Sawstop Premium Fence vs T Glide (Showdown)

SawStop is one of the leading table-saw brands you’ll find in the market. Unfortunately, they’re very expensive and can cost you two times more. That’s why picking an option between two SawStop fences can be quite difficult.

What are the differences between SawStop premium fence vs T-Glide?

The SawStop Premium fence is comparatively cheaper than the T-Glide fence. But T-glide’s 36-inch length gives you more versatility. The T-Glide saw is also extremely heavy which is a pain. But the T-Glide saw is more accurate and durable. But all of this comes at a higher price. 

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Anyways, that was the summary of the whole comparison. There’s a lot more that needs to be mentioned and talked about. Stay with us till the end to know more about these SawStop table saws. 

SawStop Premium Fence Vs T-Glide Fence: Quick Overview

Woodworking is a field that requires constant precision. Table saws are one of the best tools when it comes to cutting wood. But choosing a good table saw can be difficult. That’s where SawStop comes in. 

In many forums, you’ll find people praising both types of SawStop table saws. They’re both great saws and are pretty expensive in the market. 

To keep it simple, I’ve decided to bring everything under one table. Here’s what you’re looking for:

FactorsSawStop Premium FenceSawStop T-Glide Fence
Price PointCheaperExpensive
Saw TypeContractor SawCabinet Saw
Fence Length30 Inch36 Inch
Fence Weight338 lbs430 lbs
Accuracy DecentHigher
DurabilityModerateExtremely Good
Horse Power3 HP4 HP
Dust CollectionSatisfactorySuperior

After going through the table, which table saw do you like the most? 

Sawstop Premium Fence vs T Glide: Full Discussion

A summarized table sometimes can be a little too much to handle. So, if you haven’t picked a winner yet that’s totally alright. 

Because we’ve compared both table saws head-to-head in multiple categories. We have also prioritized the categories from most important to least important. This will quickly help you reach a decision in no time! 

Factor 1: Price Point

Tables saws are no joke when it comes to pricing. They cost a lot of money and are usually seen as an investment. That’s why you’ll have to be smart about picking the right one. 

Many woodworkers often need to commit to a table saw. Because not everyone can afford $3000 whenever they want. In that case, they buy the parts one at a time. 

Since we’re talking about SawStop your targeted price range is more than $3000. They produce some of the most expensive table saws on the market. 

In exchange, you get to enjoy years-long uninterrupted service. 

First, let’s talk about the SawStop Premium Fence. These table saws will cost you about $3500 or more. 

But they’re comparatively cheaper than SawStop’s T-Glide fence. They’re also a little shorter. If you’re a homeowner or do woodwork as a hobby, this is a great pick. 

But SawStop’s T-Glide fence is a much better option. Because it’s more friendly toward a professional woodworker. 

But they cost about $4000 or more. On average, you can say the T-Glide fence costs $500 or more.  

If you have a business and want a great saw, T-Glide is the best option. Otherwise, the SawStop Premium fence will be enough. 

Winner: SawStop Premium Fence is more budget-friendly. 

Factor 2: Saw Type

Along with pricing, you’ll need to understand the saw types. Because they’re not the same types of saws and have different purposes. 

There are usually 3 types of table saws. All three of them have different purposes, positives, and negatives. 

Like table saws, band saws such as Laguna 14bx and 18Bx can be quite different.  

The most basic table saw is called a job site saw. They’re portable but overall weak. That’s why they’re used in most construction sites.  

The SawStop Premium Fence is a contractor saw. Contractor saw cuts are more accurate and they’re easier to work with. 

On top of that, they can be portable as well which is a plus point for many woodworkers. If you don’t have a dedicated space, this will prove useful. 

But the SawStop T-Glide fence is a cabinet saw. Cabinet saws are heavier, harder to move, and built to be stationary. 

If you’re looking for a table saw that will sit permanently, prioritize getting cabinet saws.

So, ask yourself one more time what saw you really need. Be sure to plan the table saw’s position beforehand. 

Winner: Contractor saws have better portability.

Factor 3: Fence Length & Weight

The length of the fence and overall weight also matter when you choose a table saw. Because the shorter length and heavier weight limit your choice. 

The SawStop Premium fence length is 30 inches. This is good enough for most woodworkers out there. They’ll pretty much handle every sort of project.

Since the SawStop Premium fence is a contractor saw, it’s pretty lightweight. The SawStop Premium fence weighs about 338 pounds. This is a lot but it’s still light enough to be mobile. 

On the contrary, the SawStop T-Glide fence length is 36 inches. This extra 6 inches will give you an advantage over other woodworkers with 30-inch fences. Many woodworkers prefer the 36 inches because that allows more versatility. If you want the absolute best, a 36-inch T-Glide fence would be a great option. 

But the T-Glide fence weighs a lot more. The weight of the SawStop T-Glide table saw is about 430 lbs. It’s around 100 lbs heavier than the SawStop Premium. 

Because of this immense weight, they’re hard to move around. They’re quite annoying and hard to deal with when you move them.

Winner: SawStop T-glide fence comes with more weight but is more versatile.

Factor 4: Accuracy

Woodworking is a job of precision. Obviously, the accuracy of the table saw is something you’ll have to give priority to.

If the table saw isn’t accurate, it’ll ruin your work projects. But luckily, it’s quite easy to check the accuracy of the table saw

The SawStop Premium Fence is decently accurate but it’s not that impressive. Over time, you may encounter accuracy issues. But for the most part, they’re pretty accurate. 

But the T-Glide fence has higher accuracy than the SawStop Premium. The spacer is heavier and its system is more accurate. 

It also has a magnifying glass which helps you to be as precise as possible. 

Winner: The SawStop T-Glide fence has superior accuracy. 

Speaking of table saws, we’ve saved you some time and recommended both picks-

You can choose whichever table saw you want and get started!

Factor 5: Durability

We’re almost at the end. Since table saws are expensive, you just can’t help but think about their durability. 

The SawStop premium fence is decently durable. Since it’s a contractor saw, it has a pretty solid dust collection system. 

But the SawStop T-Glide fence is heavier and built mostly with metal. The quality of the metal used in the T-Glide is on another level. This lets the T-Glide have unmatched durability. 

Winner: The SawStop T-Glide fence is more durable. 

Final Verdict: Which One Should You Pick?

For amateur woodworkers, the SawStop Premium fence should be everything. This table saw provides just enough to let you pursue your hobby. 

But if you’re a professional woodworker with a business, the T-Glide is better. It has a bigger fence which lets you have more options. 

Its high accuracy will allow you to work on projects that require precision. But of course, that comes with a high price tag.

SawStop Fence Upgrade: Step-By-Step

If you’re looking to upgrade your SawStop fence, there are several options you can consider. The SawStop brand is well-known for its high-quality and safety-focused table saws, and upgrading the fence can improve the precision and ease of use in your woodworking projects.

  • T-Glide Fence System: SawStop offers their T-Glide Fence System as an upgrade for some of their table saw models. It provides a smooth and precise operation, allowing for accurate cuts with minimal effort.

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  • Professional T-Glide Fence: This fence is an upgraded version of the T-Glide system, providing additional features and enhancements to further improve your woodworking experience.
  • Aftermarket Fence Systems: Some third-party manufacturers offer aftermarket fence systems that are compatible with SawStop table saws. Brands like Incra and Vega produce high-quality fence systems that are known for their accuracy and durability.
  • Rip Capacity Extension: If you often work with larger materials, consider getting a rip capacity extension for your current fence system. This will allow you to handle larger cuts with ease.
  • Rip Fence Accessories: Look into various accessories like micro-adjusters, digital readouts, or magnified cursor upgrades that can be added to your existing fence for increased precision and convenience.

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What is a Tablesaw fence?

A table saw fence is used in woodworking for making accurate cuts. As the name suggests, it’s a table with a saw blade. This equipment also comes with a scale and an adjuster to help you with precision. They can rip through wood like it’s nothing and provide the ultimate comfort. 

Will wet wood set off a SawStop?

The SawStop table saws can cut through wet wood just fine. Wet wood isn’t a problem at all. But if it’s too wet or green then it can get a little problematic. Because wet wood can create a mist and the extra pressure can trigger the brake. That’s why it’s better to not use wet wood at all. 

Is SawStop Made in the USA?

Yes, the table saws of the SawStop are made in the USA. SawStop is also a company based in the USA. They engineer and design their table saws in their headquarters in Portland, Oregon. But the mass production is done through the Taiwanese factories because it’s cheaper that way. 

Take Away

That was everything I could gather and compare on the SawStop Premium fence vs T-Glide. I hope that this discussion was helpful enough to make you reach a conclusion. 

If you’re still not sure, then I suggest talking to the nearest woodworking experts. 

Finally, have a nice day, and happy woodworking!

Kevin Smith

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