Echo CS-310 VS CS-352 (Which One Is a Better Choice)

Choosing one between Echo CS-310 VS CS-352 can be confusing at times. We can relate to your dilemma. 

Echo CS-series chainsaws were introduced back in 1963. And they were the best among other competitors at that time. As a result, almost everyone loved it.

So, which chainsaw to choose between Echo CS-310 VS CS-352?

Well, both the CS-310 and the CS-352 have the same dry weight, oil capacity, and fuel capacity. But the 352 with the larger engine gives better power output. The 352 actually feels much stiffer than the 310. However, The muffler modded 310 cuts almost as well as the stock 352.

Liked the preview so far? So, hop on to the detailed comparison. 

Echo CS-310 VS CS-352- Quick review

echo cs-310 vs cs-352

Both chainsaws are of excellent quality. Each features a purpose for various sorts of users.

Well, you can easily guess which one is better when it comes to performance. Though CS-310 is not an average chainsaw at all. 

Echo CS chainsaws were a revolutionary change in the chainsaw industry. Both CS-310 and CS-352 are lightweight and have an excellent ignition system. Apart from that, don’t forget to take necessary safety equipment before working with chainsaws.

So, let’s take a glance at the essential differences between Echo CS-310 vs. CS-352

30.5 cc Chainsaw with i-30 Starter34.0 cc Chainsaw with i-30 Starter
The 310’s Air Breather is average.The 352 with its different style Air Breather stands out
The 310 feels normal build qualityThe 352 feels much stiffer.
The 310’s bar type is Double-Guard 91The 352’s bar type is also Double-Guard 91
Available Bar Lengths are 14 and 16 (in)Available Bar Length is only 16 (in)
Engine Displacement is 1.86 cubic inchesEngine Displacement is 2.08 cubic inches
Costs a bit less than the 352Costs a bit higher than the 310

Still, confused about what to choose? Afraid not, we got you covered! Sit tight and revel in an in-depth comparison.  

Echo CS-310 VS CS-352: In-Depth Comparison

We know just the essential differences won’t get the job done. So, enjoy a detailed comparison between CS-310 VS CS-352.

1. Engine Capacity

Almost all chainsaw users care about the engine capacity most. As the CS-352 features a high-performance type engine, it is more power-efficient. 

This engine is pretty efficient and gets the job done easily. The CS-352 can produce outstanding performance with its  34 cc professional-grade, 2-stroke engine.

On the other hand, CS-310 has 20% less power than CS-352. CS-352 can produce good performance with its  30.5 cc professional-grade, 2-stroke engine. Also, Using a proper oil mix ratio is a must to keep the engine safe.

So, the difference between CC is 3.5. So, the CS-352 is more powerful than the CS-310.  

2. Build Quality

The build quality and also the material utilized in making a chainsaw should facilitate your pick of the correct model. Sometimes it’s better to spend a touch bit more to urge a chainsaw that lasts longer.

The build quality of a CS-352 is quite balanced and much stiffer.  It weighs 8.8 pounds and is pretty easy to use. It is a very compact chainsaw.

The CS- 310 is also made from plastic. But the overall build quality is not as good as the CS-310. Though the build quality is almost identical in both of them, the CS-352 gets the edge. 

3. Ease of Use And Maintenance

The Echo CS 352 is also a great one for both small and medium tasks. Because the power output is much better. 

The CS-310 is very lightweight, has a great ignition system, and cuts softwood easily. It has a very good oil and chain tension system.

Though the CS-352 weighs the same, it has a much better chain tension system and has a great balance. It makes it very comfy to use.

These chainsaws don’t require regular maintenance. But needs to be taken good care of all the time.

Here are some recommended chainsaw files for both of these chainsaws-

These products should make maintenance much easier.

Like most other chainsaws, you might face problems like chainsaw bars overheating with both the CS-310 and CS-352. To fix this problem you need to change the bars.

Here is some best chainsaw bar for these two-

To have a smooth experience you must keep the blades as sharp as possible.

If you ever face overheating issues with these two, try replacing the air filter. Here are some best and budget-friendly air filters-

To ensure the best engine efficiency you must keep the airflow in control.

These are the best products among themselves. And you’ll be able to use these with no hesitation!

4. Anti-Vibration System

An anti-vibration system or AV is one the things to look at while buying a chainsaw.  Always try to go for a chainsaw that has low vibrations. 

On the 310 the AV is much more flexible and is constructed differently. It creates pretty little vibration.

On the 352 one AV spring is actually connected directly to the motor. The chainsaw uses rubber bushings to keep the vibration as low as possible. And that’s why CS-352 feels more comfortable in hand.

So, you know all about Echo CS-310 vs CS-352 chainsaws. Now, let’s dive into the final verdict. Here’s what I think about these chainsaws-

Final Verdict

If you’re into heavy tasks with your chainsaw, the CS-352 is the one for you. Nevertheless, for your day-to-day objectives, Cs-352 could be a powerful chainsaw for you.

Though you can get a much better power output with your CS-352. But CS-310 is great for easy tasks with great pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are ECHO chainsaws reliable?

Answer: Echo is one of the best and reliable chainsaw companies out there. You can easily buy any of its chainsaws. 

Question: How big of a bar can you put on an ECHO CS-310?

Answer: You can put two types of bar on an ECHO CS-310. One is 14 inches and 16 inches.

Question: What is the most high-powered and effective echo chainsaw?

Answer: ECHO’s most powerful petrol chain saw is the CS-1201. It is particularly designed for the cutting of large trees.


Hope you’ve gained a better understanding of Echo CS-310 vs CS-352. All of this information should be enough for you to have a clear idea about both of them.

Now, you should choose between them without any confusion. Let us know if you have any queries.

Good luck!

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