5 Husqvarna Chainsaw 435 Problems and Solutions

It’s super annoying when a chainsaw doesn’t start up or stop working suddenly. We totally get that. But sitting around won’t solve this problem. Luckily, you can try some fixes at home by yourself. 

So, how to fix husqvarna chainsaw 435 problems

The most common cause behind a chainsaw not starting is a faulty air system. Also, a bad fuel mix or fuel system can prevent your engine from starting. Then there are spark plugs to be worried about. Finally, you may need to adjust the carburetor or hire an expert to do it. 

Anyways, this was only a little preview of the discussion. Stay with us to know more information regarding this issue. 

5 Husqvarna Chainsaw 435 Troubleshooting and Fixes

husqvarna chainsaw 435 problems

Husqvarna chainsaws are famed to be more versatile and durable. However, they do have a problem starting up most often. But with some tricks in your arsenal, this problem can easily be solved.

Problem 1: Bad Air Filter can Prevent Engine Start-up 

A bad air filter won’t let the air pass through properly. Without it, improper combustion happens and it ruins the engine’s efficiency. As a result, engines fail to start. 

Solution: Get the Air Filter Replaced 

An engine needs air to burn fuel. So, if the air passage is blocked or hurt, the engine will execute incomplete combustion. 

Luckily, this is a very easy fix. And it only takes 3-5 minutes to do it! 

First, get a new air filter from the nearest store. Then, locate the air filter and unscrew the top and bottom screws. 

After that, detach the old filter and install the new one. Screw the nuts back into it and you’re done. Now, give the engine a try and check if it’s fixed or not. 

Since talking about air filters, here are our favorite picks- 

Now, you can easily get whichever you like and get started! 

Problem 2: Faulty Fuel Mix Causes Engine Degradation 

A lighter or heavier fuel mix can alter the engine’s condition. Both running lean or rich isn’t good for the engine.  

Solution: Check on the Fuel Mix 

Chainsaw engines are mostly 2 strokes and require a 2 stroke fuel. However, you still have to mix the oil if you’re not buying a mixed oil. 

Here’s the recommended fuel mix for your engine- 

  • For a 50:1 ratio, 1 gallon of gasoline needs 2.6 fluid oz of oil
  • For a 40:1 ratio, 1 gallon of gasoline needs 3.2 fluid oz of oil 

On top of that, the oil mix shouldn’t stay in an engine for a long time. So, remove the old oil before pouring a new mix. In case, you’re looking for a good fuel mix, we’ve listed down the top ones for you-

Problem 3: Ethanol can Degrade Fuel Hose 

Some oil mixtures have ethanol in them. Ethanol degrades fuel hoses very easily. The remains of the fuel hose then enter the engine and block the passage.

Solution: Use Fuel without Ethanol

The best way to avoid this catastrophe is to avoid ethanol. There are synthetic fuels and buy the one recommended by the manufacturer. 

This way, your fuel hose won’t get eaten and it’ll ensure a proper fuel flow. 

Problem 4: Faulty Spark Plugs Interrupts Ignition 

Spark plugs are key components as it helps the engine with ignition. Without a spark plug, the ignition won’t happen. 

In most cases, spark plugs are responsible for an engine not starting up. 

Solution: Replace the Spark Plugs 

Fortunately, replacing a spark plug is easy and anyone can do it. They are also easy to get. Just visit your nearest store or order online. 

First, locate the spark plugs which are usually found at the back. A spark plug follows a plug-in and plug-out system. So, no need to be stressed about it. 

We suggest using gloves and glasses for this one. Grab the spark plugs and pull both heads out. Do this for all the spark plugs. 

Now, if you think the spark plugs could be okay, you can re-use them. In that case, get a 180-220 sandpaper and polish it. Also, use a wired brush to get rid of dirt.

However, spark plugs are very cheap so it’s easier and safer to replace them. Get the spark plugs and slowly plug them in one by one. When done, give the engine a try. 

There are a number of choices for spark plugs out there. Let us help to narrow the choices down to the best ones. Here’s a few of our picks-

Problem 5: Dirty Carburetor can Clog itself and Stop the Oil Flow 

The carburetor is considered the heart of an engine. It’s also super complex and hard to work with. So, feel free to consult an expert if you can’t follow the steps.

Solution: Clean the Carburetor 

A carburetor must not have any sort of dirt and gunk inside. So, we’ve to be very precise while doing the procedure. 

First, detach the carburetor after removing the air filter. Then undo the choke and throttle link. 

Start with cleaning the outer parts of the carburetor with a brush. After that, look for the 4 screws on top and 1 screw at the bottom.  

Now, remove the screws in order and take pictures of them if you can. Then remove the top cap and clean underneath. 

Similarly, remove the bottom cap and you’ll find some holes. Get a small pick and poke the dirt out. When done, assemble the carburetor and you’re done! 

In some cases, you may have to adjust the carburetor. Usually, it’s better to hire a professional but you’re always welcome to try. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why does my chainsaw die when I give it gas?

Answer: Chainsaw starting up but dying after a full rev indicates a jammed fuel filter. The engine simply isn’t getting enough fuel supply to maintain operation. 

Question: Why does my 2 stroke engine die when I give it gas?

Answer: Insufficient air or bad fuel mix can easily alter the combustion process. As a result, your engine dies because of incomplete combustion.

Question: What causes a chainsaw to smoke?

Answer: Improper lubrication or extra oil causes the chainsaw to emit smoke. For example, if you’re using heavier oil, the combustion might create black smoke. 

Final Words 

And that’s all we could come up with and provide on Husqvarna chainsaw 435 problems. Hopefully, you’ve found your answer and it cleared your confusion. 

Finally, good luck with your chainsaw!

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