Radiant Tube Heater Problems (2 Common Problems + Solutions)

Radiant tube heaters are helpful without a second thought! But as time goes by, it comes up with a few common problems.

It must be frustrating to realize that you’re having problems with your heater. Moreover, it gets worse when you’re not aware of the problems.

But don’t worry, we’ll share all about the common problems with you here.

So, what are the radiant tube heater problems?

Well, you may think the tube heater can have numerous problems. But in reality, it has only two major and common problems. However, it may arise with different symptoms at different times! First, you may see that the fan running continuously. And you may also experience the heater turning off after a while.

Feeling like you need to know the details for troubleshooting your heater? Then keep on reading to know more about it!

2 Common Radiant Tube Heater Problems

radiant tube heater problems

Radiant tube heaters are really helpful without any doubt. But it can have issues arising gradually. We’ve covered the common problems along with the solutions below-

Problem 1: Fan Keeps On Running Continuously

One of the most typical problems is when the fan runs continually. The flame will also come on for around 30 seconds before turning off. Then it would turn off for another 30 seconds before turning back on. 

You can adjust the thermostat to a lower temperature than the current room temperature. However, the fan and flame will finally turn off. If you raise the thermostat over room temperature, the fan will turn on. 

Want to replace the thermostat? Look at our choices below-

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Now the flame, on the other hand, comes on after about thirty seconds. And does its usual on-and-off thing.


As you already know this is a common issue, the solution is also simple. But before going to that solution, you can try something else. You can just change the gas valves to see if it gets fixed.

Not all the gas valves would be good for this. But you don’t have to be worried about that! Because we’ve got you a table of recommendations below-

These products are quite effective and long-lasting!

If it still has issues, you need to take professional assistance. You can take help from the mechanics of the respective company. The service maintenance team can surely help you out with the issue.

But make sure you’re not too late to notify them about it. Or else, the entire tube heater might get damaged gradually!

This is the one and only common issue that might arise with your tube heater. Other than this, if you find any issue, you must contact the company immediately.

Problem 2: The Heater Turns Off After a While

Sometimes, you might see the heater is turning on absolutely fine. But just after a couple of minutes, it would get turned off automatically. And this is one of the most common problems of the tube heater.

You might think it’s a problem with the gas valve but it’s actually not. Rather, this might be the problem with the dust and blockages. Any cracks in the rubber are also responsible for this issue at times. So, how to resolve it?


First, if there is dirt, cracking, deformation, or sagging, do not use the heater. If necessary, clean the reflector surface with a moist cloth. Support comes in the form of a reflector hanger and a support strap. 

Make sure the reflector must not come into contact with the tube. Ascertain that the overlap is installed according to the instructions. This belongs in the operation and service manual section. 

In addition, inspect for debris, pipe cracks, gaps, and blockages in the corrosion-sealed regions. If it requires then clean, or replace it. Besides, using a wire brush, remove any carbon deposits or scale.

Check for blockages or excessive soot in the pump’s inlet and exit, and clean as needed. In addition, check for cracks in the boots and replace them as needed. 

Don’t forget to examine the motor mounts for damage. Do it by raising the engine from the back. Also, look for any cracks in the rubber and replace them if necessary. 

It’s okay if you’re not sure which rubber would be the best here! You can take our help! Just look at the recommendations given below-

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Going back to the tip-

Within the tolerance, the couplings must be properly fastened around the heat exchanger tube. As needed, clean or replace. The heater must be installed within the parameters when relevant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are the radiant tube heaters efficient enough?

Answer: Yes, the radiant tube heaters are quite efficient. Infrared tube heating might be enough to reduce energy costs by up to 50%. In addition to the efficiency, these heaters are quite effective as well.

Question: Does my radiant tube need vents?

Answer: This tubular heater must be vented in accordance with national, state, provincial, and local regulations. The corresponding manual is also required in the serial supplement.

Question: What dimension of heater to consider for my place?

Answer: You need about 10 watts of heating power per square meter of the room area. So, this means that a 1500 watt heater can be the main source of heat for 150 square meters.

The Final Words

Now you know about the radiant tube heater problems! We hope you find our information understandable.

We tried to keep the solutions easy so that you can follow up! Don’t forget to carry out the proper maintenance for your radiant tube heater!

Best wishes!

Kevin Smith

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