to talk about in here- 

First off which is the clamping force of course. I mean, that’s why you search for a clamping system, right? Whatever your preference is, you’ll definitely need a higher clamping force. 

And, you’ll get just that from this clamping system. With almost 2200ft-lbs. you’d get tons of clamping pressure. Also, this much clamping pressure is just about needed for optimum control over your woodworking tasks. 

Another great thing about this tool is the foot-operating functionality. You heard me correct! You won’t need to use your hands with this tool. That’s a plus since you’ll be sparing some fatigue off your hands. 

On the other hand, this tool is huge and has an even wider tripod base. So, when you’re working with larger workpieces, you’ll get that increased stability. On top of that, you’ll even get 3600 access to the workpiece. That just eases up your work efficiency. 

Yes, the tool has been designed in a way that you’d get all the help you need. It has a workpiece capacity of 200kg. And, it can sustain according to this weight. 

Here, there is an even wider clamping capacity width. To be precise, you’ll get around 37 ½” of capacity. Now, it does come with a release/lock precise switch that’ll ensure you release the workpiece faster. 

If you’re wondering about durability, this product screams toughness. It comes with an all-steel construction that already increases durability. 

On top of that, you’ll get added powder coating that takes the toughness to another level. So, yeah, it’s tough and lasts for a while. 

Lastly, the manufacturers, Triton have pulled their heart and soul behind this product. They even made a newer leg design and even improved the whole frame. This will work at providing better stability. 

Lastly, the whole design allows you to fold down the product in a matter of seconds. So, that definitely makes using this product a lot easier. 

4. Triton TDJ600 Dowelling Jointer

At A Glance

  • Motor Power: 59A
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Angle Adjustment: 0-90 Degree
  • Drill Depth: 0 to 1-½” 
  • Drill Bit Space: 1-¼”
  • No-Load Speed: 17000 RPM
  • Weight: 6.59 lbs
  • Dust Port: Yes
  • Size: 11 x 4 x 6 inches

We’re going to take a look at Dowelling Jointers from Triton as our next product. And, what does this do? Well, you’d get to form reliable corner joints with the help of this one. 

Let’s take a look at the specs- 

It comes with 6.59lbs of weight, first of all. We always appreciate lightweight products when we’re doing woodworking projects. We’ve already given you an idea about what this product will help you in doing. 

You’ve guessed it correctly! This tool helps you to form stronger and more reliable miter joints. What are these joints, exactly? Well, these joints are the ones that work along the workpiece length. 

Apart from this, the tool is all about power and performance combined. It comes with a powerful 59A motor. Thus, powerful drilling is ensured all day long. 

The other essential thing is the no-load speed of this tool. It comes with a 17000 RPM. So, it’s fast and will cut through wood like butter. 

As we’re on the topic of cutting, the tool will use the 0-900 angle to cut down at any angle. So, its versatility is top-notch! 

Added to this, the tool comes with a variable drill depth. Here, you can set the requirement for every joint quite easily. This will promote precision and accuracy at all times. 

Let’s also talk about how this tool will make your woodworking projects easier. It comes with double drilling. This feature has been designed 1-¼” apart from one another. And, it ensures faster yet accurate jointing. 

Besides this, there’s an on/off switch inside that you can easily toggle. This just makes working a bit easier. 

Moreover, there are jig teeth added to this tool. This feature will allow you to drill repetitive holes at the previously selected size. It’s quite the feature to have which means you won’t have to redo everything again! 

Furthermore, there’s a pinion system and patented racks. This will adjust the material’s thickness accurately. 

You can even do repeat operations with this Triton tool. Here, the “3-line viewer” allows you to set up this feature. 

Similar to all the Triton tools discussed in this list, this tool works at providing tons of safety features. There’s a bail handle designed with this tool. You can have an additional better control due to this feature. 

Added to this, there’s a rubber grip designed as well. Here, the rubber construction in the grip means you’ll have added control and comfort at the same time. 

There’s even an anti-slip pin designed in this tool. This will prevent any sort of movement when you’re drilling woods. So, your hands will be protected, at all times. 

Lastly, there’s a dust port designed in this tool as well. Here, the dust port ensures a safe yet cleaner environment as it’ll extract all the dust inside the system. 

5. Triton TPT125 Benchtop Planer

At A Glance

  • Cuts Per Minute: 17,500
  • Cutting Width: 12-1/2-inch
  • Cutting Depth: 1/16-inch
  • Power: 1HP
  • Weight: 65 pounds
  • Speed: 17500 rpm
  • Max Power: 1100 watts
  • Power Source: Corded-Electric
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Size: 23.5 x 15 x 20 inches

We’re down with the list. But, before going away, we’d like to talk about a premium product. Normally, Triton tools aren’t that expensive. But, oh boy!

This one is definitely premium, alright! But, the price-quality ratio is still maintained. So, you’re in for an adventure. Let’s begin- 

When we say this tool is capable of producing around 17500 cuts every minute, we’re talking about a monster. Yes, this tool is capable of producing these many cuts. And, the best thing is that it maintains the consistency that you’d expect. 

The result of this is a smoothened finish of the workpiece. It even provides an easy yet accurate cutting depth of 1/16-inch. This is surely a deal-maker when you’re looking for an efficient Benchtop Planner. 

Now, this is an electric-corded product. So, let’s check the specs, real quick. It promises a power of 1100 watts and holds a voltage of 120V. Also, it has a 1HP motor. So, yeah, a complete powerhouse, you see! 

Another thing that impressed us was the 17500 RPM speed of this tool. It’s quite the beast and this is how the 17500 cuts are ensured if you were thinking. 

Now, it has a cutting width of 12-½ inches. Following that is the 1/16-inches of cutting depth. So, you can throw most logs of wood into it and it’ll still work quite well. 

As we’re on this topic, you should know that the cutting depth can be set precisely. In fact, there’s a depth crank handle to do that exactly. So, no worries about the precision. Also, once you set the metric, it’s easier to read as well from the thickness scale too.

It even comes with a 4-post design. This design works at ensuring the rigidity of the tool and accuracy. Also, the design helps at ensuring vertical accurate movements that’ll deliver the most precise results. 

On the other hand, the tool has outfeed and infeed tables inside. They’ll provide support for the materials when you’re working with longer workpieces. 

Lastly, as we’re working with electrical circuits, there could be chances of hazards or accidental fires. There’s a circuit breaker designed just for this reason. Also, it’ll add up to providing tons of safety, when you look at it from an angle. 

There’s even a dust chute designed in this tool, like the other Triton tools. It’ll work at extracting all the dust when you’re working.

Due to this chute, you’ll have a clean and safe working environment. Most importantly, dust won’t accumulate inside the tools. So, a bonus point, here! 

Why Triton Tools? 

triton tools review

There are a lot of brands that supply tons of high-quality woodworking tools. Then why are we focusing on the brand Triton? Well, there are some things you need to know- 

Triton tools have been market leaders for a long time now. Added to that, their tools have won tons of awards for their tools being good enough. 

Here, the main thing that made Triton victorious is their amazing build quality. This makes their tools last for a while. Also, the tools do provide a great source of accuracy and precision. So, it has won awards because of it. 

Triton Tools Durability and Stability: One of a Kind

We’ve emphasized the durability of these tools. When you’re woodworking, you’ll have to put an emphasis on the toughness of the tools. As you’re carrying on a larger and heavier workpiece, the need of having a tougher tool increases too. 

Because if the tools aren’t durable enough, they’ll break easily. Also, a durable tool does add to the overall stability of the tool. If there isn’t much stability going on, you’ll face unnecessary vibrations. 

And, don’t get me started on why vibration is bad when you’re working with woods. You’d get unnecessary sounds due to this vibration. Also, there will be shakiness that’ll mess up the precision and accuracy provided by the tools. 

This is why Triton manufacturers have taken matters into their own hands. They have designed their tools in such a way that they’ll have tremendous toughness with them. 

The main reason why their tools are so durable is the build quality! The tools are built with solid materials. This is the reason why they’re so tough. 

This quickly takes away the chance of the tools not being stable enough. Another thing added to getting this much stability is the wider base of the tools.

Yes, almost all the Triton tools come with a wider base. This does increase the stability. And, it means your tools will provide the precision you desire. 

Safety Features: Gimmick or Life-Saver?

Oftentimes, the tools in the market portray a lot about the safety features. Now, the question is- are all the safety features needed? Well, yes, they’re called safety features for a reason. 

That said, some could be gimmicks. You won’t require all of the safety features when you’re working. God forbid if you ever require any of the features. 

But, at the worst of the days, it’s good and relieving to know that you have the safety features by your side. 

Productivity and Performance in Woodworking

Now, productivity and performance go hand-in-hand. When you’re doing woodworking, you’ll need a productive product, by your side. Added to that, the performance of the product needs to be right up there too. 

The reason why we made this info point for you is that you’ll need to ensure the beast if you require the beast, in the first place. What do we mean, exactly? 

Well, if you require a powerful product, go for the one that comes with a powerful motor. Also, if you don’t require a powerful product, there’s no need to go the extra route for it. 

Dust Extraction Ports: Why? 

All you need is a good old dust extraction port and life would be so simple! Heard that saying before? Well, we made it up so don’t think there’s any chance. 

But, the dust port has a ton of benefits when you’re woodworking. You see, the longer you work with woods, the messier your surroundings become. Dust and debris fly everywhere. 

And, it’s just not a pleasant sight. Since you’ll be working with wood for a long time. It’s more than necessary that you get yourself a product that’ll sustain. 

Dust flies off the charts and could get stuck in the blades of the tools you’re working with. Now, this might not seem like a big thing. But, what about dust accumulating inside this tool for a while? 

It’ll be quite the problem and it can lead to blades getting jammed up. Also, the cleaner the environment, the better it’ll be for you to work. 

This is the reason why you’ll need a dust extraction port for yourself. It’ll extract all the dust when you’re working. And, the dust will store off inside the port, in a safer place. 

Due to this, you’ll get an overall safer and cleaner environment to work in. Most importantly, there won’t be many chances for the blades to get jammed up all the time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are the tools from Triton designed in China? 

Answer: No, they’re not only designed in China, they’re designed in Australia. 

Question: Are the Triton tools durable enough? 

Answer: Yes, the tools are durable enough and will last for a while. 

Question: Is there any color option for the Triton tools?

Answer: They do come in different colors. However, you need to check for what color you want for yourself. 

Question: Are the Triton tools compact?

Answer: Depends on what tools you’re talking about. The Triton Superjaw is compact enough. Also, the plunge router is compact and lightweight. 

Final Words

Well, folks, congratulations! You just found the tools for yourself, we hope. As we finish our Triton tools review, we’d like to say that we’re happy you stuck till the end. 

This is because we had a lot to say. And, frankly, we did manage to put a piece together after weeks of research. That’s why we’re happy and confident about our journey together. 

Just pick your favorite tool and start working now. Good luck! Happy woodworking.

Kevin Smith

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