How to Cut Wood with a Dremel (Comprehensive Tutorial)

If you have worked on any wood craft project, then you must be familiar with Dremel tools. Dremel tools are really handy when it comes to craving, drilling, routing, or smoothing any woodcraft.

But have you tried cutting a wood piece with Dremel? Can a dremel really cut wood? If so, which is the perfect attachment for cutting wood?

You can cut small pieces of wood with Dremel. But of course, you will have to choose the right cutting accessory. You can use Dremel 692 Router Bit, Dremel Cutting Wheel #544, Dremel Bits For Wood 565, and The Dremel 561 Multi-Purpose Cutting Kit for cutting wood.

In this article, I’m going to share a quick but comprehensive guide to cutting wood with a dremel, including all the necessary instructions.

So if you have a Dremel continue reading till the end so that you can learn how to cut wood with Dremel like a pro!

When Can You Use a Dremel to Cut Wood?

When Can You Use a Dremel To Cut Wood

Dremel is mostly used to add precision and detail to any DIY and craft project. That is why all its tools are designed like that.

Just like Dremel, all its accessories are small. So you can’t use dremel for any large cutting jobs like thick hardwoods. For such works, there are different types of saws out there. You can grab one of them.

But you will find these tools very handy when you are working in any close-bodied space.

However, when it’s about up to 3 to 4-inch wood, you can use a dremel to cut the wood. It would take only a few seconds.

How to Cut Wood with a Dremel?

cut wood with a dremel

Now that you know in which size wood you can use a Dremel, let’s see how to cut wood and which attachment you will have to use.

Step 1: Ensure Safety Precautions

Before going to the cutting step, you will have to take some safety precautions.

When you will start to cut the wood, it will spread some fine wood power. It may get into your eyes and nose. So to prevent this, wear safety goggles and a face mask. 

Dremel makes excessive noise while cutting hardened materials like wood. To protect your ear from the annoying sound, wear earbuds. You can also wear gloves.

Step 2: Choose the Right Cutting Accessory

Whenever you need a hand in carving, cutting, sanding, or grinding, there is a Dremel accessory to get the job done with pinpoint precision.

But there’s the right tool for every job. You have to choose the right cutting accessory depending on which type of cut you want like straight, curved, or circular. The size and thickness of your wood are also considerable factors here.

Here I’ve discussed four mostly used Dremel accessories for cutting wood:

Tool 1: Dremel Wood Cutting Wheel #544

It is one of the most useful Dremel attachments to cut wood. You can use it to cut a narrow slot at the end of a dowel or other small piece of wood. 

It can also be used in shaping any small structure. You can cut 1/2 inch wood easily in a single pass with this. If you cut from both sides, it can cover 2/3 inch. 

There are also variable speed drives to give an extra boost when necessary.

Tool 2: Dremel Multi-Purpose Cutting Kit 565

You can cut any wood piece in every direction circle or pattern with this kit. This kit is specially designed to ensure straight and stable cuts. 

Whether you need to make a hole in a wallboard or plunge a router attachment into any new door, this Dremel kit will do the work. 

It is very helpful when you work in any tight space. You can even customize the cut depth. It can cut maximum 3/4 inches of wood in a single pass.

Tool 3: Dremel Cutter Bits 9904

Dremel 9904 Cutter Bits are made of tungsten carbide that is perfect for cutting hard materials like wood, hardened steel, and fired ceramics. 

With its 1/8” cutting head you can cut small to medium-sized hardened woods quickly and easily. These cutters are more durable than other cutters.

Tool 4: Dremel 692 Router Bit

Dremel 692 Router bits are precisely constructed with high-quality materials. This high-speed steel bit set can handle all kinds of woodwork.

With the 30000 RPM, you can cut wood even the hardest quickly and easily.

How Do These 4 Tools Work?

As now you know which Dremel tools are appropriate for wood cutting, let’s see how to insert these tools to the Dremel and how these tools is going to work:

  • First, take the small wrench and place it in the collet lock button. You will see the button at the end of your Dremel. 
  • Now twist the nut gently so that you can make space for the tool to insert.
  • After opening the nut, put the shaft of the tool in the center of the collet nut and turn it in the opposite direction. Do it until it’s hand-tight.
  • Once you have attached the tool to your Dremel, you are ready to start cutting.
  • Now plug in the power cord and turn on the Dremel. 
  • Set the RPM 30000-35000. Do not exceed the limit. 
  • Gently start cutting the wood. No need to pressurize much. 
  • Keep the hand steady or else the cutting wheel may broke. You can take rest to prevent hand fatigue. 
  • Once you are done cutting, turn off the Dremel. Do not touch the Dremel disc or the wood immediately after finishing the cut. These will be hot because of the friction.

Step 3: Secure the Wood

Once you have chosen a Dremel accessory, you will have to secure the wood. This will prevent moving the wood while cutting. You can use clamps or a vice to hold the wood in place.

There’s another point to note while cutting wood there will be a lot of wood powder or dust. So if you don’t want other stuff to be covered with dust, make sure you shift them or cover them with a cloth.

Step 4: Mark the Cutting Line

Beginners often make mistakes in this stage. They directly go to cut wood without any measurement or marking.

To get a pinpoint cut, you will have to measure and mark the cutting line with a pencil or pen. This will give you a guide to follow while cutting.

Step 5: Start Cutting

Turn on the Dremel and gently guide it along with the cutting line. Apply light pressure throughout the process. Let the Dremel do the work and do not force the Dremel accessory through the wood.

Step 6: Finish the Edge and Clean Up

After you have finished cutting, the edge of the wood will be rough and jagged. You can use a sanding accessary to smooth the edge. This will give your cut a clean and polished finish.

Now use a brush or cloth to remove any remaining wood dust from the wood and the tool. 

Which Dremel Attachment Is Best For Cutting Wood?

Which Dremel Attachment would be best for cutting wood depends on several factors. Those factors are:

  • The thickness and type of the wood
  • How much precision is expected
  • The position and complexity of the project
  • User’s skill and experience in using Dremel tools.

If you are working with thin, soft wood then Dremel Wood Cutting Wheel #544 will do the work.

On the contrary, if the wood is thick or if you want to add some design, you will need the Dremel Multi-Purpose Cutting Kit.

So, the best Dremel attachment for cutting wood depends on your project’s demand.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Deep Can A Dremel Cut Wood?

It depends on which Dremel attachment you are using. For example, Dremel Wood Cutting Wheel can cut 1/2 inch of wood in a single pass, while Dremel Multi-Purpose Cutting Kit can cut 3/4 inches. If you cut from both sides, you can cover double space.

Will Dremel Cut Thick Wood?

In woodwork, Dremel is really good for craving, routing, or smoothing. However, it is not designed to cut thick wood. But with the correct accessory, you can cut up to 3/4 inches of wood. For thicker wood than this, you will have to use a saw. 

Final Words

See, it’s easy to cut wood with Dremel tools! Follow the simple guide I gave above and cut your small wood piece with ease.

You may need a few trials to use your Dremel to create intricate designs and shapes in wood. Take your time and practice twice or thrice, and you will be able to make a perfectly straight and precise cut. 

Remember to take safety precautions before working with Dremel.  

Don’t use Dremel on any extra-large or thick wood. Otherwise, it may cause damage to your favorite rotary tool. Let the saw do the job there.

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